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Thug 1
Thug 2
Thug 3 (Dagoo)

Three Forebear thugs can always be found drinking at the Draggin Tale Inn. They think poorly of Cyrus because of his connection to the Crowns. You can fight them after talking to Tobias, and do so any number of times. Their attacks cause no damage; a good opportunity to practice your swordplay.

Cyrus uses the same dialogue for all of them, but each thug has a unique set of responses. Their remarks imply that "Thug 3" is named Dagoo.


  • You can leave the Draggin Tale during a brawl, and the Forebears will resume fighting when you come back.


Initial Greeting[edit]

If you have not talked to Tobias, Cyrus says one of the following:

"Hold up a second."
"A word."
"Excuse me."
"One moment."

Each thug has different responses, as listed below.

Thug 1
"Push off, bread face."
"Oh, get out of here. Who do you think you are, anyway?"
"They let just anyone in here nowadays."
Thug 2
"No, no, and no, again. Not with the likes of you, no, no, no."
"Pee-yoo! Bit close in here, innit, Dagoo?"
"I don't see or hear you, man. Blow far away."
Thug 3
"Why do they always bother me? Go on, will ya?"
"Dint I tell you? Scram?"
"What? You dumb or something?"

Brawl Greeting[edit]

(After talking to Tobias; reoccurs until you challenge to fight)

Cyrus: "Excuse me."
Thug 1: "Ey, lookee, Dagoo. A Crown's come out of hiding."
Thug 3: "Is tha' so? Hey, Crown! Be good and bring us another round, eh?"
Thug 2: "I hear you Crowns think you're real brave Daggerlads. Want to test yourself against a real swordsman?"
Thug 3: "I'm sick of chit-chat, little Crown boy. Pull that blade out, if you know how, or leave me alone"
Cyrus: "Sorry to trouble you"
Challenge To Fight
Cyrus: "Stand and draw then, gentlemen."
Thug 1: "Take 'im, boys."

Brawl Again Greeting[edit]

If you've brawled before, Cyrus will taunt the Forebears:

"Why don't you fellows keep it down?"
"Baron Volag wears a corset at court."
"Were you talking to me?"
"Ugly boys...!"
"Up with you now! Stand and draw!"
"Come, drunks, give quick!"
"Come, uglies, I'm here again."
"Let's go."
"Pray, draw, lads."
"Up! Ye bastards! Draw!"
"Come on!"
"Care to bleed?"

Again, each thug has different responses.

Thug 1
"What, again?"
"You didn't learn?"
"Dagoo, lookit 'im want more."
Thug 2
"Our favorite lad, Dagoo, ready so soon."
"Aye, we'll have it!"
"Aye, then!"
Thug 3
"We'll leave ya breathin', cur!"
"He's ready, men! Give, now!"
"Ey, Redguard, we be willing!"

Combat Taunts[edit]

Thug 1
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death Unused
"He's trained well!"
"I bleed!"
"Hell's blood!"
"I've got you now, scag!"
"He's slowin' down!"
"Bleedin' on the floor!"
"Take that, scag!"
"Hunding's bones, man, give it!"
"Come on now!"
"I'm o'ermatched!"
"I'm down!"
"Ya fight like a dead prince."
"Hurts a bit, no?"
Thug 2
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death Unused
"Kill 'im!"
"Give quick!"
"Fair strike!"
"Ouch, he said."
"Watch out!"
"He's quick with it!"
"More blood!"
"Good one, eh?"
"There it is!"
"Slice 'im good!"
"Through the heart, boys!"
"He's done for!"
"You win!"
"Don't kill me!"
"Aiee! No more!"
"My weapon's flung! Strike no more!"
"Catch him!"
"Take him down!"
Thug 3
Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Defend Death Unused
"Get 'im!"
"Come here, boy!"
"Blow for blow for that!"
"He got me!"
"I got him!"
"Gave right, I did!"
"Just a few more and yer out, boy!"
"He's mine now!"
"Ya Crown scum!"
"Ya dust-belly!"
"Circle 'im, hey?"
"He's mine now!"
"Revenge me!"
"Pray no further blow!"
"Save me, lads!"
"Let it end here!"
"I'll stick ya right!"
"Come here!"
"He's a match, lads!"

Unused Dialogue[edit]

Two responses likely intended for the initial greeting and brawl again greeting respectively:

Thug 1: "Go play with yer friends o'er there, ya bar scag."
Thug 3: "Aye, les' you've a mind for a fight."