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Ulliceta gra-Kogg
(lore page)
Location Outside Traitor's Vault on Artaeum (initially)
Temple of Ire in Orsinium (post-quest)
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Psijic Order (initially)
Mages Guild
Ulliceta gra-Kogg

Ulliceta gra-Kogg is a rebellious Orc member of the Psijic Order with an interest in Traitor's Vault. She can initially be found outside the delve on Artaeum with a seeing stone taken from the relic vaults. Upon completion of her associated quest, Ulliceta can be found in the Temple of Ire in Orsinium, having abandoned the Psijic Order in favor of the Mages Guild.

Cinucil is a friend of hers that asks you to look for her.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Half-Formed Understandings[edit]

"What? Oh, thank Malacath! I thought you were the Relicmaster!
I'm not sure what brings you down here, but you couldn't have come at a better time. As you can see, I'm a little... impaired."
Cinucil sent me to find you. What are you doing in this vault?
"Exploring! Our betters don't like to talk about it. When they do, they call it Traitor's Vault.
According to my research, it used to serve as a retreat for the Order's most talented pupils. But then, without warning, the Ritemaster barred it shut."
Why doesn't he want people to enter this place?
"Good question. I found this memory stone in the grand reliquary. It's called the Eye of Remembrance. Using it near the library pedestals here might show us why these ruins were sealed.
You look stronger than most. How about you lend me a hand?"
All right, if it will keep you out of harms way. what do you need me to do?
"What luck! To find a fellow troublemaker on this stiff-necked isle.
There should be pedestals scattered throughout the ruin that will cause the Eye to activate. I'll contact you through aural projection to walk you through it."
Who are you anyway?
"Ulliceta, formerly of clan Kogg. The Psijics want you to renounce those old affiliations, you see? Don't want that sort of thing to interfere with your dedication to the Old Ways."
How long have you been here on Artaeum?
"Something like three hundred and fifty years. Give or take a decade.
I know what you're thinking. She looks spritely for her age, right? Long life comes with the robes. The Psijics don't think you can learn much of anything in a normal Orc lifetime."
You talk about the Order like you're not a part of it.
"Semantics. I'm still an apprentice, you see? I should have earned my gray cloak a century ago, but I'm too much of a gadfly. Rubs our masters the wrong way
I'm what they call an adma'na—poor listener. The fact is, I listen better than most."
You said there are undead here?
"Yes, a whole heal of them. Skeletons mostly.
I tried to banish them, but my mastery of Restoration falls way short of adequate."
Why haven't the Psijics cleared them out?
"Your guess is as good as mine. Like I said, the Ritemaster locked everyone out shortly after we went into seclusion.
It might have something to do with the Worm King."
The Worm King?
"Mannimarco. Ritemaster Iachesis threw him out just before the island disappeared. From what I hear, he caused quite an uproar on the mainland."
What makes this Eye of Remembrance so special?
"Other than the fancy name? I'm not exactly sure. If you look closely you'll see it's covered in Aldmeric runes. I tried to translate them, but most of them are time-worn and illegible.
The only words I can decipher are "travel" and "memory.""
Do you even know how it works?
"Of course! I wouldn't have risked the Psijics' wrath on a hunch.
Apparently, the students who studied here used the Eye extensively. With any luck, some of the channeling pedestals will still work. Guess we'll just have to see."

After activating the first pedestal:

Ulliceta gra-Kogg: "That was Mannimarco! And Vanus Galerion- leader of the Mages Guild. Can you believe this? It must be Mannimarco's laboratory!"

After activating the second memory pedestal:

Ulliceta gra-Kogg: "I always heard Vanus and Mannimarco were friends, but it seems like a complex relationship. Fascinating! Let's see what else we can find!"

After activating the third pedestal:

Ulliceta gra-Kogg: "I always thought Mannimarco was confused. Misguided. Seems he knew exactly what he was doing. Amazing."

After activating the final pedestal:

Ulliceta gra-Kogg: "So these are the events that lead to Mannimarco's exile. Let's keep exploring!"

After defeating the Vessel of Worms:

Ulliceta gra-Kogg: "Well, I didn't expect that. Meet me outside. We have a lot to talk about."

When you leave Traitor's Vault and return to her:

"Welcome back, partner! By Malacath, what a discovery! We learned about the history of the vault, the Worm King's relationship with Vanus Galerion, and you even destroyed one of Mannimarco's vile experiments!
Not bad for a day's work!"
We may have meddled with something very dangerous.
"Don't turn on me now! The eye gave us a glimpse of Mannimarco's work. With time we might be able to learn more about his process! Know your enemy, right?
I hope I can count on you to keep this a secret. Here's a little something for the effort."

Upon completing the quest, Enulyanar will appear outside the vault and confront Ulliceta:

Ulliceta gra-Kogg: "Let's do this again some time, eh?"
Enulyanar: "No. You will not be doing anything like this ever again, Ulliceta."
Ulliceta: "Spying on us, eh? Well, I'm sick of you cowards hiding knowledge away then punishing us for discovering it."
Enulyanar: "If not for adma'na like you, we wouldn't have to hide things like the Eye you stole. Come, Ulliceta. Your punishment awaits."
Ulliceta: Good! I'm anxious to tell you all exactly what I think of you.

In Orsinium[edit]

Ulliceta Gra-Kogg, the latest member of the Mages Guild

Ulliceta can be found on the ground floor of the Temple of Ire in Orsinium once the quest has been completed:

"Ha! I should have expected you to show up in Orsinium some day, given your thirst for adventure.
The Mages Guild here has made me feel quite welcome! I'm exploring mysteries and magics those short-sighted fools on Artaeum never dreamed of."
Do they know about what we discovered in Traitor's Vault?
"They know enough. They know a mighty Psijic mage cast off her gray cloak to help them rebuild her ancestral home. These mages are smart enough to avoid questions they don't want answered.
Honestly, our discovery would only burden them."
Do you miss Artaeum?
"In the way you might miss a childhood memory. Artaeum was never really home. The High Elves can talk about equality and acceptance all they like, but they wouldn't trade one of their own for ten Orcs like me.
Here, I'm welcome and appreciated."
What do you plan to do now?
"Rebuild this Mages Guild. Rebuild Orsinium—our home. Remind the rest of Tamriel why we Orcs should be feared, respected, and honored.
All the while, I explore mysteries the Psijics refused to consider. It's a good life and I regret nothing."


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