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Location Treehenge
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Vanendil is a High Elf who can be found at Treehenge.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Before the quest, he will be at the western side of Treehenge:

"Please, don't interrupt my meditation."

After collecting mammoth tusks from the cultists, Find Vanedil and speak to him:

"Wasteful practice. Abhorrent! Oh, pardon. I did not see you arrive.
Are you another pilgrim to Treehenge? Be wary of the cultists. There is no telling when they may strike."
Aniaste sent me to find you. I have some ivory ….
"Excellent. The cultists use the mammoths' ivory for fetishes in their dark rituals.
And what of Aniaste? Will she be along shortly?"
She didn't make it.
"Oh. I see. There'll be time enough to mourn her, after my work is complete.
The cultists carve the ivory at their camp. Acquire their ceremonial knife, and we can put a stop to this!"
I can try.

Speaking to him again:

"The camp's not far from here. I doubt the cultists will simply let you take one.
They never dared enter Treehenge before. I wonder what changed?"

Return with the knife and he'll remark:

"You've found the blade? Excellent.
Put the ivory in the pit and let the ritual begin."

Throw in the ivory and he'll add:

Vanendil "Yes, of course! The knife must be destroyed as well. Throw it in!"

Speaking before throwing the knife in the fire pit:

"The spirits won't be appeased without a sacrifice of some kind.
I don't believe they'll want a life for a life, but one must never be too careful."

Do so and three mammoth spirits appear:

"Fascinating. You see them, don't you?
This will make a marvelous addition to my studies."
You mean the ghostly mammoths, I expect?
"Indeed! Well, perhaps my time is not yet at an end here. I cannot leave such a phenomenon undocumented.
Thank you for your aid in uncovering these creatures. Their suffering is regrettable, but I will see to it that it is not forgotten."

Speak to him after the quest and he'll say:

"A marvel such as I've never seen. If only there was a way to communicate with the beasts themselves!
Hm. I do hope their appearance won't attract attention."