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Virgar the Red
Location The Orchard
Race Nede Gender Female
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Condition Vampire
Virgar the Red

Virgar the Red is a Nedic elder vampire, and the matriarch of the Orchard. She wishes to free her children from Molag Bal's enslavement, and will ally with you if you go against Vanus Galerion's plan to kill the vampires. If this option is chosen, then Lafara may assist you on the Endless Stair.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

Virgar the Red is first encountered when you begin marking vampire lairs with Vampire Blood for Vanus Galerion.

Virgar The Red: "Such a cruel and distasteful chore the Elf has tasked you with."
Virgar The Red: "Do not do this, I implore you! My children are not evil!"
Virgar The Red: "You don't know what you're doing! Molag Bal is the enemy here, not my children."
Virgar The Red: "Why are you subjecting my people to this danger?"

After marking the lairs, you can go to the Harvest Heart only to find Vanus arguing with Virgar.

Vanus Galerion: "Back, foul temptress! I'll hear no more of your lies!"
Virgar The Red: "Such a stubborn Elf! Perhaps your companion will be more willing to listen to reason."

You can then speak with her to see who she is. Virgar will also have a proposal for you.

"I hope that you will prove more reasonable than your companion. My offer makes perfect sense, considering the alternatives."

If you left and returned to her, she will instead say:

"Have you considered my proposal? Will you help me save my children and set them free?"
Who are you?
"Some call me the Crimson Matron, others the Concubine of Coldharbour. I am an elder vampire, brought to this new life by Molag Bal.
These are my children, but they have been enthralled by the Lord of Brutality."
So you're telling me you're the victim in all this?
"My children protect this Orchard because Molag Bal commands it. They aren't evil. They're slaves of the Harvest Heart!
Instead of destroying them, help me set them free. Imagine, an army of vampires that owes you a favor!"
What are you suggesting? (This option advances the quest.)
"The ritual the Elf plans to perform will drive my children mad. But there is a better solution, if you're willing to listen to reason.
Molag Bal is the real enemy here. Let me help you free my children from the Dark Lord's thrall. Then we both win."
Tell me more about what you're proposing.
"I can perform my own ritual. It will destroy the Harvest Heart and set my children free.
Help me accomplish this and my children will be in your debt. They will provide you with safe passage through the Orchard and aid you against Molag Bal."
I'll help you free the vampires from the Harvest Heart.
"Of course. Take all the time you need. It's not like you're trying to save the world from Molag Bal or anything like that. Oh, wait. That's exactly what you're trying to do.
I shall await your decision with bated breath."
I need to talk to Vanus Galerion before I make a decision.
"A most wise and honorable decision. I'll follow you to the ritual sites.
Protect me while I perform the ritual, and we will break Molag Bal's hold on my children!"
Follow me!

At this point you will have a choice to make, you can either side with Virgar or continue to follow Vanus' plan.

Siding with Virgar[edit]

If you side with Virgar, she will become your follower and you will have to lead her to the ritual sites. When you talk with her, she will mention the hostility of her children.

"My children will oppose us every step of the way. As long as the Harvest Heart continues to hold them in its grasp, they have no choice.
Protect me from them, and I promise I will set them free of Molag Bal's evil!"

At the ritual sites, she will perform the ritual while you protect her.

Virgar The Red: "Defend me while I perform this portion of the ritual."

Once it is completed:

Virgar The Red: "Thank you for assisting me. This portion of the ritual is complete."

Afterwards you will need to return to the Harvest Heart to complete the ritual. If you talk to her, she will say, "Now we must return to the Harvest Heart. There is one more thing to do before we can destroy Molag Bal's vile monstrosity."

Once there, Virgar will have something to discuss.

Virgar The Red: "Come talk to me. I must explain your role in the next stage of the ritual."

Talk to her to see what needs to be done.

"The time has come to perform the ritual and destroy the Harvest Heart. My children yearn to be free!"
Tell me how I can help.
"The black blood flowing from the Harvest Heart binds my children to Molag Bal. But it also gives us a connection we can take advantage of.
While I provide the power to destroy the Harvest Heart, you must sever the connection to Molag Bal."
And how do I do that?
"Find the Lord of Schemes's binding totems and destroy them. They are spaced evenly around the Harvest Heart.
As each totem breaks, my children will be separated from Molag Bal and the energy protecting the Harvest Heart will falter."

If you talk to her while she and Vanus perform the ritual, she will say, "Destroy those binding totems while we complete the ritual."

Once you have destroyed the binding totems and destroyed the heart, you can return to Virgar.

Virgar The Red: "My children are free!" [verification needed — does she say it in this branch?]

Talk to her to see that the agreement is held.

"The Harvest Heart has been destroyed. My children are no longer slaves to Molag Bal!"
Your children will honor our agreement, correct?
"Most certainly. Thanks to your efforts, my children are free. They won't give you any more trouble.
And, as promised, my children will aid you when you need it most."

After you have completed the quest, she will thank you for siding with her.

"I appreciate what you did for my children. Most mortals see us only as monsters. But you were willing to look beyond that and set us free."

Siding with Vanus Galerion[edit]

If you instead chose to help Vanus Galerion and destroy the vampires, she'll threaten:

Virgar the Red : "I will not stand for this! I won't let you harm my children!"

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Know that you have made an enemy this day, mortal. I will stop you. The Elf's ritual shall not succeed!"

At the end of the second ritual, Virgar will appear from the tomb, hostile and determined:

Virgar the Red : "No! I won't let you harm my children!"

You must kill her to protect Vanus.