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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Steal some documents from a local thug.
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Port Hunding — This privateer base is the main town on Stros M'Kai.
Quest Giver: Lambur in Port Hunding
Location(s): Headman Bhosek's Palace, Port Hunding
Prerequisite Quest: The Broken Spearhead or The Spearhead's Captain; and Buried Secrets, Innocent Scoundrel or Like Moths to a Candle
Previous Quest: The Spearhead's Crew
Next Quest: The Bloodthorn Plot
Reward: Gallant Chain of the Trainee
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: (?)
Helthar guards the documents
Now that I've recruited at least one of the people Kaleen wanted, we can pull off her heist whenever I'm ready.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Head to the hideout and speak to Lambur and Kaleen.
  2. (Optional) Talk to your recruits to see what aid they can provide.
  3. Obtain a servant's disguise.
  4. Find Headman Bhosek.
  5. Get the key to the lockbox.
  6. Deal with the lockbox guard.
  7. Meet Captain Kaleen at the docks.
  8. Set sail for Betnikh.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Heist[edit]

Talk to Lambur outside Captain Kaleen's Hideout. She'll tell you Kaleen is looking for you so go inside and head upstairs then talk to Kaleen. She tells you to find the sailing logs, but to get them you need to find a way into Bhosek's Palace. Now if you recruited Jakarn, Neramo and Crafty Lerisa they will help you get everything you need for the heist. Speak to each of them Neramo will help you get rid of the guard near the lockbox, Jakarn will steal Bhosek's key and Lerisa will get you the servant clothes. If you didn't recruit all of them then you'll need to get the items for the ones you didn't recruit. Go downstairs and leave the hideout go northeast towards Bhosek's palace. When you cross the big bridge go up the stairs and talk to Lerisa who will give you the servants disguise. Put the disguise on and enter the palace. Go north toward the door at the other end of the room and then turn left and talk to Hulya who will tell you Bhosek just went out back. Go through the door at the north end of the room. Go straight and talk to Jakarn who is sitting near a sleeping Bhosek and some ladies. Talk to him to get the key and then go back inside the palace. Go up either set of stairs and you'll find a guard near the lockbox. Use Neramo's device on the guard to knock him out then open the lockbox to find the shipping logs. Go back downstairs and leave through the entrance. Now go to Port Hunding's docks and find Kaleen near her ship. Talk to her to give her the shipping logs then follow her onboard. If you want you can talk to the Crew, otherwise just tell Kaleen you're ready to set sail to Betnikh. When you arrive talk to Kaleen again to complete the quest and get your reward.


Quest Stages[edit]

Tip of the Spearhead
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Ask about Lerisa
Objective: Ask About Neramo
Objective: Find Lerisa
Objective: Find Neramo
Objective: Recruit Jakarn
Objective: Recruit Neramo
I should speak to Captain Kaleen when I'm ready to help her with her heist.
Objective: Meet Kaleen When You Are Ready to Start the Heist
Captain Kaleen has revealed what she plans to steal - Bhosek's records of incoming shipments and cargoes. She can sell this to King Fahara'jad for a great deal of money.
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
The first step in breaking into Headman Bhosek's palace is to acquire a servant disguise.
Objective: Obtain a Servant's Disguise
Objective Hint: Talk to Neramo
Objective Hint: Talk to Jakarn
Objective Hint: Talk to Crafty Lerisa
Lerisa has a disguise waiting for me at the entrance to the palace.
Objective: Meet Lerisa and Get Disguise
Hidden Objective: Collect Servant Disguise
I have the clothes to disguise myself as a servant. Now to put them on.
Objective: Don Servant Disguise
I'm now disguised as a servant. I should be able to enter the palace without issue.
Objective: Enter Bhosek's Palace
Headman Bhosek isn't inside the palace. I should ask around to find out where he is.
Objective: Ask about Headman Bhosek
A servant told me Bhosek is out back with female companions. If I'm to slip anything into his drink, I must do it outside.
Objective: Enter Palace Yard
I need Headman Bhosek's key to get into his lockbox.
Objective: Collect Bhosek's Key
I have the key to Bhosek's lockbox, which is inside the palace, on the upper level.
Objective: Enter the Palace
Bhosek's lockbox holds the shipping logs Kaleen needs to present to King Fahara'jad's envoy, as incriminating evidence against Bhosek. I have the key to open the lockbox, but now I need to find it.
Objective: Find Bhosek's Lockbox
I found Bhosek's lockbox, but his guard is alert. I need to distract or disable him quietly before I can use the key.
Objective: Disable Bhosek's Guard
Objective Hint: Use Neramo's Device
Headman Bhosek's lockbox is no longer guarded. I should take shipping logs and be on my way.
Objective: Collect Shipping Logs
I have Bhosek's shipping logs, the evidence Captain Kaleen wants to sell. I should find her at the docks.
Objective: Head to the Docks
Captain Kaleen is waiting with King Fahara'jad envoy. I must give her the shipping logs so we can get paid and leave the island.
Objective: Give Records to Kaleen
Captain Kaleen will handle everything from here. When I'm ready to leave, I should follow her onto the Spearhead.
Objective: Follow Captain Kaleen
Captain Kaleen revealed our next stop: Betnikh, a small Orc-controlled island. I should tell her when I'm ready to sail.
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
We're bound for the Orc island of Betnikh.
Objective: Reach Betnikh
Finishes quest☑ We've landed on the island of Betnikh, the Spearhead's home port. I should talk to Captain Kaleen to ask her about her plans.
Objective: Talk to Captain Kaleen
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