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Disrupt the Stormfist operations, and defeat the Orc warlord and his followers.
Zone: Eastmarch
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Cradlecrush — Destroy the Stormfist legion holding Cradlecrush.
Quest Giver: Aspera Giant-Friend
Location(s): Cradlecrush
Prerequisite Quest: Strange Allies
Reward: Giant-Friend
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Rescue the mammoths
Aspera and the giants are ready to begin the siege of Cradlecrush. Using the documents I recovered from the Stormfist scouts, they formulated a plan of battle.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the giant.
  2. Free the mammoths and open the gates.
  3. Talk to Aspera Giant-Friend at Cradlecrush Arena.
  4. Defeat the Orcs in the arena.
  5. Talk to Aspera.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Continue talking to Aspera Giant-Friend to start this quest. She notes that the orders have revealed two weaknesses in the Stormfists' defenses: the mammoths and the gates. She wants you to infiltrate Cradlecrush, free the mammoths to wreak havoc, and open the gates while the Stormfists are discombobulated. There's a giant to the west who will help you get in. You can ask her more questions about the logistics of your tasks, if you want, or you can head west to the giant. Run up to the giant, and "talk" to him. This initiates a conversation where you poke the giant, he moves you in front of him, then kicks you over the wall.

Use the switches

You go flying, but land safely in a pool of water on the other side of the wall. Now, it's time to cause chaos in the fort. You need to free four mammoths and use the gate switches. The mammoths are tied up and tend to be guarded by some Stormfists, and the switches are in stone towers near the wooden gates to the fort.

Once the mammoths are distracting the Stormfists and the gates are open, you need to go to the Cradlecrush arena. The arena is slightly north of the Cradlecrush icon on the map. Talk to Aspera, who is crouched in front of the door. You can ask her about Lob's minions. They are very fierce, but this is an arena to Malacath. Lob will be forced to abide by its rules when you blow the horn. His helpers will not attack you all at once.

Enter the Cradlecrush Arena once you are ready to fight. Use the Giant-Friend Horn, and Lob and his minions appear. First, you face Bormolg gro-Grush and Dumolg gro-Grush. Next, you fight the group of three Orcs on the right side of the arena: Shera gra-Bol, Bugha gra-Grush and Lorku gra-Bug. Once the three archers are down, Lob will approach to fight you.

He duel-wields a pair of axes and is a tough boss, but defeat him and the rest of the Orcs will run off. Exit the arena through the southern door, and talk to Aspera, who now has two giants beside her. She thanks you for helping her giant friends and disappears.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Siege of Cradlecrush
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Aspera asked me to enter the fort. She wants me to free the mammoths and open the gates for the giants. A giant near the natural wall to the west is ready to help me. I just have to give him a poke.
Objective: Talk to the Giant
The giant helped me get to the cliffs above the fortress. I should be able to get inside Cradlecrush from here.
Objective: Get Inside the Fort
The giant helped me get inside the fortress. Now I need to head south to free the mammoths, and then unlock the north and south gates for the giants.
Objective: Free the Mammoths: 0/4
Objective: Use the Gate Switches: 0/4
I freed the mammoths and opened the gates. Now the Stormfist soldiers have their hands full. I should head to the arena to find Warlord Lob and blow the signal horn.
Objective: Go to Cradlecrush Arena
Somehow, Aspera reached the arena before I did. She wants to speak with me.
Objective: Talk to Aspera Giant-Friend
Aspera wants me to enter the arena and blow the horn to challenge the warlord who commands this legion of Stormfists, Lob the Cleaver.
Objective: Enter Cradlecrush Arena
I entered the arena. There are a lot of Orcs around, but I don't see their leader, Lob the Cleaver. I should sound the horn to signal the giants and challenge Lob to battle. Then all I have to do is survive the challenge.
Objective: Blow the Horn to Challenge Lob
Objective: Survive the Arena Challenge
Lob and his lieutenants have been defeated. I should leave the Cradlecrush arena.
Objective: Exit Cradlecrush Arena
Finishes quest☑ Aspera Giant-Friend is waiting for me outside the arena. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Aspera Giant-Friend
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