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ON-icon-achievement-Tree-Minder's Mania.png Tree-Minder's Mania
Type Shadows of the Hist Achievements
Points 50
Needed for
In Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun, defeat Tree-Minder Na-Kesh after enraging her by destroying her alchemical notes on Amber Plasm.

Tree-Minder's Mania is awarded for defeating Tree-Minder Na-Kesh in Ruins of Mazzatun at Veteran difficulty level, after destroying her alchemical notes, which makes the fight more difficult by:

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During hard mode, she will summon adds in great numbers. Focus the Stoneshapers, then the Root-Masons, then everything else. If an Amber Projection is spawned, kill the adds before killing the phantom, or else you risk having a group member hallucinate or a Siphoning Totem spawn at an inopportune time (i.e.; when you're swamped with adds), effectively ending the fight. Adds being present for these mechanics can make the fight more aggravating. Do not let the adds step into her Hist Ponds. One of your group members needs to step in Na-Kesh's thrown Hist Ponds. This is a task even the healer can do. The DoT applied by the thrown amber plasm isn't as harsh as the damage over time dealt by the Hist Pools scattered throughout the rest of the dungeon. This damage is very easily healed through. Having a Stoneshaper become empowered by Amber Plasm can ruin the fight if you're not careful. The tank should taunt and pull the Stoneshapers in to make it easier for the group to burn them down.

Na-Kesh also likes to hit the healer with Hist Hallucinations, which sucks when everyone is being hit by adds and falling amber from the tree. Speaking of hallucinations, the Reveal synergy that's available on normal mode and standard vet isn't available on vet hard mode. Your group needs to run to the real Empowered Tree-Minder Totem to help the hallucinating party member. Burn down Siphoning Totems the moment they pop up, and try not to bring too many adds into execute phase. This can be a difficult hard mode. Try to stay on your A-game and pay attention to the mechanics. Na-Kesh has more health and deals more damage on hard mode. With perseverance and enough practice, you can attain this.