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Tiny Talisse
Home City Vulkhel Guard
Location Salted Wings Tavern,
The Waxing Crescent
Race Altmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Justice Neutral (Rawl'kha)
Pickpocket Hard Profession Outlaw
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted
Tiny Talisse

Tiny Talisse is an Altmer outlaw who can be found in the Salted Wings Tavern in Vulkhel Guard. She is a member of the Undaunted.

You will meet her again at The Waxing Crescent in Rawl'kha, where she will tell you about Blackheart Haven, marking it on your map if you haven't discovered it yet.


Vulkhel Guard[edit]

Before you join the Undaunted, all she will say is:

"I don't know you. I don't want to know you. Go away."

After being recruited, she is more approving. At the Salted Wings Tavern:

"Not afraid of a fight, eh? Good. We need some more honest warriors here."
Why are you and Fauridil dressed the same?
"Fauridil will tell you differently, but she takes after me. I've been quite the influence for her, and though she's been Undaunted longer, I'm just a little bit better. We've been adventuring partners for years—twins, they call us."
Twins? But you're a High Elf and she's a Wood Elf.
"That would be the joke, wouldn't it?"

One of the Undaunted[edit]

While being initiated into the Undaunted, she will reluctantly join in:

Turuk Redclaws: "Look alive, slobs! We've a new inductee into our group!"
Mindil the Untested: "Finally! I'm not the new guy anymore."
Venomous Fauridil: "Nope. You'll always be the new guy, Mindil."
Tiny Talisse: "Enough. Let's get this over with."
Turuk Redclaws: "Always such a ray of sunshine, Talisse. Now a toast from everyone: To the new meat! May they never wet their pants except from drink!"
Mindil the Untested: "To the new meat, whose best attack is showing their face!"
Venomous Fauridil: "To the new meat! Too brave to run, too dumb to dodge!"
Tiny Talisse: "To the new meat: Don't die."
Turuk Redclaws: "Really?"
Tiny Talisse: "Just sing the damn song."
Turuk Redclaws: "Who knows no fear … of beast or blade?"
All: "Undaunted! Undaunted!"
Mindil the Untested: "Who knows no fear … of Daedric planes?"
All: "We are Undaunted!"
Venomous Fauridil: "Who knows no fear … of death? Of age?"
All: "Undaunted! Undaunted! We are Undaunted!"
Turuk Redclaws: "You weren't singing, Talisse."
Tiny Talisse: "You're fat and old."
Mindil the Untested: "Turuk, it's true."
Turuk Redclaws: "Ungrateful fools, the both of you. Go back to your drinking and brooding.
And milksop: welcome to the Undaunted."


At The Waxing Crescent, if you're not Undaunted:

"Do you always walk this close to people you don't know? Never mind, I don't care. Just go away."

If you are Undaunted:

"Ah, the new blood! You've come far, my friend!"
Do you know of any adventures to be had?
"Are you sure you want to ask me? I don't hand out milk-runs like those soft-arms in Auridon."
Tell me what you know.
"There's hope for you yet, new blood. Seek out the island called Blackheart Haven. It's a hotbed of pirates and privateers.
And it's where Captain Blackheart anchors his infamous warship, the Black Oath."
You're daring me to fight pirates?
"Fiercest pirates you've ever met! Never been stopped! Run rampant for years, doing whatever it is they please!
An Undaunted would do very well to face them down and survive."