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Main Quests[edit]

#1: Unbound[edit]

  1. A video plays of Alduin roaring atop the tower in Helgen.
  2. Text appears on the screen:
    • Main Quest 1
    • Unbound
    • Shoot Flashing Lanes
  3. Alduin flies overhead, roaring and breathing fire.
  4. The narrator says "What in Oblivion is that? Dragon! Let's go friend. Move! Try to avoid his flames!"
  5. The screen displays the text "Shoot flashing lanes to escape!"
  6. A score, starting at 500,000 and decreasing at roughly 10,000 per second appears.
  7. Some lanes will be on fire, and others will have a flashing mission symbol. Hitting a flashing lane will award you the points remaining on the score timer. A video will play of Helgen in flames with your total score gained after each shot.
    • Occasionally, Alduin will fly over, and the flaming and flashing lanes will change.
    • If the ball passes through flames, you will suffer 10 damage and gain 10,000 points.
  8. Once the score reaches 100,000, if this is your first time doing this quest, the fires will go out and the center lane will have its mission light on. If it is not your first attempt, go to the next step.
    • When you hit the chest in the center lane, the narrator will say "Grab this weapon and let's move. The dragon is burning everything to the ground."
    • There will be text displayed, "You found a chest of weapons. Which one will you take?" You can then use the flippers to move between the 4 options, a Dagger, Sword, Mace, or War Axe.
    • Then, the text will say, "Now go to the inventory and equip your weapon! Tap the chest button and choose 'Weapons'"
    • Once you close your inventory, proceed to the next step.
  9. A guard appears, and the narrator says "See that? Guards. Maybe we can try to reason with them. Hold on now. We only want to-- They don't want to negotiate, so be it! Defeat them!" At the same time, Alduin lands in the top right.
  10. Once you defeat the guard, the text will again show "Shoot the flashing lanes to escape!", and the center lane will be lit again.
  11. When you hit the center lane, you'll be taken to the cave mini field, and have to navigate the ball to the exit.
  12. When you emerge, the narrator will say, "There he goes. Looks like he's gone for good this time." At the same time, a video will play of Alduin flying off into the sky. It will then display your total score for this completed quest.

#2: Bleak Falls Barrow[edit]

This quest is among the longest in the game. There are certain checkpoints you can reach during this quest. If you drain the ball, you will retain some of your progress upon starting the quest on your next ball.

You travel to Bleak Falls Barrow and fight a Bandit when you arrive. You then solve a stone totem puzzle and face a Spider. Then, upon further searching for the dragonstone, you find it in possession of a Draugr Overlord whom you must defeat.

#3: Dragon Rising[edit]

You must fight a dragon who is attacking.

#4: Get to the Greybeards[edit]

You must travel to High Hrothgar to learn the Thu'um, facing a troll as you ascend.

#5: A Blade in the Dark[edit]

Travel to Kynesgrove to investigate a dragon burial site, then face Sahloknir in battle.

#6: Alduin's Wall[edit]

Search for Sky Haven Temple in order to find Alduin's Wall and learn how to defeat him.

#7: Throat of the World[edit]

Go before Paarthurnax to learn about the Dragonrend shout.

#8: Locate the Elder Scroll[edit]

Search for the Elder Scroll, defeating several foes who stand in your path.

#9: Alduin's Bane[edit]

Learn Dragonrend, then use it to drive off Alduin.

#10: The Fallen[edit]

Learn where Alduin has gone by luring and capturing his ally, Odahviing.

#11: Dragonslayer[edit]

Odahviin flies you to Skuldafn, and from there you face Alduin in the final battle.

Side Quests[edit]

There are eight different types of side quest in the game. When you go to an Inn, you will receive a rumor about a side quest. Then, the Side Quest symbol will be lit, directing you to sink the ball in the side sink hole. You can then accept one of the side quests you have heard about. You may only have one side quest of each type 'staged' at a time, at which point further visits to an Inn will notify you that no new rumors have come up.

Entering an Inn[edit]

  • Entering an Inn: Good Day, Stranger!
  • New Side Quest: You heard the latest rumor?
    • (Side Quest Added)
  • No New Side Quests: I haven't heard any new rumors...

Quest Selection[edit]

  • Prompt: Select a side quest!
  • Refuse to start a quest: I don't want to do any side quest right now.

Note that the option text for the Invader quest differs between the Inn Rumor and the Quest Text, and has been listed in this order.

Quest Inn Rumor Quest Text Quest Options Gameplay
Invader There are some [enemies] in town. You have to deal with [it/them]! There are [enemies] in town. You must do something!
  • huge spider/it, huge spiders
  • wolves/them, rabid wolves
  • bandits/them, some bandits
  • wild bear/it, some wild bear
Combat with the foe
Bounty Someone will pay a nice sum if you defeat this [enemy]. There's a bounty on a [enemy].
  • bandit chief
  • corrupt soldier
  • raging troll
  • rogue mage
Combat with the foe
Recovery Someone will pay a nice sum if you find his lost [item]. You have to recover a [item].
  • family relic
  • horse
  • magic item
  • weapon
Every lane will have the Quest symbol illuminated. Hitting a light extinguishes it. The target is randomly assigned to one of the lanes. Each lane you hit without finding it decreases the reward you will receive.
Cave There is a cave nearby full of treasure... You have to explore a cave. Cave Minitable
Mining Someone will pay a nice sum if you can do some mining. You have to do some mining Mining Mode
Delivery Someone will pay a nice sum if you deliver this [item]. You have to deliver a [item].
  • letter
  • necklace
  • ring
  • sword
Lanes will be illuminated with the Quest symbol. You must hit a number of illuminated lanes within a time limit.
Obtain Someone will pay a nice sum if you can get a(n) [item]. You have to get a(n) [item]. Some sort of Weapon Once you acquire the given item, when you next enter an Inn, you will receive this offer: "I see you have a fine [item] with you... I would give [x] gold for it! Want to trade?"
Abandoned People are abandoning the town! Help us defeat this [enemy]. You have to save the people and defeat the [enemy].
  • dragon
  • giant
  • vampire
  • wraith
Combat with the foe