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  • Ship date was the 4th Quarter of 1998 (Released Mid-December).
  • A new form of the Elder Scrolls CRPG which is closer to an Adventure/Action game with still some RPG elements (described as "Arena meets Aladdin, with a pirate twist").
  • Windows 95 required and a 3DFX graphics card is recommended.
  • The world is much more detailed than in previous Elder Scrolls games. Flags wave, ships roll, birds fly, and bells chime.
  • Polygonal characters and everything else (no sprites!)
  • A small number of detailed and interactive NPCs with digitized audio and redbook music.
  • Action scenes such as jumping across deep chasms, swinging from ropes, and sword fighting! Also includes puzzles which must be solved intelligently.
  • Non-linear story line.
  • Set in the familiar world of Tamriel at the time of the 2nd Era on the small island of Stros M'Kai belonging to the province of Hammerfell.
  • The main character is a mercenary named Cyrus, born in 2E 831 and currently 33 years of age.
  • You are in search of your sister Iszara, lost in the wake of the Empire's invasion. Although you once vowed never to return to Hammerfell (having killed your sister's husband ten years earlier), you feel you have no other choice.
  • The game is played in third-person perspective; that is, you will see your character move from cameras positioned around him.
  • Read an old official Redguard Press Release from Bethesda, 15 April 1997.