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Treeminder Xohaneel
Home Settlement Haj Uxith
Location The Endless Stair
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Haj Uxith Scholars
Treeminder Xohaneel

Treeminder Xohaneel is an Argonian treeminder of the Hist found in Haj Uxith. Long ago her Hist made a deal with Molag Bal to transport them to Codlharbour to preserve the tribe. Nowadays it is clear Molag Bal's gift was a poisoned chalice as the tree is slowly poisoned and Dremora constantly drain the Hist's sap. Xohaneel leads the scholar faction that believes their Hist needs be put out of its' misery, the other faction—the warriors—believe that the trees survival is paramount.

She is also aware of your coming and mission to Coldharbour which is why she approaches you to try and break the deadlock, so the tribe can help you in your fight against the Daedric Prince. Depending on the choices made, she will provide a boon when you arrive at the Endless Stair.

Related Quests[edit]


Wisdom of the Ages[edit]

As you head in the direction of Haj Uxith you may meet a torch-bearing Treeminder Xohaneel along the road, while she murmurs, "Sometimes the right thing and the wrong thing are the same thing."

You can then speak with her to see what she wants.

"You have come to Haj Uxith in its most desperate hour."
What is this place?
"Haj Uxith is a place out of time, an ancient Argonian settlement plucked from the Black Marsh and deposited into this dread realm.
We know of your mission to Coldharbour and we would like to help, but unfortunately, my people are divided."
Divided about what?
"Divided over the fate of our Hist tree. But tradition demands that you pass our trials and prove your worth before I reveal all of our secrets to you, outsider.
Please, head down this path to the city. I will follow you."
I'll go to Haj Uxith.

If you speak with her again she will say, "The path to the southwest leads to Haj Uxith's central plaza. I will follow behind you."

When you arrive at Haj Uxith, you will find Treeminder Xohaneel and An-Jeen-Sakka talking.

An-Jeen-Sakka: "I told you, Xohaneel. We will not aid the outsider while our factions continue to argue about the fate of our beloved Hist tree."
Treeminder Xohaneel: "The outsider has come, An-Jeen-Sakka, just as the Hist tree foretold. Perhaps now we can finally settle our disputes and do what is best for the Hist and for Nirn itself."
An-Jeen-Sakka: "We shall see, Treeminder. We shall see."

Speaking to the Treeminder by the Hist:

"Are you ready to help us, outsider? Will you undertake the trials?"
Tell me about these trials.
"There are two trials, each designed to prove your worth to one of the factions here in Haj Uxith—the Trial of Spirit and the Trial of Body. One shall test your intangible qualities, the other your physical virtues."
What is the trial of spirit?
"The Trial of Spirit is a test to prove your worth to the scholars of Haj Uxith. It shall challenge your mind and determine your strength of spirit."
What is the Trial of Body?
"The Trial of Body is a test to prove your worth to An-Jeen-Sakka and his warrior faction. I'm sure it involves some kind of contest of strength and physical prowess."
What will these tests determine? (This reply will appear once you have asked about one of the tests.)
"By successfully completing the trials, you shall show your worth and skills to our factions. Then you may participate in the great debate that has fractured our community for so long.\n\nAre you ready to undertake these trials?"
I am ready to undertake these trials.

Speaking with the Treeminder after that conversation:

"Do you wish to start the Trial of Spirit?"
No, I want to complete the Trial of Body first.
"As you wish. Please speak to An-Jeen-Sakka to begin the Trial of Body." [verification needed — verify this line]
Yes, I'm ready to begin the Trial of Spirit.

The Trial of Spirit[edit]

"This trial determines if your spirit can understand the spirit of my people.
We cherish courage, which helps us face this realm's horrors; endurance, which allows us to bear its hardships; and preservation, which keeps our traditions alive."
Courage, endurance, and preservation. I understand.
"Take these amulets and speak to the people on the south pyramid. Give each amulet to the person that best represents its spiritual quality. For each correct match, you will receive a gem."
What are the gems for?
"Three states at the top of the pyramid represent the challenges our values must contend with. Place the gems in the correct statues to symbolize overcoming these challenges.
Then meet me at the base of the pyramid when you have finished the trial."

If you try to speak with her again after starting the trial, she will say, "The Trial of Spirit will demonstrate whether or not you understand the heart and mind of my people. May the river flow quickly as you undertake this endeavor."

Once you have completed the trial, you can return to Xohaneel.

"The outsider returns. And was your Trial of Spirit successful?"
Yes, I successfully completed the Trial of Spirit.
"Good. That means you understand the spirit of my people."
What should I do next?
"You must still complete the Trial of Body. Speak to An-Jeen-Sakka when you are ready to begin." (Appears if you completed the Trial of the Spirit first.)

If you completed the Trial of Body first, she will instead say:

"Very good, outsider. Now you must choose between eternal suffering or eternal death."

You will also have the opportunity to ask her some questions about how the tribe came to Coldharbour.

Will you answer some questions now?
"You have proven yourself, as I knew you would. I shall answer what I can."
How did your people wind up in Coldharbour?
"The time of the great Argonian civilization was coming to an end, and our Hist tree feared what that would mean for its children.
When Molag Bal offered a different solution, the Hist tree gladly accepted."
And what does Molag Bal get out of the deal?
"We allow Molag Bal's minions to draw sap from the Hist tree. The only thing sustaining the Hist in this foul land is the crystal that Molag Bal gave us.
But over time, the crystal has poisoned the Hist. It is dying."
Tell me about your Hist tree.
"Our Hist cares for us, protects us. To preserve our culture, our Hist tree struck a bargain with Molag Bal.
Now the crystal provided by the Lord of Brutality somehow keeps the Hist alive, but it cannot fully heal the poison in this soil."
What is this crystal?
"We believe that the crystal is one of Molag Bal's vampiric shards—foul relics that corrupt whatever they come in contact with.
The crystal only prolongs the suffering of the Hist. No matter the cost, that suffering needs to end."
You mentioned helping to settle a debate.
"Yes, provided you prove yourself worthy to both sides. Our two factions argue over the ultimate fate of the Hist tree.
Which is the better outcome? Eternal death or eternal suffering? And then, of course, there is your mission to this dread realm."
What do you know of my mission?
"We know that you have come to this realm with the Fighters Guild and the Mages Guild. We know that you seek to stop the Planemeld that Molag Bal has orchestrated.
We want to help you, but we can't while our people disagree."
What do you mean by ultimate fate?
"The scholars, of which I am a part, believe that eternal death is better than the eternal suffering our Hist now endures. The warriors, lead by An-Jeen-Sakka, feel quite the opposite. Existence, they feel, any existence, is better than oblivion."
Can't the Hist tell you what it wants?
"If only it were that simple. Our Hist is weak, barely sustained by the crystal that feeds it. It hasn't spoken to us in a long, long time.
But I have had dreams. They revealed your imminent arrival and hinted at your involvement in our debate."

The Trial of Body[edit]

While you are doing the Trial of Body, Xohaneel will only say "Speak to me again when you have completed An-Jeen-Sakka's trial."

Deciding the Hist's Fate[edit]

After completing both trials, you will have to decide between the Scholars and the Warriors. The former wants to let the Hist die, while the latter wants to ensure it survives.

"You have completed our trials, outsider. Now we ask you to settle our long debate.
Will you side with the scholars or with the warriors?"
Will you answer some questions now? (Repeats the questions asked in the previous section.)
Remind me what the scholars believe.
"The scholars believe that the Hist tree cannot continue as Molag Bal's slave. It withers away, but the crystal will not let it die.
This cruel existence, this terrible suffering—it must come to an end. Oblivion is preferable to eternal torment."
I agree with the scholars. The Hist tree should be allowed to die.
"This outcome, while sad, is for the best. We shall give you a boon to help you in your struggle. Without the vampiric shard, the Hist will pass on naturally.
But first, you need to convince An-Jeen-Sakka to accept your decision."
I should talk to An-Jeen-Sakka before I make my decision.
"Of course. I shall wait here for you to return."
Siding with the Scholars[edit]

After you have spoken with An-Jeen-Sakka and agreed to his challenge.

"Defeat the champion of the warriors and convince An-Jeen-Sakka of the worthiness of your decision."

Once you have defeated the champion, you can find Treeminder Xohaneel under the Hist tree, standing next to the vampiric crystal shard.

"The time has come to end the suffering. I pray that cursed shard crumbles at your touch."

When you have destroyed the shard, Xohaneel will be simultaneously relieved and saddened.

"The cursed shard has been destroyed. Currents of happiness and grief flow through the river this day."
Your long debate has been decided.
"Thank you, outsider. Because of you, the Hist tree's eternal suffering and enslavement shall finally come to an end.
We shall mourn the Hist, but we shall also find solace now that its pain and torment is over. When you need us, we shall be there."

After completing the quest she will assure you that her people will help you, "The scholars shall be at your side when we are needed most. Good luck, outsider."

Siding with the Warriors[edit]

If you instead sided with An-Jeen-Sakka and the Warriors, you will have to tell Xohaneel your choice.

I agree with the warriors. The Hist tree must survive.
"You disappoint me, outsider. Still, our tradition allows you to make your choice. It also allows me to challenge it.
You must defend your decision and prove the strength of your conviction by defeating our champion in combat."
[Persuade]: You must see the wisdom of my decision. The Hist lives on and the warriors aid me against Molag Bal.
"Your conviction and certainty serve you well. So be it. The scholars will accept your decision."
If that's what I need to do to convince you, I accept your challenge.
"Then go to the challenge grounds and face our champion.
But know this. Our champion fights to end the Hist's pain and suffering. You cannot hope to overcome the strength of his conviction."
I changed my mind. I agree with the warriors that the Hist tree must live.
"I knew you would understand. Tell An-Jeen-Sakka that the Hist tree's torment cannot continue. It is just too cruel to even contemplate."

After you have completed the quest, Xohaneel will say:


The Endless Stair[edit]

Xohaneel at the gate to the Endless Stair.

If you sided with the Haj Uxith Scholars, she will be at the Endless Stair entrance, to support you.

"So you have fought your way to Molag Bal's gates, outsider. Saying I am impressed would be an understatement.
As promised, I have come to give you a gift from my people. It will aid you in your coming battles."

After you have been debriefed by Hahnin and Gabrielle she will instead say.

"So your journey begins. I wish you safe travels. Let our blessing aid you on your path."
A blessing?
"Yes, our gift is a blessing from my people. A reward for the help you gave us.
The blessing will manifest when you need it most. It will mend wounds that would otherwise end your life. Good luck, champion."
Will you join me in this battle? (Appears once the Final Assault is started.)
"I am not here to fight, outsider.
I promised our aid when you set our Hist tree free. We provide blessings, not blood. Trust me, my scholars are terrible fighters, anyway. Much better to have our blessing."