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Location S'rendarr's Cradle
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower In Sickness and In Health

Vazbi is a Khajiit adept found at the S'rendarr's Cradle adeptorium. She is trying to find out why the Anequina Aqueduct has stopped working and how to fix it. When she was young, her parents became sick with the Knahaten Flu and she ended up being raised by Silhu-jo in the adeptorium.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Starting the Quest[edit]

Approach the adeptorium and you'll hear the following:

Vazbi: "We must do something about the water, Silhu-jo! If you would just—"
Silhu-jo: "No adept can face the wastes alone, child. This one insists you stay."

If you haven't started the quest yet, you will overhear her plead, "We cannot wait any longer, Silhu-jo. This one must do something!"

You can then introduce yourself and ask her what is going on:

"Vazbi cannot understand. Only puddles remain in the adeptorium's cisterns, but still Silhu-jo forbids this one to act!"

If you've spoken to Narayun, you can say:

I heard there's a problem with the adeptorium's water supply.


"Our adeptorium, S'rendarr's Cradle, is parched by a drought. We rely on the Anequina Aqueduct to supply our water, but something halted the flow. Now, adepts and pilgrims go thirsty.
We tend to the sick here. Without water, many of them may die!"
Do you have any idea what halted the flow?
"No. And we never will if Silhu-jo gets his way. He yowls about the risks, but Vazbi is not the saucer-eyed kitten she was when Silhu-jo found her. This one must fix this!
You're a warrior, yes? Would you escort Vazbi to investigate the aqueduct?"
Yes, I'll help you investigate and return the flow of water to S'rendarr's Cradle.
"Thank you for helping, rhook. We should investigate the nearest gate of the aqueduct—just south of here. S'rendarr willing, we will find whatever blocks the water there.
Vazbi will meet you soon. This one must speak to Silhu-jo before she leaves."

After agreeing to help her investigate, you can ask her some questions before you leave.

Has the aqueduct ever gone dry before?
"No. My teachers examined the order's histories and found no evidence of droughts in the past. But we live in curious times, yes? Dragons fly. Dead walk. A broken aqueduct would not seem out of place."
Is there any chance that the source of the water ran dry?
"Vazbi does not think so. Before the water reaches S'rendarr's Cradle, it passes Rimmen. And for all the city's problems, a drought is not one of them. That means the flow is blocked somewhere between the city and the adeptorium."
What can you tell me about S'rendarr's Cradle?
"The adeptorium itself? I know only that our ancestors built it in the days of sixteen kingdoms. Vazbi has no ears for ancient history.
This one does know that the adeptorium has always been a place of healing—a refuge for all, no matter how ill."
How have you dealt with the Dragon attacks?
"We do what we can, but Vazbi fears it is not enough. Many come with seared flesh and blackened lungs. From the flames and smoke, you see? Others come with broken limbs.
Most of our palliatives and salves require water. So, you see the urgency, yes?"
Tell me about yourself.
"About Vazbi? Oh! This one's life is not so exciting, but if you insist.
Vazbi is an initiate and servant of S'rendarr. A healer-in-training, also. Silhu-jo and the other monks raised this one here in the Cradle."
Are all adepts here healers?
"Most learn the craft, but not all have the passion for it that this one does. Silhu-jo says it is Vazbi's calling. This one thinks he is right!"
You said that Silhu-jo found you on his doorstep?
"Yes. Vazbi's parents had …. This was in the time of the flu, you see? Many orphans came to S'rendarr's Cradle in those days. Most of them were not as lucky as Vazbi.
Silhu-jo cared for this one like a daughter. He still does, as you can see."
Did any of your other family members survive the flu?
"No. This was not so long ago, walker. You remember the groans and hacking coughs, yes? The blood?
S'rendarr's Cradle's adepts healed as many as they could, but even the strongest tinctures and cleanest bandages fell short in the face of the flu."

Investigating the Aquaducts[edit]

When you reach the first Aquaduct gate, Vazbi will arrive behind you:

Vazbi: "Ah, you found it! We should examine the gate at the top of the ramp."

She will then start following you and you can ask her some questions.

"We should find a gate that controls the flow of the water nearby.
Just be careful. Beasts gather here often to lap up water from leaks and overflow. They thirst as much as we do, now, and a thirsty beast is a grumpy beast, yes?"
You seem to know a lot about aqueducts.
"Vazbi has great teachers!
This one is no architect, but the aqueduct behaves much like structures of the body, yes? Veins and arteries channel blood and have valves to limit flow, for example. I wonder what else healing can teach me?"

Once you examine the Aqueduct, she will comment:

Vazbi: "Open and dry, as expected. Hopefully, we'll find the blockage at the second gate."

You have the option of talking about the second aqueduct and she will mention the dangerous canyon it lies in:

"Vazbi hopes we can find the problem soon. Otherwise, we may have to investigate the Baan Dar Span."
What's the Baan Dar Span?
"A portion of the aqueduct that runs through Baan Dar's Litter, a canyon to the east of the adeptorium.
Silhu-jo forbids us to go there. Ever since this one was a ja'khajiit."
Why is it forbidden?
"Vazbi does not know. She has, at times, heard whispers from the older adepts. Something about the Knahaten flu.
This one asked Silhu-jo outright about the place, years ago. He only shook his head and said it was far, far from S'rendarr's light."
Why is it called Baan Dar's Litter?
"Old moon-tales. Clanmothers say the stone pillars of the canyon were Baan Dar's children. Alkosh turned them to stone as a reprisal for one of the Bandit God's pranks.
The trickster hid the pillars in this canyon, where they would be warm and safe."
All right. I'll head to the second gate.
"Vazbi will be right behind you, but be careful, walker. Silhu-jo can be overprotective, but he would not resort to lies to hold us back. The dangers of the wastes are real, as you know.
Truly, I hate to worry him, but Vazbi must do this."
Where can I find the second gate?
"Follow the line of the aqueduct east. It should lead you straight to the next gate. Vazbi will meet you there."
You're not coming with me? I'm supposed to protect you.
"Ha! You protect me by clearing the way, walker. This one wants to take a moment to study this gate, in case we must fix one later.
Vazbi will be safe. You will stop worrying, yes?"

At the site of the second gate, you will get a surprise:

Vazbi: "Caught you! Ha! Vazbi is a quick study, yes? Let's examine this new gate."

You can then chat with her:

"This one is glad you are unharmed. The gate that we need to check should be nearby. It is funny. Vazbi sees the adeptorium from here, but it is so small. So vulnerable, out here in the khaj.
We should restore the water soon."
You didn't have any difficulty getting here?
"Ha! You sound like Silhu-jo. He thinks Vazbi will always be knee-high, concerned only with stealing sweetrolls from the bakehouse. But this one knows the desert better than he thinks.
Of course, we have not strayed far from the road yet."

Examine the sluice gate and she'll comment, "Dry? Ziss'vo! Wait. What is this?" On the ground is a torn habit, to which she simply continues with "Curious …."

"This looks familiar. Take a closer look, yes?"

Once you pick it up, you can ask her about the habit. She will recognize it as an older style of habit that used to be worn by the adepts:

"This scrap of cloth. Vazbi knows it well. It is part of a S'rendarr adept's habit. One of the old ones we don't wear anymore.
Could an adept have been out here?"
Who would wear a habit like that?
"Vazbi does not think anyone wore it. The way it is torn … it looks like someone used it to dress a wound. Do you see the stains? This one smells blood, too.
A warning, perhaps? Or a clue."
You think the person who dropped this is responsible for the water shortage?
Vazbi is no investigator, but finding something like this near the gate feels like a sign. We should find the person, if only to make sure they are not badly hurt, yes?"
How do you propose we find them?
"We could start by searching around the columns that hold the aqueduct up. Someone gravely injured may have rested in the structure's shadow.
No time to waste, walker. Let's go."
You're sure that no one at S'rendarr's Cradle wears a habit like this?
"Certain. After the worst of the Knahaten Flu had passed, Silhu-jo and the others burned every scrap of cloth touched by the illness. Quilts, linens, and yes, even their habits. Nothing remained of them, aside from paintings in the cloisters."
Well, they must not have burned everything.
"It appears that way, yes.
Come. Whoever this belonged to may need our help."

Searching for a Stranger[edit]

Your new goal is to track down this injured individual in the wilderness. When you start your search Vabzi will first direct you to look around the columns:

"We could start by searching around the columns that hold the aqueduct up. Someone gravely injured may have rested in the structure's shadow.
No time to waste, walker. Let's go."

However, if you speak to her afterwards during your search, you will learn she is tracking by blood scent:

Vazbi smells more blood on the wind. We must keep looking, yes?"

To the east you'll find another torn bit of habit:

Vazbi: "Another shred of a habit? The blood seems more spotty. From a sore, maybe? Let's keep looking."

A little further north you'll find a weathered cameo, to which she'll say:

Vazbi: "The blood trail goes cold, yes? But what is that? A cameo? The face looks …. This was not dropped by accident, walker. There must be more to find."

Not too far from there, you'll find a Crumpled Nursery Rhyme:

Vazbi: "This is a nursery rhyme, isn't it? Like the one Vazbi read every night as a kitten. S'rendarr's mercy. Please, hurry, walker!"

To the west you'll find an old swaddling cloth.

Vazbi: "Swaddle cloth? Vazbi recognizes that pattern. Come, let's keep looking! Come!"

Further on, you will find a scarred coin:

Vazbi: "And we find a Death Coin last, of course. Something that gleams to take to the Sands Behind the Stars. We should talk."

Vaszi will then reveal that she has connection with the stranger and that sudden lack of water is due to her.

"The bloody bandages, the cameo, and swaddle cloth—all these trinkets and mementos lead to a forbidden place. Baan Dar's Litter.
Vazbi has not been totally honest with you, walker. This one has a very personal stake in this business."
Yes, you seemed to recognize all those items. What haven't you told me?
"The drought—it's because of me. That is why Vazbi insisted on being the one to investigate.
Every year on this one's birthday, someone leaves a gift outside the cloisters. Gifts like the nursery rhyme, coin, and cameo we found, you see?"
So, this gift-giver left a trail to lead us here? Why do you think it's related to the drought?
"Days after the aqueduct ran dry, the gift-giver left a jug of cold, fresh water outside this one's door. It was a message, you see? For Vazbi.
Now we find these dressings and keepsakes, all leading to Baan Dar's Litter. My—our answers are there."
Fair enough. You said this place is forbidden. Why?
"Old ghosts haunt this place. Angry spirits that moan and howl curses in the night. Silhu-jo always insisted we stay away. I hate to disobey him, but we have no choice!
The last sluice gate and the person we pursue are both inside. Are you prepared?"
Yes. Let's get moving.
"Thank you for helping Vazbi face Baan Dar's Litter. Truly, this one could not do it alone. Even when the answers are so close."

Baan Dar's Litter[edit]

Once you arrive at the canyon, you will see movement up ahead:

Vazbi: "Wait! Vazbi saw someone!"

If you try to speak to her, she'll angrily say, "Why do you hesitate, rhook? Whoever that was, we cannot lose them!"

A little ways off, you'll see the figure again.

Vazbi: "Why do they run? We do not mean them any harm!"

And again a little further into the canyon:

Vazbi: "There they go! Is that the same one as before?"

After a little more of the chase, Vazbi will change tactics:

Vazbi: "Let's split up. We can corner him!"

After some more walking, you will arrive at cliff face covered with small cave mouths. And up on high a strange Khajiit willl question you:

Hulzar: "Who are you? Where is—."
<Vazbi arrives through side passage next to him.>
Hulzar: "Vazbi! Beloved child. Finally, you have come home at last."
Vazbi: "Beloved what? I don't— We only want to restore the water."
Hulzar: "Water? No, no, no! You come for answers, child. Answers from ashes!"

Hulzar whisks Vazbi away and sends his fellow Stricken to kill you:

Hulzar : "Take her to our camp at the Baan Dar Gate. Kill the other and cleanse them in flame. The scouring fire will claim S'rendarr's Cradle soon enough!"

After this, Sihu-jo will join you in finding Vazbi. When Sihu-jo enters the Baan Dar Span, he will go up ahead to try and appeal to Hulzar. Unfortunately, it does not go well:

Silhu-jo : "Vazbi! You are unharmed, yes?"
Hulzar : "No! My daughter is no longer yours to corrupt, adept!"
Hulzar kills Sihu-jo.
Silhu-jo : "Argh!"
Vazbi : "No!"

Vazbi will immediately try to heal Silhu-jo. Talk with her:

"Silhu-jo, no! This is my fault. S'rendarr forgive me …."
Is he alive?
"He breathes, but faintly. Vazbi will take him back to the Cradle. My hands won't stop shaking.
The Stricken's leader, Hulzar, wields horrible magic. He told me that the adepts took me from him—that they stole everything from him. He said he's …."
He said that he's your father.
"Yes. He said he left me gifts, so that I would not forget him. But seeing me grow closer to Silhu-jo—closer to the order—twisted his tail to the breaking point.
He lured Vazbi here to Baan Dar's Litter. Now he plans to burn the adeptorium!"
We have to stop him.
"Please, walker. If there is any way to spare Hulzar, have mercy. Vazbi knows he is mad, but to lose two fathers at once …. S'rendarr help me. This one is so lost.
Moons, why did Silhu-jo come here? He must have known the Stricken would kill him!"
He did it to save you.
"This one only needed saving because she disobeyed Silhu-jo! He came here because of Vazbi. He dies because of Vazbi!"
Silhu-jo told me he was ready for this. It's his penance for something he did a long time ago.
"This one knows. Hulzar told me about how he and his wife, my mother, came to the Cradle with a tiny Vazbi in their arms. He described the long march to Baan Dar's Litter and the cold, moonless nights that followed.
More suffering on my account."
How could that be your fault? You can't take the blame for everything.
"How could it not be Vazbi's fault? Had Hulzar's wife not carried Vazbi in her womb, they would never have come to S'rendarr's Cradle! Had Vazbi not sought to restore the water, Silhu-jo would live!
Please, just find Hulzar. Vazbi must work."

Returning to the Cradle[edit]

Return to the adeptorium after dealing with Hulzar. She will be praying beside Silhu-jo's body:

"You return. Good. Vazbi already loses too much today.
Silhu-jo did not—Vazbi could not …. He is gone. His soul wanders the Sands Behind the Stars now."
I'm sorry.
"The other adepts mourn for him, as Vazbi does. But they do not know the truth of his death, or the cost of the water you restored.
But you know. Vazbi knows. And it may be too much for her to bear."
What do you mean?
"Vazbi loved this place. She idolized Silhu-jo and the other healers. She prayed to S'rendarr for the strength and wisdom to serve as well as those who came before.
But S'rendarr's Cradle is a lie. My dream is a lie. What is Vazbi to do now?"
What do you mean S'rendarr's Cradle is a lie?
"The people of Elsweyr think that the adepts of the Cradle worked miracles to stave off the flu. Now I see that they only hid the sick in the wilderness to let them die.
How can this one just ignore that? How can I dedicate my life to such a place?"
Stay. Your dream of being a healer still means something. History can't change that.
"Yes. This one will stay. But I will not lie about what happened here. Silhu-jo made an impossible choice, but the people deserve to hear the truth.Thank you, walker. We only just met, but you are the closest thing to family that Vazbi has left."
You're right. Leave. You can't let this place or its failings define you.
"Yes, you are right. Silhu-jo was a good Khajiit, but I cannot live within these walls knowing that we denied their security to people in desperate need.
Thank you, walker. We only just met, but you are the closest thing to family that I have left."

If you told Vazbi to stay, she'll call to the other healers and announce:

Vazbi : "Brothers, sisters. Vazbi must speak about Silhu-jo's passing."
Vazbi : "Before he passed, this one learned the truth of the Stricken. Of the role we healers played in their suffering."
Vazbi : "No longer. In S'rendarr's name, we must go to Baan Dar's Litter. We must help the Stricken, and we must try to heal this age-old wound. For their sake, and for ours."

Speak to her again, and she'll say:

"Vazbi has much to do. At the very least, I must find the names of the sick-scarred we left to die in Baan Dar's Litter. If any of their kin remain, they should know what happened here.
I always have a moment for you, though."
Do you have any other plans?
"Other than researching this business of the Stricken? Well, there are linens to clean, and tinctures to make, and ….
Oh, who am I kidding? We all need time to mourn. The loss of Silhu-jo—it's like the heart being ripped from the body."
I'm sorry.
"I know. Thank you.
Afterward, yes. Research and making amends, I think. Many of the Stricken remain in Baan Dar's Litter. Vazbi does not know if supplies and shelter will soothe their anger, but we must try to make them whole again."
I wish you luck with that.
"Vazbi thanks you, friend. For everything."

However, if you convinced Vazbi to leave, she will prepare to gather her belongings and say her farewells. You can ask her about her plans if you talk to her afterwards:

"Vazbi should start preparing for her trip and saying her farewells. I will always have time for you, though."
Where will you go?
"Vazbi does not know. She has spent her whole life at S'rendarr's Cradle. She knows no others besides the ones within these walls.
But she did learn something. Hulzar, Pirina … if these were her true parents, perhaps she has family. Somewhere."
Do you think you'll be able to find them?
"Vazbi cannot say. She knows two names do not offer much in the way of clues. But she will try Rimmen. Perhaps someone there can help her.
But first she will need to pack. To tell the adepts."
I wish you luck.
"Thank you, friend. May the moons watch over you."



If you convinced her to leave Strendarr's Cradle, she can latter be found on the streets in Rimmen where she will recognize you:

Vazbi: "My friend!"

When you talk with her, you will quickly learn that she has a persistent cough:

"Oh! Vazbi is so happy to—. So happy to see a familiar face!"
Vazbi? What are you doing here?
"Vazbi left S'rendarr's Cradle, as she said she would. Remember?
This one knew life would be hard outside the adeptorium. She knows no one, you see. And with so much trouble in the land, there are few to help Vazbi along."
So you're living on the street?
"You make it sound so terrible! Vazbi does … Vazbi does good work here. Aiding the sick as best she is able. Giving what she can to those in need, you see?
A servant of S'rendarr should not need hearty meals and feather-down mattresses!"
You don't sound so good. Have you considered going back to S'rendarr's Cradle?
"You have a good heart, walker, but no. Vazbi will never return to the adeptorium—not after what she learned.
You were right when you told her to go! Life in the city is a lonely struggle, but worthy tasks are never … never easy, hmm?"


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