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General Locations[edit]

From the ESO forums, it seems certain generals only appear in certain zones:

Tier 2 Zones
  • The Torturers (Kathutet, Amkaos, and Ranyu)
  • The Ogrim Brothers (Glut, Hogshead, and Stumble)
  • The Dremora Pirate (Velehk Sain)
  • Traveling Dremora (Methats, Vonshala, and Sumeer)
Tier 3 Zones
  • The Daedroth of Kora-Dur (Menta Na)
  • The Ever-Open Eye (Yggmanei)
  • The Daedroth General (Hrelvesuu)
  • The Devourer of Souls (Rhagothan)
Tier 4 Zones
  • The Frost Lord (Nomeg Haga)
  • The Storm Lord (Zymel Hriz)
  • The Xivilai Slavemasters (Anaxes and Medrike)
  • The Seductive Sisters (Vika, Dylora, and Jansa)
Tier 5 Zones
  • The Verkarth Vampire (King Styriche, Fangaril and Zayzahad)
  • The Crescent Dremora (Lord Dregas Volar)
  • The Lich of Mournhold (Gedna Relvel)
  • The Son of Molag Bal (Ozzozachar)

All generals have the chance to turn up in Cyrodiil or at Veteran dolmens. --Enodoc (talk) 09:17, 15 August 2014 (GMT)