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Location Weeping Scar, Moon Gate of Anequina
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tenarr Zalviit
Condition Vampire

Yushiha is a Khajiit found in Weeping Scar. She is a member of the Tenarr Zalviit vampire clan. Her clan is being persuaded by her blood-brother, Rakazsa, to abandon their peaceful ways and attack passing caravans. Yushiha needs your help to stop them.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Blood and Tears[edit]

The Weeping Scar[edit]

As you approach the Weeping Scar, you'll come across two Khajiit in mid conversation:

Yushiha : "Get back, Rakazsa! I won't let you have this one."
Rakazsa : "Hah. Your blood is too thin. Keep that one as a gift, Yushiha, for when you're ready to drink."

With that, the second Khajiit will disappear.

You can then talk with her, Yushiha will try and warn you away from the place:

"Sheath your claws, walker. This one does not want a fight, but you've walked into a dangerous feud. You should leave the Weeping Scar. Yushiha cannot protect everyone from her former kin."

If the player is a vampire, she will instead say:

"That's close enough, walker. The Weeping Scar is no place for you to feed. My former clan are preying on anyone who passes through the canyon and I cannot protect you."
What's going on here?
"I am an exile of the Tenarr Zalviit vampire clan. This wasteland has long been our home. Unforgiving, but we survived in peaceful seclusion through the wisdom of our Clan Mother. She is gone now and my clan strays down a treacherous path without her."
Meaning what?
"My blood-brother, Rakazsa, tempts my clan to give in to their thirst. He urges them to abandon our way of life and prey on the caravanners without restraint, or mercy.
I must divert them from this path, but I am losing the fight."
I'll help you.
"Yushiha is grateful. This caravanner she saved was not alone. Help her check on their camps. Warn them. Protect them if necessary. We must save them from my clan before we can save my clan from themselves.
She only hopes it is not too late."
Tell me more about Rakazsa.
"He leads the Tenarr Zalviit. After our Clan Mother's death, he promised our blood-brothers and sisters a better life. Swayed them to embrace our predatory nature. He played on their fears and drove out his dissenters."
Are you the only member of your clan opposed to harming travelers?
"Yushiha is the only one who still remains. Once Rakazsa's followers tasted the blood of our living cousins, those who resisted were easily driven out. He is right about one thing: living on thin-blooded animals indeed made us weak."
What happened to your Clan Mother?
"A cabal of necromancers raided our home, the burial site our clan watched over for centuries. She defied their leader and was destroyed. The rest of us could only stand by helplessly as they desecrated the dead. We lost everything that night."
Why were you living in a burial site?
"Our clan served as the caretakers of the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary, when there was anyone left to seek burial. Khajiit made offerings of blood for us to watch over their dead. We coexisted like that for hundreds of years, until tragedy struck."
What sort of tragedy?
"Our troubles began with the Knahaten Flu. It swept through Orcrest like a flood, leaving death in its wake. The tide of dead rolled in until our vaults were full and those who survived begged us to spare them. We took pity and agreed."
You made them vampires?
"Our clan grew from a small handful to a settlement in itself. In an instant we lost our main source of food and gained many more mouths to feed. We hoped to leave, but our Clan Mother feared we would carry the flu with us and sequestered the clan."
If your clan has always been peaceful, why does Rakazsa want them to attack travelers?
"He blames our pacifist ways for all our troubles and has renounced them. Rakazsa believes embracing our nature as vampires is the only way to protect us from harm, but all he'll do is make enemies and draw them to us."
What do you believe?
"I believe our Clan Mother's wisdom was the only thing that has kept us alive this long. She knew that turning on our living kin was short sighted. If Rakazsa has his way, I am certain it will lead to our destruction."
How do you survive if you don't feed?
"Before the flu, we only drank blood that was offered to us, but after it wiped out Orcrest, we have had to make do with feeding on animals. This is not a lush land. It was a lean life, but it was peaceful."
If the player is a vampire, they will ask:
Vampires survive through subtlety, but you make it sound like you never drink blood.
"We are what we are, walker. Our clan drank the blood of our cousins, but only what was offered to us. After the flu wiped out Orcrest, we had to make do with the animals of this canyon. This is not lush land. It was a lean life, but peaceful."
How did you become a vampire?
"That was very long ago. Nearly at the edge of memory, walker. Back when the sixteen kingdoms of Khajiit became two. My family was taken by the Thrassian Plague and I brought them to Tenarr Zalviit to find rest. I offered the Clan Mother everything."
You didn't want to go on living?
"The world outside seemed as if it was about to end. I had nothing, no purpose, and no future. The clan gave me all three. The lifetimes I have spent watching over the departed have been far less troubled than those of my living kin, until now."

After you check the caravanner camps and encounter Rakazsa, Yushiha will arrive:

Yushiha : "Do not listen to his sweet talk!"
Rakazsa : "Your claws are dull, as always, Yushiha. Remember what I said, walker."

You can then talk with her and she will ask you if you found any survivors:

"Rakazsa toys with us. He is drunk with power.
What of the caravans? I have found no one alive."
Same here. Shouldn't there be more people?
"Rakazsa is not so foolish as to needlessly slaughter his prey. Our clan must be herding the caravanners into the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary like cattle. At least most of them should still be alive. We must free them."
We'll probably have to fight your people to do that.
"You will, walker. I lack the strength to fight them. I will keep to the shadows and help you how I can.
I'd like to believe my clan can be redeemed, but if they have to pay for the blood in their veins with their lives, so be it."
Let's go.
"The Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary is deeper within the chasm, to the east. I will meet you inside.
First, I must slake my thirst as best as I can. I'll need all the strength I can muster."
What can you tell me about the ossuary?
"It has been the Tenarr Zalviit's clan-home for centuries. A humble place of rest for Khajiit to begin their journey to the Sands Behind the Stars. After the flu came, it became a sprawling boneyard.
You will find my clan in great numbers there."
The Sands Behind the Stars? / You mentioned the Sands Behind the Stars before. What is that?
"Paradise, walker, where Khajiit who followed the true path of the moons lounge in the gentle warmth of the sun on dunes of purest sugar. A place I will never see."
Why not?
"I am sworn to keep an eternal vigil, even if I am the last of my clan who remembers our duty to the dead. And if I should die, I am out of Khenarthi's reach. Only the cruel embrace of Molag Bal awaits for the likes of me."
Why were you living in a burial site? / Your duty to the dead?
(Repeat of above dialogue chain)
What about Rakazsa?
"Rakazsa is no fool. Arrogant, but no fool. He knows you are not easy prey, so he did not raise his hand to you alone. Now that he is pursued, he will seek safety among the clan and wait for us to fight on his terms."
How dangerous is he?
"He is a clever Cat, walker. His tongue is sharper than his claws, but I fear talk will be wasted on him now that he's given in to his thirst, and he will be stronger than he has ever been."

Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary[edit]

After you free Zayrah, the first living captive you find, Yushiha will appear and lead her outside:

Yushiha : "Good work, walker. Keep searching and put that key to good use."
Yushiha : "I'll catch up after I've led this one to safety."

After suriving an ambush and freeing Ra'kardru, she'll arrive:

Yushiha : "Close call. Don't worry. This one will be safe with me."

Once you free Kuhari and S'zaram and she'll exclaim:

Yushiha : "Khajiit treated no better than animals. Shameful."
Yushiha : "You go on. I'll watch over them."

After you have freed the captives, you will need to find Rakazsa. Further through the tunnels, you can witness Yushiha trying to reason with Rakazsa:

Yushiha : "Rakazsa! I warned you retribution would come if you hunted Khajiit as prey! Step down and our clan might yet be redeemed!"
Rakazsa : "It's you who led this hunter to our den, Yushiha, not me. Unlike our Clan Mother, I am prepared for our enemies. Hunt me if you dare."
<Rakazsa leaves>
Yushiha : "Rakazsa! Rakazsa!"

You can then talk with her Yushiha and she will admit that there is only one course of action:

"There's no going back for him. Neither Rakazsa, nor the Tenarr Zalviit clan. Their only care now is the taste of the blood on their tongues.
There's only one way this ends now."
How's that?
"With Rakazsa buried in this tomb. Killing him won't bring my clan back, but making an example of him may teach the Tenarr Zalviit to feed with more restraint."
You really want me to kill him?
"I don't believe Rakazsa will give you any other choice. It's a lot to ask of you, but the lives we've saved will be a small fraction of those lost if he is not deposed. You are five-clawed, walker. Now's the time."
All right. I'll find Rakazsa.
"Put an end to this, walker. Let's not keep Rakazsa waiting."

After you defeat Rakazsa, Yushiha can only say:

Yushiha : "Rakazsa, you damned fool … come, we should get back to the caravan survivors. This way."

Weeping Scar Camp[edit]

You can find her with the rescued captives at the camp on the bluff:

"You did what I could not, walker. Rakazsa is gone and his misguided beliefs along with him. I only wish the lesson hadn't come at so great a price."
What will happen to your clan, now that he's gone?
"These caravanners will spread word of my clan. Others will come to hunt them down. What's left of the Tenarr Zalviit will either recall our Clan Mother's wisdom to flee and survive, or suffer Rakazsa's fate.
This is the end of us, walker."
Couldn't you take Rakazsa's place as leader and make peace, like your old Clan Mother?
"You've seen what remains of my clan. They carry my bloodline, but they are no longer my kin. There may come a time when the Tenarr Zalviit can return to what they once were. When our name and clan home are far from memory."
This is goodbye then.
"There's nothing left for me here. We couldn't save my clan from doom, but I am grateful for all you've done.
As are the caravanners. They've scrounged this up, as thanks."

Afterwards, you can ask her where she will go. Her dialogue will differ depending on whether other things have come to pass:

"Soon the Weeping Scar's tears will have run dry. Much like my own."

If the player is a vampire she will instead say:

"It's good to know that my Clan Mother was not the only vampire to understand that our relationship with the living is a tenuous one.
Do not let the bloodlust convince you otherwise."
Where will you go now?
"Neither the dead, nor I will have rest while the one responsible for this still lives. I will hunt down the Orc who desecrated our home and brought ruin to my clan. I know the scent of death all too well, his necromancers will not be so hard to find."
I've crossed paths with an Orc necromancer. It might be the same person.
"Tell me what you know of this Orc."

If you haven't defeated Zumog Phoom:

His name is Zumog Phoom. He's involved with Euraxia and the Dragons plaguing Elsweyr.
"Necromancers and Dragons? Already Yushiha misses her quiet life of seclusion.
It seems her enemies are numerous, but she is patient. Time is on her side."
Consider seeking out Gharesh-ri. The Speaker of the Mane can help you.
(same dialogue as below)

If you've already defeated Zumog Phoom, you'll say:

His name was Zumog Phoom. I killed him, but his allies are still out there. Wreaking havoc.
"Yushiha thanks you, for ending a miserable life. She is glad he will trouble no one else.
This Zumog may be gone, but so long as his necromancers disgrace Tenarr Zalviit's dead, Yushiha is duty bound to stop them."
Consider seeking out Gharesh-ri. The Speaker of the Mane can help you.
"It has been a long time since Yushiha walked among her living cousins. There was no Mane or Speaker when she last drew breath, but Yushiha hopes they will see past her condition.
She is certain she will barely recognize the kingdoms of her kin."
Good luck in your pursuit.
"And you as well, walker. I hope we cross paths again, under better circumstances."

Jode's Embrace[edit]

If you helped Yushiha beforehand, she can be found at the Moon Gate of Anequina, where she will help defend it from the Euraxians and Dragons:

"Yushiha has come to return her debt to you. Zumog Phoom is dead, but those he served still seek to ruin all we hold dear.
What strength there is in my blood is yours to command."
How have you been?
"Returning to the world has not been easy. Very little is as she remembers. She does not belong here, yet she has nothing and no one to return to. Yushiha would be adrift, if not for the need to avenge her clan. It is the only purpose she has now."
Are you upset that I was the one to kill Phoom?
"Yushiha is not Rakazsa. She has no desire to spill blood, only an obligation to right a wrong. Zumog Phoom will never desecrate another Khajiit soul. That is all that matters."
A lot more blood will be spilled before this is done.
"Yushiha has no fear of the fighting to come. It is the after all her battles are done that gives her pause. Her focus remains on the fight alone."

The conversation will end with you telling her to Fight well.

The Heir of Anequina[edit]

She is also a possible guest at Khamira's coronation:

"Yushiha hoped she would see you again, walker. She very nearly didn't. The Moon Gate was a costly victory."
What happened to you during the battle at the Moon Gate?
"The battle played out as this one expected until the Euraxians got in behind our lines. Then it ceased to be warfare and became slaughter: no strategy, just kill or be killed.
Yushiha fully expected to die there, if not for Zamarak."
What did Zamarak do?
"Zamarak refused to run. To abandon the wounded Lord Gharesh-ri. So Yushiha decided to remain as well.
Then this one released the beast within her. The taste of Euraxian blood... Yushiha may never fully rinse it away."
You drank Euraxian blood?
"Rivers of the foul stuff flowed over this one's lips. But Zamarak was a cyclone, the living arms of the Desert Wind. He pulled Yushiha back to herself.
You must think her a hypocrite, but Yushiha is not like Rakazsa. She fears that side of herself."
I thought you were going to live by your Clan Mother's peaceful ways?
"That is Yushiha's intentions. She's tasted the blood of her enemies, but she does not think of the living as her prey. This one does not hunt the innocent for the sake of sating her thirst. She will never give in to that temptation. Never."
Will you be sticking around?
"So long as the Dragons continue to terrorize the living, the dead will have no rest. This one will see this fight to its end. When this land knows peace again, then she will retreat to the shadows once more."