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Volrina Quarra
(lore page)
Home Settlement Molag Mar
Location The Penitent Pilgrim Inn
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Volrina Quarra

Volrina Quarra is an Imperial formerly hired by the Dunmer wizard Barilzar to retrieve Dwemer artifacts from Galom Daeus, which she is unable to complete due to her history with the Berne vampire clan.

Related Quests[edit]


"Damned vampires! I'll find a way to make them pay for what they did to my brother, I swear it on the Tribunal and any Daedra willing enough to listen!
What do you want? Can't you leave a person to her anger and her grief?"
Barilzar said you could help me locate the items on this list.
"He did, did he? Let me see that list.
Hmm. Well, the crazy old mage always said there were no coincidences. The inversion conduit. I saw one in Galom Daeus—right before I barely escaped from those damned vampires."
Tell me about these damned vampires.
"Eager to become cattle for the bloodsuckers? The Berne clan killed my brother, damn their eyes!
The item you seek was in the manufactory, but you'll need a control rod to get a dwarven spider to unlock it for you."
Why did you stop working with Barilzar? / Why don't you work with Barilzar any more?
"Because the mage wanted to send me to the far side of Vvardenfell and I need to remain here. I'm not going anywhere until I make the Berne clan pay for what it did to my brother.
If you can kill some of the bastards, that'll be a start."
Alternately you can tell her:
You seem to have a problem with vampires.
"I suppose some bloodsuckers aren't too bad, but the Berne clan's nothing but monsters! They killed my brother!
The item you seek can be constructed in the manufactory, but you'll need a control rod to get a dwarven spider to build it for you."

Speaking to her again afterwards:

"Someday I'll get my revenge on those vampires, as soon as I come up with a foolproof plan.
In the meantime, if you're heading into Galom Daeus to retrieve that item, I'd consider it a personal favor if you kill a few of the bastards along the way."


Volrina as a Dunmer
  • Volrina Quarra only appears during Divine Intervention. She isn't present before or after the quest.
  • Volrina re-appears in Morrowind as the matron of the Quarra Clan, a group of vampires. Some of her dialogue subtlety references these future events.
  • Volrina also appears as a card in Legends.
  • She speaks with an accent different from most Imperials. This is because, according to the notes of PTS Patch 3.0.3, her race was mistakenly Dunmer, which was later fixed.