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Thorn Legion Quickblade
Location Castle Thorn
Race Breton Gender Varies
Health Normal78586Veteran225562
Reaction Hostile Class Assassin
Other Information
Faction(s) Thorn Legion
Condition Vampire
Thorn Legion Quickblade

Thorn Legion Quickblades are Breton vampires who can be found in Castle Thorn.

Related Quests[edit]

Spells and Abilities[edit]

Quick Strike
A basic melee attack that does moderate physical damage.
Roll Dodge
The enemy can perform a roll dodge to avoid incoming damage.
The enemy spins around, doing moderate physical damage to all players as indicated by a red circle. Blocking will reduce the damage taken.
The enemy strikes at the player's back for high physical damage. This attack can only be performed if the enemy is behind the player, and thus Quickblades will often leap to get behind the player. Ensure your character is facing the enemy at all times to prevent this.
Bat Swarm
The enemy summons a cloud of bats around itself dealing moderate magic damage to nearby players every 1 second for 7 seconds.
Drain Essence
The enemy drains your life force, dealing high magic damage, stunning the target and restoring its health every 1 second for 3 seconds.
Red Breath
The enemy sprays a red mist in a cone in front of itself dealing moderate magic damage and knocking down any targets hit by it.