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Help a member of the Psijic Order rescue a band of adventurers from a trap set by a dark entity.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Oriandra
Location(s): Eldbur Ruins
Reward: Shoes of the Psijic Order
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Save those who have been affected by K'Tora's mind magic.
A number of adventurers have fallen prey to the magic of a mind trap. A mage named Oriandra has a plan to rescue them, but she needs my help to succeed.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Oriandra.
  2. Rescue Cainar from Cainar's Mind Trap.
  3. Rescue Grog.
  4. Rescue Miriya from Miriya's Mind Trap.
  5. Return to Oriandra.
  6. Rescue Oriandra from Oriandra's Mind Trap.
  7. Talk to Oriandra.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to the Sage[edit]

Talk to Oriandra to start the quest. She is a member of the renowned Psijic Order, who can be found either outside the entrance to Eldbur Ruins in her spectral form, or inside the central section of Eldbur Ruins in her physical form. She will initially call you over and try to grab your attention.

Oriandra: "You there! Do something useful and come help me!"

Speak to her and she will explain how a group of adventurers have fallen for mind traps, set by a powerful entity known only as K'Tora. The magic is manipulative in nature and controls the minds of those affected. While she has tried to slow the course of the effect that the magic has on the adventurers, she needs your help to enter the mindscape and retrieve each adventurer from the mind traps.

"Don't just stand there, help me! I can't do this by myself. The mind trap is just too strong."
Mind trap? I don't understand.
"A dark entity called K'Tora set a trap for a group of adventurers. It locked them in their own minds. I've established a mental link with the group, but I can't maintain it and also perform the tasks necessary to set them free.
I need your help."
What do you need me to do?
"Let me attune you to my spell. There! Now we're connected through my mental link.
Find the three adventurers, Cainar, Grog, and Miriya. When you examine them, the spell should take you into their individual mind traps. I can direct you from there."
I'll set Cainar, Grog, and Miriya free from the mind trap.
"Cainar should be our first priority, though don't tell him I said that.
We approach magecraft differently, but he's an accomplished practitioner of the art. He can assist us in rescuing the others, so find him and free him first."
Where can I find Cainar?
"Deeper inside the ruins. Just watch out for the yaghra creatures. I've never seen them before, but they appear to come from the sea.
Also, if you encounter any of the mind-trapped High Elves, there's nothing we can do for them. They're too far gone."

After ending your conversation with Oriandra, you will need to head to the southwestern corner of the ruins, on the lower level, where you will find Cainar.

Cainar's Mind Trap[edit]

Cainar laying unconscious beneath a link to Cainar's Mind Trap.

When you stumble across Cainar, he will be unconscious inside one of the large cages. Floating above his body is a portal to the mindscape - this is Oriandra's Link. Travel through the Link, and you will find yourself in Cainar's Mind Trap, where Oriandra will comment with relief.

Oriandra: "Ah, good. The link is working perfectly!"

Traverse a short distance through the mindscape and you will spot Cainar reading a book beside some stone architecture, to which Oriandra will remark.

Oriandra: "There's Cainar. You need to convince him that this is all an illusion."

Upon approaching Cainar, a scene will begin between Oriandra and Cainar himself.

Oriandra: "Cainar, listen to me!"
Cainar: "Oriandra? Why are you in my head?"
Oriandra: "There's no time for research. You need to get out of there."
Cainar: "And you need to ask permission before interrupting someone's thoughts!"
Cainar: "But thank you for sending me an assistant. We'll collect those samples in no time!"
Oriandra: "Just hurry before the mind trap snaps shut!"

After Oriandra fails to convince him to leave, you must do Cainar a favour in hopes that he will leave with you afterwards. Talk to him.

"The magic that went into creating this mind trap is truly remarkable. An opportunity to learn something new comes along so rarely in the realm of arcane academia.
But where are my manners? What part of my memories brought you into existence?"
I'm not a memory. Oriandra sent me to rescue you.
"Rescue? Why in the world would I need to be rescued? I'm perfectly fine. In fact, I'm learning a great deal about mind magic and the manipulation of the mindscape.
Come to think of it, I could use a bit of help in that regard."
What kind of help do you require?
"I've come to the conclusion that this mental magic operates much like a disease that attacks the mind.
To prove my theory, I want you to collect samples of the invading spell particles. Do that, and I'll happily follow you back to the waking world."
All right, I'll gather a few of these spell particles.
"I'll continue to review these fascinating tomes while you collect samples of the mind magic particles. Between the two, ultimate understanding is within our grasp!"
One of the Spell Particles

Despite how Cainar is adamant on carrying out research in the mindscape, it is clear that he is unaware of the danger and not thinking rationally. Regardless, you need to acquire the three Spell Particles. One is to the northwest, another follows the path to the north, and then the last is at the end of the path. While you're following the path, K'Tora itself will berate you for attempting to intervene with its plot.

K'Tora: "The mage is caught in my mind trap, worm! Nothing you do will change that."

Once you have all three Spell Particles, Oriandra will congratulate you.

Oriandra: "Well done! Now return to Cainar and convince him to wake up."

Now return to Cainar, who contemplates staying in the mindscape longer to better understand the tomes he is studying. However, you are able to help him realize that he is being tricked by the powerful magic at work.

"These are perfect! Exactly what I needed! Now I can use these to … to … of course!
Stand back! With these particles, I can finally understand the meaning of these magnificent tomes!"
No Cainar. It's time to leave. You have to wake up!
"How dare you speak to me like that! I have a good mind to turn you into …. A good mind ….
My apologies. I almost allowed this trap to drown me in my own thoughts. You're right. Let's return to the waking world."
Oriandra, we're ready to get out of here.

Upon returning to the ruins, Cainar will thank you and teleport to safety, while also reminding you to find the other two adventurers.

Cainar: "Thank you. I'll see myself to safety. You need to rescue the others!"

Rescuing Grog[edit]

After Cainar teleports away, Oriandra will tell you to find Grog, who can be found in the northeastern section of the ruins.

Oriandra: "Next, you need to free the Orc warrior named Grog. He should be deeper in the ruins."

Head through the corridors of the ruins and fight any of the Mind-Trapped Fighters or yaghra that line the halls. Once you get close enough to Grog, Oriandra will sense his presence, notably without the dark influence of K'Tora.

Oriandra: "Grog is close. Strange, I don't sense K'Tora's dark power, though."
Cainar: "Hmm. I think he resisted the mind trap on his own, but he's still unconscious."
Oriandra: "Wake him up, please."
Grog laying unconscious due to intoxication.

Since Grog seemingly resisted K'Tora's mind magic due to his intoxicated state, you will need to awake him using the bucket of liquid that can be found to the left of his body. Once you have picked up the bucket, pour the contents over Grog.

Grog: "Hey!"
Oriandra: "That wasn't just water …."
Cainar: "No matter. It worked, didn't it?"
Grog: "And they wonder why I drink so much."
Oriandra: "Focus, Grog. Make your way back to Cainar and me."
Grog: "Yeah, yeah. I'll be right there."
Oriandra: "I've got Grog. You go find Miriya."

Grog will then collapse and be teleported to the central section of the ruins, alongside Cainar and Oriandra.

Miriya's Mind Trap[edit]

Miriya laying unconscious beneath a link to Miriya's Mind Trap.

To find Miriya, travel to the southern section of the ruins, and battle any of the enemies you may encounter along the way. Upon approaching Miriya, Oriandra will comment on her lifeless state.

Oriandra: "There's Miriya. Be careful in there. I sense her mind trap is nearly complete."

Enter into Miriya's Mind Trap, and you will find a younger Miriya kneeling over her dying mother.

Sharbashana: "Remember to keep your cowl low, Miriya. Stay out of trouble. Be invisible. Survive."
Miriya: "I will, Mama."
Miriya: "Mama?"
Oriandra: "Miriya's losing herself. Find items she holds dear and help her remember."

Help by gathering the items which can be found close to where these scenes play out. Start by searching Miriya's Pack for the Cowl of the Exile. Next, move further up to the path to witness a scene where Miriya is initiated into the Dark Brotherhood.

Speaker Ancurio: "I offer you a place with us. A home, a family. If you promise to serve."
Miriya: "I promise, Speaker. Show me the way."
Oriandra: "These memories represent turning points in Miriya's life. The choices that made her who she is. Help her remember!"

Take the next item, a dagger known as Regret, which is on the floor in front of Miriya. Travel even further along the path, and listen to Ohrmarz talk to Miriya.

Ohrmarz: "What matters is that you found your way back, Miriya."
Ohrmarz: "You are an excellent student, and your mother would be proud of the person you've become."

Now take the final item, a sword known as Redemption, which is lodged into the ground between Miriya and Ohrmarz. Once all three items have been collected, walk to the end of the path and speak to Miriya who appears to be lost within her own mind.

"Stay back! I can't remember who I am … or what happened to me."
You're caught in a mind trap. Take these items and remember who you are, Miriya.
"These items … I remember them. Each one represents a person who influenced me … a decision I made.
I think … I think I still have so many things left to do …."
Focus on that, Miriya, and you can break out of this mind trap.
"I feel like I'm swimming toward the surface of a still lake. Like I'm emerging from a dark cave. This place … it isn't real.
I am Miriya of the Redeemed Blade. I demand to be released from this illusion!"
Oriandra, we're ready to get out of here.

A flash of light with blind you before you find yourself back in the ruins.

Miriya: "That was … disorienting."
Oriandra: "Cainar, bring Miriya here, please."
Cainar: "If you insist. I'm not fully recovered yet, though, so this is probably my last spell for a while."
Oriandra: "Just do it. Our friend can return on—"
Cainar: "Oriandra!"
Oriandra: "K'Tora's mind trap … I set it off …."

Rush back to the central section of the ruins to find the adventurers have safely made it back themselves. However, it is not long until you notice that something starts to go amiss.

Oriandra's Mind Trap[edit]

Oriandra has now been caught in a mind trap of her own, and is in dire need of rescuing.

Grog: "What's wrong with her?"
Miriya: "I think she's caught in a mind trap!"
Cainar: "I guess I'll need to cast another spell after all."
Cainar: "There! I've reestablished the mind link. Now go save Oriandra!"

Cainar will muster his remaining energy to generate a link that you can use to access Oriandra's Mind Trap. Travel through Cainar's Link and Oriandra will begin talking to you telepathically.

Oriandra: "Listen closely. I've maintained our link, but just barely."
Oriandra: "I used the link to anchor part of myself to you."
Oriandra: "When the mind trap sends my darker aspects against you … kill them."
Oriandra: "That will destroy the mind trap and set me free."
Oriandra: "Trust me, it's the only way."
Oriandra bound within the mindscape

Defeat the yaghra enemies that plague the mindscape, before arriving at a section of stone ruins, where Oriandra is bound by magical energy. Approach her and a series of apparitions will spawn from Oriandra's mind.

Oriandra: "My mind! It's coming apart!"

Firstly, defeat her aspect known as Oriandra's Anger.

Oriandra: "My darkest aspects! You need to destroy them!"

Secondly, defeat her aspect known as Oriandra's Fear.

Oriandra: "Such anger … such hatred!"

Finally, defeat her aspect known as Oriandra's Rage.

Oriandra: "I'm free! Use Cainar's link and I'll see you in the waking world."

Now that all her aspects have been defeated, travel through Cainar's Link and you will find yourself safely back in the central section of Eldbur Ruins. Speak to Oriandra who will thank you profusely for your help.

"That was … totally exhausting! Thank you for trusting me and for helping me break K'Tora's mind traps. I couldn't have done it without you."
Is the threat from the mind traps over now?
"This particular danger has passed, but I will alert my colleagues in the Psijic Order to be on their guard. I suggest that you and these others remain vigilant as well.
In the meantime, take this as a token of my appreciation."

This quest can then be completed.


  • If you have already met Oriandra before and start this quest outside with her spectral form, she will greet you differently and not mention that the adventurers are caught in a mind trap, even though you ask the same question about a mind trap anyways.

Quest Stages[edit]

Whispers from the Deep
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The first adventurer Oriandra asked me to set free is a mage called Cainar. She thinks he can help us rescue the others once he's released from his mind trap.
Objective: Find Cainar
Cainar wants samples of the spell particles for his research. I need to find some for him before he will agree to leave. They should be nearby.
Objective: Gather Spell Particles: 0/3
I have the spell particles Cainar asked for. I should bring them to him.
Objective: Talk to Cainar
Next I need to search for an Orc warrior called Grog. He should be in the ruins somewhere nearby.
Objective: Find Grog
It appears that Grog resisted the mind trap on his own, but he's still unconscious. I need to find a way to wake him up. I should look around for something that will help in that regard.
Objective: Wake Grog Up
I found a bucket of water. That should do the trick. I just need to toss it on Grog to wake him up.
Objective: Use the Bucket
Now I need to find the adventurer named Miriya. She must be somewhere deeper in the ruins.
Objective: Find Miriya
I found Miriya, but the mind trap that has her in its grip has progressed to an almost inescapable point. Oriandra says that her sense of self is breaking apart. I need to find a way to help her.
Objective: Follow Miriya's Path
Oriandra thinks that the items she's leaving behind might be the key to helping her remember herself. I should see if there are any other items I need to collect as I follow her path.
Objective: Follow Miriya's Path
I collected a number of items that seem to be important to Miriya. I should give them to her and try to convince her to wake up now.
Objective: Talk to Miriya
After Oriandra pulled us out of Miriya's mindscape, something happened. I need to return to Oriandra and make sure everything is all right.
Objective: Return to Oriandra
K'Tora left a trap that attacked Oriandra's mind. Cainar reestablished the mind link so I can enter the mind trap and rescue her. I need to hurry.
Objective: Rescue Oriandra
☑Finishes quest Now that we defeated the mind traps, I should talk to Oriandra and make sure the danger is over.
Objective: Talk to Oriandra