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Home City Ebonheart
House Zasha-Ja's House
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Zasha-Ja is an Argonian who lives in her house in Ebonheart.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Sapling: Help save the Argonian's Hist tree in Ebonheart.


First encounter: (If your character is not an Argonian)


(If your character is an Argonian)

"I erect the spine of distress, egg-sibling. We have need of your aid, but I'm sure you already felt it as you approached.
We have a Hist here, and it's dying."
What's wrong with your Hist Tree?
"It's dying. It was never healthy. This isn't Black Marsh, after all, so in the last few weeks, it's withered.
We've learned that House Dres is poisoning it. It's not enough to have enslaved us for generations. Now they want to carve our hearts out."
What can be done to save your Hist?
"The best we can do is fertilize it. We're using mudcrab meat wrapped in ashreed. Both are common around the quarter.
We've also set guards around the tree to keep the Dunmer away."
I'll collect some fertilizer for you.
"Some of our people heard a Dark Elf talking to others of his kind. He asked if they'd seen the Dres rowing out to our Hist Tree. He saw jars of poison in the boat.
That's not hard to believe."
Why would the Dark Elves do this?
"The Dres have always regarded Argonians as little more than savage children.
We needed to be "civilized" so they "uplifted" us by putting us to work as slaves on plantations and in mines. No more. Now we speak beside them in the council."
'Who was this Dark Elf?/Who was the Dark Elf who claimed the Dres poisoned the Hist?
"Rhavil Urano. My people overheard him at the inn. He was drunk and talking too loud.
No one spoke to him directly. It's never been wise for an Argonian to confront a Dark Elf, especially lately. We're far from Black Marsh."
It sounds like none of the Argonians actually saw the Dres, the boat, or the poison.
"No, but it's not difficult to believe, is it?
The Dres think we're little more than animals. But the Pact freed us. What they can't enslave, they destroy."

When you finish collecting the fertilizer:

"Yes. I erect the spine of apology. While you were away, we caught a Dark Elf defiling our Hist.
Please, apply the fertilizer you've gathered to the base of our Hist. As long as I am with you, the guards will let you through."
Tell me more about the Dark Elf you caught.
"One of the guards is escorting him to my lodge.
He seems half-mad. he was doing something to the tree. And apparently, he is of House Dres."
Let's go to the tree now.

After fertilizing the tree:

Zasha-Ja: "It is done. Meet me back at my lodge."

Speaking with Zasha-Ja in her home:



  • If another player doing this quest is come across whilst doing this quest, the second instance may appear as Argonian Slave. [verification needed — see talk page]
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