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Treethane Niriel
Home Settlement Bramblebreach
House Treethane's Chambers
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Treethane Niriel

Treethane Niriel is the Bosmer Treethane of the Bramblebreach Clan. She can be found in her house.

Related Quests[edit]


Prior to starting the quest, she'll dismiss you:

"We're not overly fond of rules here in Bramblebreach, but I have to admit that it peeves me to no end when people come into my chambers and just loiter about.
Run along now. I'm sure you have better things to do than sit around with me."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Frighten the Fearsome[edit]

After bumping into Aranias, you will speak to the Treethane to negotiate on behalf of Queen Ayrenn:

"Another tourist? Rare to have so many visitors in this part of the Valenwood. Didn't you hear? It's much safer behind the shiny new walls of Marbruk.
Even King Camoran hesitates to venture into the Court of the Wilderking."
I'm here to negotiate on behalf of the Dominion.
"Negotiate? About what? Oh. I know. You want us to bow to your queen and swear allegiance to your—whats-its-called—'Aldmeri Dominion.'
Huh. Problem is that our allegiance is to the Wilderking, and he doesn't seem to care for your Dominion."
Can I speak with the Wilderking?
"Ha! Sure Let me just pull him from my satchel!
You people don't understand. The Wilderking manages the entire forest! He doesn't have time for idle talk. Why do you think so many people doubt his existence?"
Have you ever spoken with the Wilderking?
"Not in person, but I don't doubt the Wilderking exists. He speaks to me in the babbling brooks and the wind in the trees.
Other Bosmer petition him for an audience, but I don't need to. He already tells me everything I need to know."
Can I petition him for an audience?
"Hmm. I could tell you, but how do I know you're trustworthy? You ask us to share your enemies, but will you share ours?
The Wood Orcs are a plague we can't seem to be rid of. If you help us drive them off, I'll tell you what you want to know."
How do I drive them away?
"Lurchers. Take seeds from the Shimmering Tree in the village and plant them in the Orcs' camp. In a few minutes, they'll sprout out with a vengeance.
The Orc Chieftain won't surrender so easily though. Just kill him. Leave the rest to the lurchers."
All right. I think I can handle that.

You can ask her more questions about Orcs and Lurchers:

"Don't bother coming back here until you've run off the Orcs. I've got important business to attend to. Heh."
So how do these seeds actually work?
"Well, if you plant them in some peat, they sprout into a flower, and then after some time, the flower grows into a lurcher.
If you want more than that, you can ask the Wilderking himself … when you get that audience …. Heh."
What exactly are these lurchers?
"They're gifts from the Wilderking—embodiments of the raw energy of the forest. They protect the village.
They're not so smart. We can't lead them against the Orcs, but if they sprout straight into the Orcs' camp, they'll know what to do."

After dealing with the Orcs, you'll return to Niriel at her chambers:

"My scouts came back singing your praises! They said the Wood Orcs broke quickly after you killed Chieftain Thragdosh and unleashed the guardians.
Hmph. I wasn't exactly expecting you to succeed. Seems there's more to you than meets the eye."
I believe we had an arrangement.
"Ha! And you're worried I won't hold up my end of the bargain?
No no. I keep my promises. You got rid of those parasitic Orcs—you've earned the right to petition the Wilderking for an audience."

Audience with the Wilderking[edit]

"I hope I haven't given you a sense of false hope though. Bosmer 'round here petition the Wilderking for an audience all the time, and he rarely responds.
More than likely, you're simply wasting your time."
I understand, but I'd like to petition nonetheless.
"Suit yourself. Just south of my home, you'll find the Petitioning Stone.
Just touch it. Probably, nothing will happen. If he wants to speak with you though, he'll appear when you touch that stone."
All I have to do is touch the stone?
"I never said it was complicated. Besides, by scaring off those Wood Orcs, you just might have improved your chances. The Wilderking sees these things, you know.
All right. Run along now. And may the forest part to reveal your path!"
I'll just go touch the Petitioning Stone.

Speaking to her again:

"If you are fortunate enough to actually speak to the Wilderking, I suggest you keep the conversation to yourself.
Otherwise, people might think your brain's turned to peat moss."


  • Her "Living Plant-Wear" Book Set" is one of the items which can be stolen for the Thieves Guild A Cutpurse Above achievement.
  • She will have the same dialogue about you taking care of the Orcs even when spoken to before starting the quest, where the subject is brought up.