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Witches Festival Writs are special crafting writs that require players to create Witches Festival themed food or drink.

Obtaining Writs[edit]

"A direct request for a festive food, from Alyxe the Hag. Once accepted, this contract cannot be traded or sold. Completing 13 Witches Festival Writs awards you the Witch's Infernal Hat; completing 28 grants you the title of "Witch."

Witches Festival Writs can be found in Dremora Plunder Skulls during the Witches Festival. Writs can also be traded or moved between characters. Opting to use one of these writs gives you the opportunity to start the repeatable quest, Witches Festival Writ, which requests a random food or drink.

Writs are also available to buy from The Impresario for 1 Event Ticket each in the form of Witches Festival Writ, Wrapped. However, it should be noted the while the old recipes are relatively common and easily obtainable, you run the risk of obtaining a writ requesting one of the new rare gold recipes which you may not have yet learned. Because bought writs are bound to your account and cannot be traded or sold, you will be stuck with this writ until you learn the appropriate recipe, or destroy it.


Once you accept the quest, you will be asked to create a certain number of Witches Festival food or drink items from the list below. The old recipes for these provisioning items can be found in Plunder Skull, whereas the new recipes can only be found in Dremora Plunder Skulls. All writs request 4 servings of either food or drink.

Old Recipes[edit]

Recipe Writ Vouchers Reward
Sweet Sanguine Apples (page) 0011Writ Vouchers
Crisp and Crunchy Pumpkin Snack Skewer (page) 0011Writ Vouchers
Crunchy Spider Skewer (page) 0011Writ Vouchers
Ghastly Eye Bowl (page 0011Writ Vouchers
Bowl of "Peeled Eyeballs" (page) 0011Writ Vouchers
Frosted Brains (page) 0011Writ Vouchers
Witchmother's Potent Brew (page) 0022Writ Vouchers
Witchmother's Party Punch (page) 0022Writ Vouchers
Double Bloody Mara (page) 02020Writ Vouchers

New Recipes[edit]

Recipe Writ Vouchers Reward
Bewitched Sugar Skulls (page) 02020Writ Vouchers
Disastrously Bloody Mara (page) 02020Writ Vouchers
Pack Leader's Bone Broth (page) 02020Writ Vouchers


Each writ will reward you with one or two Writ Vouchers, making this an opportunity for players who cannot complete Master Writs to obtain Writ Vouchers. Completing 13 Witches Festival Writs awards you the Witch's Infernal Hat; completing 28 grants you the title of "Witch".