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Table Details[edit]

In the Steam version of the game, the top ten high score slots are pre-filled with the following values.

Position Initials Score
1 FUS 10,000,000
2 RO 9,000,000
3 DAH 8,000,000
4 DOV 7,000,000
5 AHK 6,000,000
6 IIN 5,000,000
7 AR 4,000,000
8 ROW 3,000,000
9 INK 2,000,000
10 NEE 1,000,000

Table Guide[edit]

The following Table Guide can be accessed from the pause menu in game. It has small looping videos to point out the features it discusses.

  • Elder knowledge - Alduin the World-Eater has awakened and you are the only one who can defeat him. After you chose your character, shoot the ball into the center cave to start main quests then hit the flashing dragon symbols and the arriving enemy targets or dragons to complete all 11 of them. In the meantime you will get many weapons, armor sets and other items that you can use or equip in the Inventory by holding the launch button at any time.
  • Dragonborn - Your character has Health, Magicka and Stamina bars. These will regenerate over time, but slower when you are in a battle. The melee or magic attacks will use different amount of stamina or magicka, and will cause different damage depending on your skill levels, carried weight, the worn apparels or the potions you can drink. A healing spell is always equipped on your character. If your health is low, you can shoot the left orbit any time to heal your character or drink a healing potion from your Inventory.
  • Skillshot - Launch the ball with enough power to reach the upper mini flipper then hit the side hole across to complete a skillshot and get a random award.
  • Kickbacks - Collect the standalone targets and spell FORCE to activate a kickback.
  • Explore Skyrim - You can discover new places, towns via shots to the side target banks. When you reach a place a shot is needed to the Watchtower to explore it. Depending to the place you arrived to, you will find treasure chests, enemies, inns, mining sites, caves, towns. Every place starts its own game mode to complete so you can move on to the next place of Skyrim.
  • Caves of Skyrim - You will occasionally find caves in the form of a tiltable mini playfield where you have to reach the exit at the bottom of the cave. In your way you can find some gold, a treasure chest, or an enemy at random spots. You decide whether you head towards the exit immediately or explore the cave for more loot.
  • Treasure chests - You will find chests many times at caves or when exploring other places. These could be locked so you will need lockpicks to open them. Try to find the opening spot with the flipper buttons and try to open them with the launch button.
  • Towns and cities - When you arrive to a town or city, you will have the chance to visit a shop below the flashing shop sign, where you can buy, or sell items. You can also craft desired items at the Workshop (right sinkhole) if you have the skill, and the required materials.
  • Foes of Skyrim - Along your journey you will get in the way of various enemies like bandits, wolves, giants, etc. They will appear at the center area and can be hit with the ball which will trigger the attack of your character and cause the actual damage you can deal. If the enemy proves to be too powerful for you or just don't like fighting, you can flee via hitting the side target banks and shoot the ball behind either of them. You can take the items of enemies after you defeat them at the flashing right sinkhole.
  • Dragons - You will have to defeat many dragons in Skyrim. They will come if you challenge them via learning Dragon Shouts. Shoot the ball to the Watchtower when the SHOUT light is flashing then collect all the targets on the mini playfield to learn a shout. Then prepare for battle...
  • Inns of Skyrim - Shoot the spinner lane to find an Inn then shoot the left ramp when the INN light is flashing to hear the latest rumors. You will get new side quests this way that can be started at the side sinkhole where the SIDE QUEST light is flashing.
  • Guilds and factions - You can join various guilds and factions via shooting the spinner a couple of times. All of them will multiply different scores on the table.
  • Trainers - Shoot the ball to the right target area to find trainers then hit the revealing sinkhole to bargain with them. They will train you if you can afford it.
  • Dovahkiin Multiball - Keep hitting the ramps to spell DOVAHKIIN to light the ball lock for this multiball. After 3 locks the multiball starts with jackpots on all lanes and a super jackpot on the center lane after all the jackpots get hit.
  • Treasure Chest Multiball - The bumper hits will rotate the columns on top of them. When they are aligned into the correct pattern, the ball lock activates at the right target area. After 4 locks the multiball starts where you can rack up gold coins on the flashing lanes and collect them at the open chest.
  • Visit the Watchtower - Completing the right in- and outlanes will eventually start this hurry-up mode where you can hit the Watchtower for raising scores.
  • Bonus multipliers - Complete the left in- and outlanes to light the right ramp temporarily for raising the multipliers.
  • Extra balls - Extra balls can be earned through multiple ways, which are:
    • shoot 3 balls into the chest to finish the Treasure chest multiball
    • defeat a dragon
    • raise the bonus multipliers above maximum
    • can be found randomly via Mining
    • can be found randomly via Cave exploring