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Home Settlement Seaside Sanctuary
Location West House
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Ulmion is a Bosmer found at the West House in Seaside Sanctuary. A skilled fighter and tracker, he is the husband of Treethane Fariel of Woodhearth and has been taken captive by Vicereeve Pelidil.

Related Quests[edit]


"Release me, or you're next!"
Calm down. I'm no enemy. I'm here to rescue you.
"A rescue, eh? That's all very flattering, but I'm never unprepared. Keep a dagger in my boot for just such an occasion.
I can escape on my own just fine. Any word about Fariel? Is she okay?"
She's fine. But we need to get you and the others out of here to repel the invasion.
"Fine. Are we fighting our way out? I don't have a way to disguise myself."
Take a drink of this and run for the bridge. Our allies will be waiting for you there.
"Invisibility? Excellent. I'll make for the bridge. Drop a few of those briny barnacle-lovers for me."