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This article is about the trader encountered in a world encounter. For traders, see Vendors.

Location Tamriel
Race Varies Gender Varies
Reaction Friendly
A Female Breton Trader in Rivenspire.

The Trader is a merchant being attacked by bandits during the bad shortcut world event. A mercenary is defending the trader, who is cowering behind a horse, from the bandits.


On approach, you'll hear:

Trader : "The main road! I said we should take the main road!"
Mercenary : "Keep back! Watch our enemies fall before me!"

After the bandits are killed:

Trader: "This is your fault. You let this happen!"
Mercenary: "To think, I left the army for this!"
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Home City Mistral
Location Near Cat's Eye Quay entrance
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral

The Khajiit Trader can be encountered in Mistral, fussing over his possessions after the storm that hit the island.

Trader: "Ugh, this cart is good for nothing except kindling now."
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