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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Explore Aranias' past on Silatar.
Zone: Greenshade
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Spinner's Cottage — Take part in Aranias' story.
Quest Giver: Spinner Maruin
Location(s): Silatar
Previous Quest: The Spinner's Tale
Next Quest: Throne of the Wilderking
Reward: Earth-Shaker Staff
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 2758
"There's a nice, warm fire burning there, and I'll set the scene."
The Veiled Heritants plan to harm the Wilderking. If I enter Aranias' past through Maruin's story, I can change her future.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Look into the fire.
  2. Talk to Aranias.
  3. Race to the lighthouse.
  4. Defend the farm.
  5. Find the pieces of Aranias' story.
  6. Change clothes and talk to Aranias in the manor garden.
  7. Listen to the guests.
  8. Talk to Andur in the field.
  9. Talk to Salalin.
  10. Talk to Spinner Maruin.
  11. Watch Aranias' demonstration.
  12. Talk to Aranias.
  13. Talk to Spinner Maruin.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After you petitioning the Wilderking, head to the Spinner's Cottage. Spinner Maruin stands just inside the entrance:

"You certainly took your time about things. Not your fault, I understand, not your fault. We may yet get this right!"
What are you talking about? Where is Aranias?
"Inside the story.
You must also enter the story in order to help her."
All right, I will.
"Aranias wants to see the Wilderking. I'm his gatekeeper. To see him, you ask me nicely and then I tell you a story. A story that you take part in."
So she's inside the story you're telling?
"Yes. The story is one from her own past, but she's convinced that she's living through these events for the first time.
You'll play the part of the close friend she never had. Someone she can trust, who can change the person Aranias becomes."
All right, then put me into the story.
"Ask nicely."
May I please join Aranias in the story?
"Of course! Now, sit down by the fireplace. Imagine there's a nice, warm fire burning there, and I'll set the scene."

Maruin will then walk to the fire. Follow him and speak to him:

"Have a seat by the fire and let me know when you're ready to hear the story. Remember, ask nicely."
<Look into the fire>
"Imagine the flames are the waves of a vast ocean."
<Watch the flames>
"Cold waves on a clear blue ocean off the coast of Summerset."
<Focus on the fire.>
"Now picture an island. Trees around the island shimmer in the sunlight; each gently cresting ocean wave sparkles.
Many stones, roots, and flowers on the island were shaped by magicka. Only two living Altmer possess such power."
<Continue to focus on the fire.>
"One of those two Altmer stands outside the manor on this island. Her island.
Go to her. Become her friend."
<Enter the story.>

The Island of Silatar[edit]

You awaken next to a fire in a house on Silatar, a small island in the Summerset Archipelago. Spinner Maruin will then announce it: "The island of Silatar."

Find Aranias just outside the house, where she is standing:

"I'm so glad you could come! My parents will be back tonight, and I was afraid I'd have to face them alone again."
I don't know what's going on.
"That's why I asked you to come early. I'm not sure what will happen either. Before they get back, I want to be carefree. We can visit some of our favorite places together."
Do you remember me?
"Why wouldn't I? We practically grew up together. You're the only one I can trust these days."
You don't remember anything about Bramblebreach?
"Bramblebreach? You know my parents have never let me leave Silatar after they saw what I can do. I've missed so much.…
What happened at Bramblebreach?"
It's not important right now. Why'd your parents leave you here?
Your mother and father are gone?
"They were afraid, like everyone else. After I raised up the land under the sea and smashed that ship … even though nobody got hurt they said my magic was too dangerous. You're the only one who isn't afraid of me.
You're … not afraid, right?"
Of course not.
"You don't know what that means to me. Now, what will we do first? I know. Let's race to the lighthouse, like we did when we were little. Bet you still can't catch me!"

Run towards the lighthouse, but be aware that Aranias has a few tricks up her sleeve—she'll periodically ensnare you in vines, yelling one of the following:

  • "Watch your step!"
  • "Don't trip!"
  • "Oops! Are my vines getting in your way?"

Once you reach the lighthouse, speak to the winner:

"Not bad. You're pretty fast."
Did you just bind up my legs with vines?
"Maybe. You know I've always had a special connection to the land. Sometimes things happen, and I don't even think about it. It just happens."
It's cheating.
"I'm sorry. It just happened.
Wait. Something's wrong. Can you feel that? The land's in pain, burning hot. Look! The farm's burning!"
Where's the farm?
"Over the rise. Wait. Too many footsteps, and it's too early for my parents' return. Boots. Boots ….
There are invaders on Silatar. We have to stop them!"
Aranias's farm, attacked and looted

The farm is on the southeast segment of the island. It's filled with bandits, led by Baham. Once you kill her, Aranias will proclaim, "That'll show them. No one attacks my island!" Speak to Aranias:

"What have they done to my farm? Why would they do this? Animals!"
Where did they come from?
"Does it matter? I'm tired of this! Everyone wants to hurt me or use me, and it stops now!
Where were you when my parents 'tested' me? Where were you when I needed you most? You left me. Why are you even here? Do you want something from me too?"
I only want to help you.
"I'm … I'm sorry. After my parents left, I felt so alone. I couldn't find you. People kept coming. They'd attack, hound me, want me to show them what I can do. Like I was a circus animal, or some kind of pet!
I shouldn't take it out on you."
I didn't realize how upset you were.
"No, it's not your fault. Thanks to you, these bastards didn't get very far. They could have destroyed everything!
It's getting late. We need to clean up before my parents return. Meet me at the manor later.

Spinner Maruin will then interject in the story: "Come! I must speak with you once more." Find his ghostly form outside the barn, and speak to him:

"In her tale, Aranias was volatile and she swung between anger, shame, and hope. Feared by her own parents because of her abilities, she faced the bandits alone.
This made her bitter and hardened against others. Vulnerable to outside influences."

He then offers to show you another vision from Aranias' past, when she was younger and more enthusiastic about her newfound power. If you ask him why she doesn't remember anything about Bramblebreach, the Spinner will explain that it simply hasn't happened yet: he's inserted you into her past to help her at a time in her life when she was most vulnerable.

The Spinner interjects

You will teleport again, to small island in a river on Silatar where a blue portal stands in front of you. Approach the portal, and listen to Indrathel, Lorimil, and Aranias have a conversation:

Indrathel: "Why are your clothes all wet?"
Aranias: "Mother! What do you think of this tree? How about this island you're standing on?"
Indrathel: "The ground is soaked. I will need new shoes now."
Aranias: "I made it!"
Indrathel: "What? You made the ground soggy?"
Aranias: "The island. I made this little island!"
Lorimil: "What? Ara, what do you mean you made it?"
Aranias: "These trees, those rocks, none of this was here yesterday. The ground is wet because I used my magic to pull it up from under the water."
Indrathel: "Oh, Ara. What have you done?"

Once their conversation concludes, they will fade away and Spinner Maruin's ghostly form will approach you:

"Gifted with a rare and powerful ability, Aranias tried in vain to win her parents' affection."
What happened next?
"So much 'happened next,' but I especially draw your attention to two particular events.
One scene is atop the lighthouse. The other, in the manor's great hall. They will help you understand more about our troubled Altmer, I hope."
Is that all I need to do? Understand her?
"No. The greatest challenge comes next, and Aranias needs you. Her parents returned after the attack on the farm, and brought with them the people they considered their daughter's only hope. The Veiled Heritance.
She should not face this alone."

Aranias is getting changed at the manor: the Spinner suggests you do the same after you watch the scenes at the lighthouse and the manor's great hall. Travel to the lighthouse, enter it, climb the ladder to the upper level and walk towards another blue portal. Aranias and her parents will be overlooking a shipwreck, and they are harshly chastising her:

Aranias: "I'm sorry!"
Indrathel: "You're lucky they're alive! How many more ships will you sink?"
Aranias: "It was an accident."
Indrathel: "Accidents are spilling water. Dropping glass. You lifted a ship out of the ocean with a wall of rock!"
Aranias: "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."
Lorimil: "Your mother and I will discuss your punishment. Go!"
"It was an accident."

All three will then fade away, and you will have to seek the next story. It's in the Manor, so enter it and approach the third blue portal:

Indrathel: "Your father and I leave for Summerset in the morning."
Aranias: "I won't do it again, I promise. I'll try harder. Don't leave me behind."
Indrathel: "Don't grovel. It's unbecoming. Your father and I will return with help to control your temper."
Aranias: "How much more can I apologize? I said I'm sorry."
Lorimil: "No, Ara. It's just … you need training. What you did to the ship, that scares people."
Aranias: "What sort of training, Father?"

You need to change clothes at the manor's guest bedroom and speak to Aranias in the garden. Using the dresser in the western room allows you to change into more formal attire. Once you do so, head to the garden behind the manor.

Head past the group of Veiled Heritants and High Kinlady Estre, and speak to Aranias:

"You look good. How do you feel?"
I'm curious. How do you control the land?
"You asked me this before, silly. I don't know, but when I think about changing things around me, my thoughts come true.
Remember when that merchant ship sank? I'd lifted the ground out of the ocean. I just forgot to lower it again."
Well, at least there's a party for you now. It's a good sign.
"There are so many people. And look, it's High Kinlady Estre! Why's she here?
I bet my parents want me to show off my powers. I thought they were bringing me a teacher or something."
You sound hesitant.
"Hesitant? I hate this! And they've got something particular they want to see.
Would you do me a favor and find out? Mingle among them. Eavesdrop. Find out what they've planned for me."
And when you know what's planned …?
"I'm not sure yet. They'll probably want another statue raised from the ground. My parents treat that like a party trick, and this is a party after all.
But the way they're talking, it sounds more dangerous and I'm a bit worried, to be honest."

You need to listen to three separate conversations. Ondendil stands in a corner, talking about Andur:

Ondendil: "Andur demonstrates amazing potential."
Ondendil: "Why are we bothering with this girl and her clods of dirt? Andur could melt them with hardly a thought."
Ondendil: "What do they call her? The Rock Witch? Hilarious. Provincial."

Vicereeve Pelidil stands in another, also speaking of Andur:

Vicereeve Pelidil: "Andur has one of the little beggars in the field, away from the house."
Vicereeve Pelidil: "Aranias will demonstrate her talents on the other."
Vicereeve Pelidil: "Her demonstration will determine how we employ her talents."

High Kinlady Estre stands in the central courtyard:

High Kinlady Estre: "Her parents invited me to witness her powers firsthand."
High Kinlady Estre: "She lifted the ground up under my very feet."
High Kinlady Estre: "Her demonstration today will not be one of skill, but of character."

Once you've heard all three conversations, go out into the field and talk to Andur:

"I'm afraid this one is about to die. I didn't realize how frail Bosmer were."
Wait. Aranias is supposed to demonstrate her power on a Bosmer?
"Not this Goblin-faced meat-eater, his wife.
Wait a minute. You're not with the Heritance!"
No, but I've killed quite a few of them.
You're right. I stand with Aranias.

Whatever you say, Andur will attack you. Once he's dead, speak to Salalin:

"They … they took my wife."
Where did they take her?
"They will give her to the witch. The Rock Witch.
The land will kill her. They said the land …."
Not if I can stop them.

He'll then expire, and Maruin will again approach you:

"Hm. You killed Andur? That's not supposed to happen."
What do you mean?
"Oh, don't worry, it was an entertaining twist, to be sure. But sadly, as real as it may seem, this is just a story.
In real life, you were not there to kill Andur."
Is he more dangerous in real life?
"He has had considerable time to grow in power. And his temper has not gotten any longer, if you understand me.
It seems the Veiled Heritance have sent him after Aranias, to ensure she kills the Wilderking, or dies if she fails."
How do you know that?
"I met him. He wanted to get into this story, but he wouldn't ask nicely.
But there's nothing we can do about that right now. We have a story to finish. Aranias' big moment is about to arrive. You should go to her."
Where is Aranias?
"In the garden. She's been commanded to kill the wife of this Bosmer. You should hurry to her. She faced this alone last time."

In the garden, Maelin sits bound between Aranias and Estre. Estre goads Aranias on:

Estre: "This creature is no different than those who burned your farm."
Maelin: "Please let us go."
Estre: "Aranias. Do you remember how helpless you were when your farm burned?"

Aranias will then summon vines to wrap around and trap Maelin, and Estre will voice her approval:

Estre: "Good. Good. Now, tear this animal apart."

Speak to Aranias.

"This is my test. If I can take the life of this girl, it means that I'm willing to make the necessary sacrifices."
This is not a necessary sacrifice. This is murder.
"What about the Bosmer who attacked my island? What were they? Dominion ambassadors? A peace mission?"
Those were bandits. This woman did nothing to you.
"If I refuse to kill this Bosmer, then what? I'll be alone again. The 'Rock Witch of Silatar,' a monster for fairy tales."
You're not alone. I'm here.
"You're here with me now, but what about later?
No. No, that's not it. I must trust myself. Believe I can do what's right. I don't need anyone, you or the Veiled Heritance, to guide me."
What will you do now?
"I am stronger than this. I won't murder an innocent to prove I can, no matter who demands it. The Veiled Heritance won't control my destiny, I will.
I can do this. And I shall."

She then cries out "No, I won't do it!" and traps the heritants in vines.

The story ends, and you return to Spinner's Cottage. Talk to Maruin outside the cottage:

"You were a fine character. Most enjoyable. And it looks like you made quite an impression on Aranias."
What just happened? Where did she go?
"As one story ends, another reaches its climax. Our little bit of mischief was a success: because of you, Aranias may very well betray her masters to defend the Wilderking."


  • If you use the story exit, when speaking to Maruin again to access the dream again, the special pan over camera to the fireplace will no longer play and will remain focused on Maruin, despite the dialogue option still hinting at the fireplace.
  • Despite the large open terrain on Silatar, mounts cannot be used.
  • The objective description after reaching the lighthouse will describe Aranias as having won the race even if you got there before her.
  • The barn at the farm will already appear burned down upon arriving in the dream, even before the bandits' arrival.
  • During the eavesdropping objective, Estre will not provide dialogue for the objective: the objective will complete after eavesdropping on Ondendil and Pelidil only.
  • Andur doesn't give experience or loot when defeated.
  • While Aranias makes a point of the Bosmer bandits that attacked the island in reference to her about to murder the trapped Maelin, the bandits fought at the farm also include Khajiit and fellow Altmer.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Witch of Silatar
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Maruin can explain to me how I will change Aranias' story.
Objective: Talk to Maruin
I should listen to Maruin's story so I can enter it and influence her.
Objective: Ask Maruin to Begin the Story
I've been sent into Aranias' past, when she lived with her parents on an island near Summerset. Maruin told me to talk with her and become her friend.
Objective: Talk to Aranias
Aranias welcomed me as a long-lost friend. She wants to relive a childhood she never had before her parents return from Summerset. I need to race Aranias to the lighthouse across the island.
Objective: Reach the Lighthouse
Bramble vines grabbed my legs to slow me down, and Aranias easily won the race. I should ask her whether she had anything to do with the vines.
Objective: Talk to Aranias
I should help Aranias kill the bandits attacking her island.
Objective: Clear the Farm of Bandits
After we killed a bandit within the burnt farmhouse, Aranias seemed more agitated. I should talk to her to make sure she's all right.
Objective: Talk to Aranias
Aranias lost her temper with me, but just as quickly became contrite. She told me to meet her at the manor house, but Maruin's appeared within the story. I should talk with him first.
Objective: Talk to Maruin
Maurin will show me another piece of Aranias' past. I should watch it and learn what I can about her from its story.
Objective: Witness Aranias' Story
Although Aranias was proud of her ability to sculpt the ground, her parents were less pleased. I should talk to Maruin about this story's significance.
Objective: Talk to Maruin
The Veiled Heritance of Aranias' past will use her insecurity to bring her into their fold. Maruin instructed me to view other scenes of Aranais' story to give me a better picture of her fall.
The next story is at the top of the lighthouse.
Objective: Find the Lighthouse Story
The Veiled Heritance of Aranias' past will use her insecurity to bring her into their fold. Maruin instructed me to view other scenes of Aranais' story to give me a better picture of her fall.
I need to find the story in the manor's great hall.
Objective: Find the Great Hall Story
I saw a part of the story where Aranias' parents said they would bring someone to teach her how to use her power. That part of the story will start soon.
I need to change clothes in the guest room off the great hall and join Aranais in the garden.
Objective: Use the Dresser to Change Clothes
I've changed into fancy clothing to attend the reception for Aranias' parents. Aranias is waiting for me in the garden, where the party will occur.
Objective: Talk to Aranias in the Manor Garden
The Veiled Heritance plans to test Aranias, but she's not sure what form it will take. I should eavesdrop on Veiled Heritance party-goers to learn what feat Aranias is expected to perform.
Objective: Eavesdrop on Veiled Heritance Party-Goers
Hidden Objective: Eavesdrop on Lady Estre's Conversation
Hidden Objective: Eavesdrop on Ondendil's Conversation
Hidden Objective: Eavesdrop on Pelidil's Conversation
Several conversations mentioned Andur as a rival with Aranias for a place in the Veiled Heritance. Andur's currently outside the manor grounds. I should find him and talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Andur in the Field
Andur, standing over a cowering Bosmer, attacked me. I need to defeat him so his plan cannot go forward.
Objective: Kill Andur
With Andur dead, I should free his captive and find out where the Veiled Heritance have taken his wife.
Objective: Talk to Salalin
The Veiled Heritance plans to use a Bosmer woman as a target for Aranias' power. I must talk to Maruin to find out what we can do to prevent this senseless murder.
Objective: Talk to Maruin
Aranias will soon be demonstrating her power for the Veiled Heritance. I need to reach her before her demonstration can occur.
Objective: Watch Aranias' Demonstration
Objective: Talk to Aranias
Aranias will begin her demonstration for the Veiled Heritance. I need to watch, to see whether she took my words to heart.
Objective: Watch Aranias' Demonstration
Finishes quest☑ The vision of the past has ended and I am returned to the Spinner's Cottage. I should speak to Maruin.
Objective: Talk to Maruin
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
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