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Set traps for ogrim in the Nobles District.
Zone: Imperial City
Quest Giver: Brihana
Location(s): Nobles District
Prerequisite Quest: The Sublime Brazier
Reward: Light Tel Var Satchel: 00200200Tel Var Stones
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
A set ogrim trap

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Brihana at the Alliance Rally Point in the Nobles District.
  2. Kill eight Legion Zero soldiers and bait four ogrim traps.
  3. Return to the Alliance Base and speak to Brihana.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Hunter in the City[edit]

At your Alliance Rally Point in the Arboretum, you will find a Redguard hunter named Brihana. She is hunting Daedra in order to sell the parts to alchemists and Khajiiti traders, and needs to bait several traps so that she can collect ogrim fingernails for a Bosmer brewer. If you agree to help, she will also request that you kill some members of Legion Zero.

These two tasks can be completed simultaneously, although the easiest to do first would be killing eight soldiers. The legionnaire enemies are relatively weak, and can usually be found alone in groups of three.

"Huh. This city gets busier by the day. Name's Brihana. You here to hunt? I can give you some pointers if you like."
What are you doing here?
"Hunting. Surprised? I'll tell you the truth - there's a lot of money to be made here. Daedra hearts, Ogrim tusks, Dremora horns... the alchemists and Khajitti smugglers can't get enough.
I'll cut you in on the action, if you lend me a hand."
What do you need?
"My Ogrim traps are all sprung. I need you to take this sack of Daedrat meat - bait the traps and reset the triggers. Shouldn't take long.
The real problem is Legion Zero. Damned soldiers just won't stay off my back. I need you to take care of them."
Kill legionaries and bait traps. Got it.
"Have a care around those traps. Been a while since I oiled those springs. They're a little creaky."
How do these Ogrim traps work?
"They're simple spring traps - iron clamp with nasty teeth. Nothing special. There's no need to be clever with this lot. The brutes reach down to pick up a hunk of delicious meat, and wham! Off comes the fingers. Thumb too, if I'm lucky."
What do you do with Ogrim fingers?
"Sell them, of course! Well, technically I'm only selling the fingernails. Apparently they fetch a high price with Wood Elf alchemists. Brewers too.
Just another reason to never drink anything a Wood Elf offers you."

Baiting the Trap[edit]

The trickier task of baiting the four ogrim traps will take you to four specific locations in the district. These are marked on your map, although the paths to reach them are densely packed with Daedra and the fixed locations may result in camping from enemy players. Once you reach a trap, simply activate it to place a sack of daedrat meat.

After you've completed both tasks, return to your Alliance base (either through the sewers or through respawning/teleporting) and locate Brihana beside the Bounty Mission Board. She will reward you with leveled gold and a Light Tel Var Satchel.

I reset your traps, and cut down a few legionaries.
"So you did! And here's your payment, as promised.
If you find yourself in the Nobles District anytime soon, keep an eye out for me. Reliable partners are hard to come by out here. Take care."

Quest Stages[edit]

Watch Your Step
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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