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Book Information
Found in the following locations:
  • In the player's mailbox after reaching level 45
Undaunted Enclave Invite
by Maj al-Ragath
A letter of invitation to take Undaunted Pledges


Your reputation races across Tamriel like a buttered-up guar at an Argonian festival. The Undaunted now offer a new set of challenges: the Undaunted Pledge! Every day we'll challenge you to enter one of the many dungeons across Nirn. Take up the Pledge and claim the riches that await you!

Not a member? No problem! We're looking for new recruits ready to raise a ruckus. See the invitation I've enclosed for details.

Come find us … if you dare!

Until then,

- Maj al-Ragath, Undaunted and three-time Zeht's Tears drinking champion at the Sisters of the Sands Inn