Shadows of the Hist

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ON-icon-achievement-Unbowed.png Unbowed
Type Shadows of the Hist Achievements
Points 50
Needed for Ruins of Mazzatun Challenger
Defeat Zatzu the Spine-Breaker, The Mighty Chudan, Xal-Nur the Slaver, and Tree-Minder Na-Kesh in Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun without suffering a group member death.

Unbowed is achieved by completing Ruins of Mazzatun on veteran difficulty without anyone in your group dying. Nobody likes no-death achievements, following the trend of these being some of the more difficult ones to attain (besides DLC dungeon hard mode achievements). However, with knowledge of the mechanics, high damage and consistent heals, this achievement is possible.

This achievement will push your knowledge of this dungeon to the limit. Pay attention to the enemies in the dungeon. Sneak past as many add pulls as humanly possible. Do not, I repeat, do not, engage the Sludge-Slingers, and try to make sure the Su-Zahleel elders aren't driven mad by being drenched in sap. The part involving the elders isn't necessary, but the elders being drenched in plasm gives you from one to six more enemies to deal with on your no-death run depending on how many of them you doom, so try to avoid it. Lastly, opt out of hard mode. Activating hard mode is a one-way ticket to ruining your streak. I don't care how good of a player you are, if you want this achievement and you don't have it, don't activate hard mode. It's not worth it, especially if you already have the hard mode achievement. Now if this were say, Scalecaller Peak, and you don't value your health and safety enough to attempt Mountain God, this might be worth it. But Shadows of the Hist doesn't have a Mountain God equivalent, so you're not going to get anything out of a no-death-speed-run-hardmode-on-vet-all-in-one-go clear, except maybe the satisfaction of knowing that you did it.