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Home City Mistral
Location Maormer Embassy
Race Maormer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
The Warden drinking from the moon sugar-laced mug

The Warden is a Maormer who guards the entrance to the private quarters of the Embassy in Mistral. He will appear during The Perils of Diplomacy.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-related Events[edit]

The Perils of Diplomacy[edit]

During the quest, Razum-dar will ask that you sneak inside the embassy to recover Harrani's stolen copy of the treaty. However, due to the warden's presence, you cannot enter the private quarters without dealing with him first. Attacking him is out of the question, so you will have to use trickery.

If you approach the doors to the quarters, the guard will say:

"Off limits. You aren't getting through."
"Are you lost? Ambassador Ulondil's quarters aren't open for visitors."
What are you guarding?
"None of your business.
Go bother the clerk. He doesn't know when to shut up, either."

After speaking with other members of the Embassy you will learn of two different ways to remove him from his post. First is to drug his drink:

Care for a drink?
"Do you think I take drinks from strangers?"
All right, never mind.
"Never said I didn't want it.
If the clerk didn't toss you out, I guess you're not a problem. Sure, one drink."
[Lie] It's from the clerk.
"Oh. I guess that little barnacle is all right."

Either way, the guard will take the cup from you and have a drink. He will then walk over to the desk that his cup was on before and promptly pass out.

The second way, is to forge a letter from the Khajiit he likes and give it to him.

[Lie] This letter arrived for you.
"What? Give it here!"

After reading it, he will say:

Warden: "She wants to meet me? Now?
Out of my way!"

The warden will run downstairs to depart the embassy, leaving the private quarters unguarded.