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Home City Alinor
Location Riverside Market
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Vandoril is an Altmer who can be found sitting beside a tree near the Riverside Market in Alinor. He has the capacity to see visions of the future in his dreams and asks you to travel to Cloudrest to check on his mother, Belarin, fearing that the city may soon be destroyed.

Related Quests[edit]


When you walk near him, he will say

"Cloudrest destroyed by shadows … could it be true?"

You can speak to him after:

"You have the look of a traveler. Tell me, have you heard news of Cloudrest? The city within the mountains of Eton Nir?
My mother is there, and I feel she may be in danger."
Why do you believe that?
"Bad dreams. A great darkness, devouring Cloudrest as it filled the streets.
My mother's last letter spoke of the Welkynars capturing the Sea Sload Z'Maja, just a few days ago. If there's anything powerful enough to destroy a city, it's a Sload."
So you believe this Sload may have attacked Cloudrest.
"Yes, I'm afraid I do. Could you travel to Cloudrest and seek out my mother, Belarin?
I must warn you though, should my dreams be true, such a journey may come at great risk. You'll want to gather many allies by your side before heading off."
I'll go to Cloudrest and seek out your mother, Belarin.
"I know a few merchants headed to the city. I'm sure they'd be amenable if you ask for a ride in their cart.
And remember, gather as many allies as you can before heading out. If Z'Maja has attacked Cloudrest, you'll need the aid."
Tell me more about Cloudrest.
"If Cloudrest is known for anything, it's the Welkynars.
The fact that they were able to capture something as dangerous as a Sea Sload tells you of their might in battle. Especially one as powerful as Z'Maja."
What are the Welkynars?
"They're battlemages, all four of them. Some of the greatest warriors on the Isle. Together they watch over all of Summerset.
Many call them gryphon knights, due to their chosen steeds. It's truly a sight, seeing them soar above the clouds."
Tell me more about Z'Maja.
"I only know what my mother's letter described.
Z'Maja is known for her shadow magic. She can shape darkness to do her bidding. Way I hear it, the Welkynars had to slay a hundred shadow creatures before they were able to capture her."
Any suggestions for how to prepare for Cloudrest?
"My advice? Find more warriors.
If Z'Maja has managed to escape, she won't be easy to battle. Even alone, Sloads are notoriously strong magic users. The more seasoned warriors you can join up with, the better chances you have of defeating her."

If you speak to him after completing the Cloudrest trial, he will say:

"I heard you were able to defeat Z'Maja! I can hardly believe it.
Hopefully Cloudrest will stay safe after all that happened. My mother insists she remains. Wants to help rebuild what's left of the rubble."