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Removed Note[edit]

  • Fort Warden the only one of the 18 Keeps of which there is no trace in Oblivion, as it is outside of the borders of Cyrodiil in that time period, placing it potentially within fourth era Skyrim.

I've removed this note for being inaccurate for several reasons. The fort is located (laterally) between Ninendava and Echo Cave, which both appear in Oblivion, meaning that there's no such border discrepancy. It's also untrue that it's the only fort to vanish without trace. For example, Drakelowe in Oblivion isn't even on the same bank of the river as Drakelowe Keep. I appreciate that the note is pointing out that Fort Warden is the only keep that isn't based on a location from Oblivion, but I don't think it's noteworthy nor worded correctly. —Legoless (talk) 23:43, 27 July 2014 (GMT)