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This page contains a list of commands that can be passed into the executable before launch.


Descriptions are modified from the help/? descriptions except for help/? itself which didn't have one. More experimenting should be done to improve the descriptions and add more details. To use these, type in the command line (dosbox): "RGFX.exe -[arguments]"


Argument Description
help Displays list of arguments and descriptions
? Displays list of arguments and descriptions
nodrive Disables drive checks at startup
nocpu Disables cpu id and speed checks at startup
nosound Disables sound
nosvga Disables svga tests at startup
lock Locks out windows while game is running
logs Forces error logging
ol Forces object system logging
usevbe Force enables UNIVBE library
novbe Force disables UNIVBE library
lres Forces 320x200
mres Forces 320x400
hres Forces 640x480
q Forces 'quiet mode'
ie Ignores non fatal errors
dm Forces use of dummy object manager
norai Ignores RAI maps and loads BS-Edit maps only
walk Generates walk map from .PUT file
recover Recovers an incomplete walk map
vcomment Force enables version comments
novcomment Force disables version comments
ver Displays version and build info
it <filename>,[<chunk name>] Integrity tests RIFF files
objs Outputs objects and their positions to OBJECTS.TXT
info Displays startup info
convert Converts old format BS-Edit angles to new format angles
checkrgm Scans RGM files for uncompiled scripts and missing files
cson Force enables SOUP386.DEF checksum
csoff Force disables SOUP386.DEF checksum
checkfaces Compares the object faces of virtual objects between 3D and 3DC files
slog Enables player surface log
mxa Displays max animation groups. Hardcoded to 169.
lf Force enables FX light flag
npl Force disables prelighting
idebug Enables IPX debugging log
w [world number [marker]] Loads specified world number
fv Force enables final version flag
nfv Force disables final version flag
nom Disables object mapping for walk maps
pe Pauses DOS error reporting
rlog Enables first-frame render log
testmaps Test loads all game maps
oldlgt Ignores embedded LGT files within RGM files, uses separate LGTs instead
f3d Runs 3d manager in 'fast mode'
outside Generates PVOList
pvod Debugs PVOList
pvom Merges PVOList with patches
track Enables object system memory tracking