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Location The Doomcrag
Race Ayleid Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Wynaldia (old appearance)

Wynaldia is the spirit of an Ayleid that appears at the Doomcrag.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Wynaldia and several other Ayleid spirits appear as you begin your climb.

Wynaldia: "Hold, mortal. You must go no farther."

Speak with her.

"Turn back now. And take the other mortals with you.
Your flesh and blood is too fragile to withstand the power of the cursed relic."
Why do you try to stop us, spirit?
"We only seek to save you from the fate that befell us so very long ago.
This place is cursed. Tainted by a terrible power that has grown corrupted and impure. We do not wish to see you succumb to its vile touch."
Explain yourself, spirit.
"When we came to this land, many eons ago, we brought with us a powerful relic to help us tame its wilderness and allow us to survive."
The Lightless Remnant?
"It was originally Lattanya—the Light of Life. Forged by our greatest sorcerers, it helped plants grow and healed illnesses. It helped us bring life to this barren wilderness."
What happened to change that?
"We were attacked by the savages that dwelled here before us. It was a brutal fight, and much blood was spilled. Many died on both sides of the conflict.
Blood and death tainted the Light of Life. The relic... changed."
The relic was cursed?
"It became Abagandra—the Lightless Remnant, a beacon of death. Moreover, when the vampire touched it, the corruption intensified. Became more potent.
If the relic is destroyed, the blood-curse will flow unhindered throughout the land."
The Remnant must be destroyed.
"The relic cannot be destroyed. If that is your quest, you have already failed. The vampire knows this. As does the one now controlling the relic.
If you try to destroy the relic, you will only unleash its power."
Unleash its power?
"The relic is a vessel. It barely contains the power within it. Damaging the vessel will unleash its power—sending a wave of corruption to cover the land.
The blood-curse was but a taste of what will befall your people if the relic is destroyed."
Tell me more about the relic, spirit.
"When we came to this land, many eons ago, we brought with us a powerful relic to help us tame the wilderness and allow us to survive."