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  • Travel (Side Target Banks to travel. When you find a new location, hit the Watchtower to explore. Explore starts at 500,000 points. Each hit to the Side Target Banks while Explore is lit adds 250,000, up to a maximum of 5 Million.)
  • Towns (Shops open at 7:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM)
  • Shops buy things at a percentage of the Value listed (22%, 25%, 30%)
  • Battle
  • Inns
  • Table Elements
  • Multiballs


When in normal modes, the [spinner lane] counts down each spin that happens, beginning at 50. When it hits 0, you are able to select a faction to join, granting a bonus. This bonus persists between games. You lose membership in all factions if your character ever dies.

  • "Select a Guild/Faction to join!"
  • Faction Name
  • Faction Description
  • "Press Launch to select!"
Faction Bonus
Bards College Raised Bumper and Spinner Scores
The Blades Higher Scores for Defeating Dragons
College of Winterhold Higher Scores for Using Magicka
Dark Brotherhood Higher Scores for Sneak Attacks
Dawnguard Higher Scores for Eliminating Vampires
The Greybeards Higher Scores for Collecting Shouts
House Telvanni Higher Scores for Magic Eliminations
Imperial Legion Bonus Score for Damage in Light Armor
Stormcloaks Higher Scores for Fleeing in Battles
The Companions Higher Scores for Melee Attacks
Thieves Guild Higher Scores for Opening Chests