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Reunite the Winds and drive the Sharp-Eyes from Stonewastes.
Zone: Blackwood
Objective: Stonewastes — Find the Three Winds and rid the village of Warlord Naxhosa.
Quest Giver: Ajim-Ma, Nuxul
Location(s): Stonewastes, Elossi's Hut, Otumi-Ra's Hut, Stonewastes Keep
Reward: Bulwark of the Four Winds
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6620
The many casualties of Warlord Naxhosa and his Sharp-Eyes
A resident of the Stonewastes named Nuxul explained that his village was attacked by a warlord named Naxhosa who stole their supplies. Nuxul asked me to help him find the remaining Three Winds, famous Argonian protectors, and ask for their help.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Nuxul in Stonewastes.
  2. Travel to Elossi's Hut to speak to Elossi, the Sudden Gust.
  3. Find Elossi's cache in the nearby ruins.
  4. Find Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal's home and speak with him.
  5. Travel to Otumi-Ra's Hut and look for Otumi-Ra, the Unrelenting Gale.
  6. Search for Waking Seeds and bring them to Otumi-Ra.
  7. Enter Otumi-Ra's Hut and complete his challenge.
  8. Raise Otumi-Ra's banner and return to Stonewastes.
  9. Speak with the Winds and Nuxul.
  10. Enter Stonewastes Keep and assist Otumi-Ra and Elossi.
  11. Explore the keep's interior.
  12. Find the Binding Word and return to Meer-Ta.
  13. Defeat Warlord Naxhosa and burn his banner.
  14. Return to Stonewastes village and talk to Nuxul.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Finding Elossi, the Sudden Gust

Elossi and Meer-Ta[edit]

Speak to Nuxul or Ajim-Ma to start the quest. If you start through Ajim-Ma, you're going to need to talk to Nuxul anyways.

"Hey there, ojel. A strange moment to wander into the Stonewastes, I have to say. But, hmm, perhaps you have lucky timing.
You can see that our village has crashed upon some rough rocks. We won't survive much longer without a strong hand to aid us."
What's troubling you?
"A total tzilnech of a warlord called Naxhosa moved his people into our ruins nearby. They raid the village for supplies, but we don't have any defenses.
In times past, Stonewastes was protected by the Four Winds. But they went their separate ways."
Where did they go?
"After a big argument, they disbanded. Three moved to the outskirts of the village, and one stayed. She died during a raid by Naxhosa's people.
We need the Winds to come back together. Can you talk to them? Convince them to return and I'll pay you."
I'll convince the remaining Winds to join forces and remove Naxhosa.
"Good, good. Slivers of bright sun might poke through this storm with your help.
Let's start with Elossi, the Sudden Gust. She lives on the outskirts of town in a hut to the northwest. I should join you so that … she doesn't kill you on sight."

A warlord named Naxhosa laid siege to Stonewastes, killing the village's leader, Satul-Sa. Satul-Sa was part of a group of elite warriors called the Four Winds that once protected the village. The Four Winds retired a while back. Satul-Sa remained in Stonewastes, and the other three departed, though they still live nearby. Without Satul-Sa's leadership and combat prowess to protect them, Stonewastes needs its protectors to reunite and push back the warlord.

You'll start your search by heading northwest to Elossi's Hut, which is located north of the wayshrine. Elossi isn't home. Talk to Nuxul to figure out what to do next.

"Hmm. Nowhere to be seen. But all her belongings look like she was just here.
You know, a less confident Argonian might start to take this personally."
Do you have any idea where she might be, then?
"Not off the top of my head, but she can't be too far. It looks like she was just preparing a meal here, so perhaps she went looking for herbs?
Let's search around. I think I know a spot."
Lead the way.

No sooner than your conversation ends, Elossi enters the hut. Talk to her.

"An outsider entering my home unbidden seeks death. You only live because the annoying blacksmith who joins you is familiar to me. But this pause is a temporary state.
Speak, then. What is so urgent that you would break into my home?"
The village needs your help. Bandits have taken everything they own.
"Hmm … distressing news. It seems my great fear has come to pass.
Where then is Satul-Sa? She would never leave the villagers undefended. Even once we decided our time was at an end, she insisted on staying."
A warlord named Naxhosa killed her. The village is undefended.
"Dead? Satul-Sa? She was the smartest and wisest of us all. This is impossible!
And yet, since Nuxul brought you it must be true. The consequences of my selfish choice meant the death of my dear friend. Such a bitter lesson."
So will you help then?
"You shall have my aid, if you perform a simple task. When I … retired … I buried my blades deep in the ground.
Go north to the ruins. Retrieve them for me so that I may avenge Satul-Sa. Be warned, as I made certain they are well-protected."
I understand.
Searching for Elossi's daggers

She reveals that she needs her daggers if she is to defend the village. Exit the hut and find Elossi's cache, which lies in the swamps to the northwest (just south of the Ayleid Well). A haj mota guards the cache. When you take the daggers, Elossi will appear. You must speak with her to progress.

"Your test is complete. And with barely a scale out of place. Impressive.
Do you like my blades? The hilt is kagouti bone. And Meer-Ta himself enchanted them. Back when I could tolerate the withered toad."
Will you use them to aid the village?
"Of course I will. I was always going to. But I needed to see if you could fight by my side. Also, I wanted to finish my meal.
I will meet you in the village center. Unless you need something more from me?"
We want to find the other Winds. Do you know where they are?
"I see. You wish to bring us all back together.
Well, a promise was made and I will keep it. Go southeast to find the dingy hovel where Meer-Ta resides. Look beneath the dirt and rock, and you'll find him. Just don't tell him I sent you."
Meeting Meer-Ta, the Zephyr Eternal

Elossi instructs you to head southeast to find Meer-Ta. Meer-Ta's cave is located just east of Stonewastes' map marker. Meer-Ta is home, so you can speak to him right off the bat.

"Do these runes have the same derivation? Maybe if I replace … wait … what? Who are you? Why are you interrupting me? Leave here immediately!
Arg … you brought that dusty blacksmith from the village. You must need something."
Bandits threaten the Stonewastes. Satul-Sa is dead. We request your help.
"That sounds like a whole bunch of not my business! Can't you see I am busy with my studies here? I don't have time to involve myself in the toils of others.
Satul-Sa brought this on herself. Had she any sense of reason, she'd be alive."
The village needs you. They'll be overrun without aid.
"Was I not clear? Have nixads stolen my tongue? I said begone!
Whatever their troubles are, I'm sure it looks much worse to you than it really is. My work, however, could change history. Go!"
At least tell us where to find Otumi-Ra.
"Khah-khah-khah! You're seeking help from that drunken lout? You'd be better off on your own than with him. But if it gets you out of my scales, you can find him on the southwest edge of the forest, near the cliffside. I trust you'll be disappointed."
We'll look for Otumi-Ra.

He refuses to aid you, but he tells you where to find Otumi-Ra.

Wake up Otumi-Ra, the Unrelenting Gale

Otumi-Ra: Waking the Warrior[edit]

Head southwest, up the hill beyond the marsh. Otumi-Ra is laying in the mud flat on his back in his front yard.

"… don't … eat the plate, too…. Just one more …. Those frogs … dancing …."
Otumi-Ra? Can you hear me?
"… no knives … have you shouted … Satul-Sa …."
Yes, we came about Satul-Sa. Wake up!
"… no mud puddles for you, sir … ah, kaoc …."

He's out cold. Talk to Nuxul and figure out what to do.

"No response? I suppose Meer-Ta was right. This is the worst I have ever seen Otumi-Ra get. Maybe this is what happens when the life of the party no longer has something to celebrate.
Let us see—wait! I have an idea on how to snap him out of it."
What are you thinking?
"A briar that grows out this way might help. The seed is inedible, and it smells … awful. Especially to Argonians.
If we get a couple of those, the smell will overwhelm him and wake him up. If anything is going to work, that will."
Sounds good. Where do we find them?
"I seem to remember a field of waking seeds grows to the east of here. Gather a handful, then come back. I will keep an eye on this hero of legends in the meantime.
I should warn you. Some creatures are attracted to the smell. Keep your scales moist."

Nuxul tells you that you need to gather some foul smelling Waking Seeds to rouse the warrior. Head east of Otumi-Ra's Hut to start your search. Nuxul mentioned that some animals are attracted to the smell the plants give off. Sure enough, one to three hoarvors emerge at every plant you attempt to harvest. There's a tent on a hill behind Otumi-Ra's house, and one of the plants can be harvested at the eastern base of that hill. Another plant is located south of those Waking Seeds. Recall the camp at the top of the hill. A third Waking Seed plant can be found on the side of the road, down the hill just northeast of that camp.

Return to Nuxul with the seeds.

"Kaoc! I can already smell them on you. I do not even need to ask.
Put them right up to Otumi-Ra's nose. Let him get a big old whiff. Hopefully that snaps him right out."
What if that doesn't work?
"The only plan I have next is gathering more seeds and shoving them right up his snout. He does not have a choice. Our village needs his help."

Put the seeds under Otumi-Ra's nose. Sure enough, it wakes him. You'll want to speak with him.

"Ugh! What horrific stench of dead mules and fried dung have you thrust upon me? All I wish is a gentle slumber under the open skies and upon the … mud. Does not a retired fighter for peace deserve such rest?
Speak, brigand!"
I come on behalf of the village. Satul-Sa is dead and they are under attack.
"No! My greatest friend—and I hoped, one day, my mate, if she would ever agree—dead? How can I bear such enormous tragedy as this?
Lay the facts onto the stones, stranger. Who has earned my unyielding, roiling anger?"
A warlord named Naxhosa raids the village and kills its people. They need your help.
"A battle! Against murderers and thieves! These are the types of trials I live for. Or, at least, I used to.
I imagine you and the blacksmith wish to join my struggle for freedom and revenge. Join me. I must celebrate my friend. And test your mettle."
Lead on.
Otumi-Ra's Drinking Challenge

Otumi-Ra: The Drinking Challenge[edit]

Follow the old warrior inside his home and talk to him.

"All right, my newest friend. By joining me you choose to engage in the challenge of my choice! Only through completing this test of your endurance and stamina shall I know your worth as a warrior.
Do you believe yourself prepared?"
If it means you'll join us, I am ready.
"Oh yes, I can sense that raging fire in your stout heart. I suspect you have slain many a foe in your travels. But if we are to go into battle together, I must put a fire in your belly as well.
And so, we're going to do … a drinking contest!"
You wish to challenge me to drink alcohol?
"What else? Show me that you hold the same strong will that makes for the greatest of warriors! Oh, chum, we shall see if you can withstand the greatest of Argonian ales and wines.
Plus, this should help numb the rodents gnawing in my head."
I accept. How should we begin?
"The drinks are in front of me. You may choose what we drink.
Be warned—mixing Argonian spirits can fell the stoutest outsider. If you do not believe yourself up to the task, you may leave now. I will call you many rude names as you flee, though."
Let's do this.

He wants you to prove your mettle by drinking homemade alcohol, which is laid out on the table. There's a blue bottle, a green bottle, a red bottle, and a gold bottle. Nuxul takes one drink and collapses. A book in the room, titled A Perfect Drink, will give you a hint as to which order you should imbibe them in.

The correct order of drinks is Blue, Red, Gold, then Green.

Hang up Otumi-Ra's banner to goad Meer-Ta

Talk to Otumi-Ra once you've completed the task.

"Impressive! Such strength! Such power! Such a stomach! I did not know they made outsiders who could stand against the might of Argonian ale.
Would you like to continue? Not as part of the test, just for a wonderful time!"
No, thank you. Does this mean you will join us?
"Of course! I was always going to! This test was just to see if I would allow you to join me, or cut you down for waking me up.
But you passed! Let us link arms and bring the fight to those who slew my dear Satul-Sa."
Good. That's two of the three remaining Winds. Hopefully that is enough
"Two of the three? Let me guess. Meer-Ta refused."
That's right. How did you know?
"Do not be fooled. He has a good soul, but his mood is as legendary as my strength.
Here, take my banner, and place it on the cliff above my hut. He won't be able to stand knowing I'm going into a fight that he isn't. So don't worry. He'll be there."

He accepts your request for aid, and correctly assumes that Meer-Ta refused to join your cause. Otumi-Ra hands you a banner to plant on the cliff above his hut to draw the old mage out. The cliff lies east of Otumi-Ra's Hut, and was a point of reference used in the search for the Waking Seeds.

Assist Otumi-Ra in destroying some siege weapons

Once you've planted the banner, get on the road east of the cliff and follow it north, into the village. Nuxul and the winds are standing by the Hist, along with Tlueiar, Ialieeh, and Kasa-naat. You have the option of talking to the two present Winds if you'd like, but your primary objective is to talk to Nuxul.

"Ugh, it is good to see you. At least, I think that is you. I could be having ale-visions. Again.
Anyway, you have done it. The Winds have reunited, ready for battle. Because you convinced them. Well, two of them at least."
What's their plan?
"Well, as Otumi-Ra carried me back to the village, we started discussing you. And how strong, courageous, and wise you are. And attractive, too. Did I mention that?"
What are you getting at?
"We hoped you might join their assault on the ruins. Help drive out Naxhosa and his dry-scaled thugs.
There needs to be a fourth Wind. That's what the legend tells us. If you join them with this, they cannot fail. Plus … I will pay you more."
I'll join them. When do we start?
"Lead the charge when you are ready, outsider. The Winds will be at your back."
Let's take care of Naxhosa.
Assist Elossi in freeing the Argonian Villagers

The Winds want you to join their assault on Stonewastes Keep, the ruin west of Stonewaste's Hist that the warlord and his cronies now inhabit. Join Elossi and Otumi-Ra at the keep. When you enter the courtyard, you'll hear the warlord call to his soldiers to defend their siege weapons. Otumi-Ra calls you over, pushing against an ancient stone pillar with his entire weight. Climb up the stairs to the right and speak with him. He wants to push the pillar over to crush the siege weapons on the platform below. Help him do this, then go find the warlord.

Meer-Ta decides to show up and help

You're going to want to head down the stairs and proceed through the southern doorway. Elossi whispers for you to come over from behind a waist-high stone wall, which you can easily jump over. You can also go around the wall, but you'd have to engage a Sharp-Eye Firecaster. She informs you of the prisoners being held on the platform above your heads. Elossi wants to free them. She asks you to pull a rusty pulley (which is guarded by two raiders) beneath the tree to the southwest. Doing so opens a grate, which allows Elossi access to the prisoners' bonds. She cuts them free once you do as she asks.

Proceed through the western doorway. There are three pressure plates on the floor ahead. When stepped on, poison darts are fired from the walls. Enter the keep's undercroft. You'll hear the voice of Meer-Ta in the room ahead, and he's standing in front of a wall of glowing weapons. Meer-Ta was, of course, driven here by the banner Otumi-Ra had you plant. Meer-Ta informs you that the raiders were able to kill Satul-Sa because they have these weapons, which are enchanted. The raiders intend to kill all four of the Winds, but you can stop them by destroying the weapons. To do this, Meer-Ta needs the Binding Word. He describes it as "a scroll that was recently man-handled by brutes". You'll find it in the room located to your right at the end of the hallway. There's a pressure plate that activates a fire spout trap in this hallway, so be sure to avoid it. Once you have the scroll, bring it to Meer-Ta back in the armory so he can destroy them.

Defeat Warlord Naxhosa ...
... and burn his banner!
Stonewastes Celebrates

Once you hand in the scroll, Meer-Ta instructs you to destroy Naxhosa's war banner at the top of the keep to signify his failure to the rest of the raiders. Now that the siege weapons and the enchanted arms are destroyed and the prisoners have been freed, Naxhosa no longer has any leverage to use against Stonewastes. He can't destroy their city without siege weapons, he can't kill the Winds without the enchanted weapons, and he can't threaten them into submission without hostages. With the warlord's banner destroyed, the raiders will scatter.

Head into the room at the eastern end of the hallway. Warlord Naxhosa is waiting for you there. Kill him, then exit through the door at the top of the stairs to find and destroy the banner. As predicted, the raiders take notice of the act and flee. Head down the stairs, jump down the ledge, and travel northeast to return to the village. When you reach the center of the village, the inhabitants of Stonewastes will cheer for you and the Winds. Speak to Nuxul to end the quest.


Quest Stages[edit]

The Rising Winds
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I met an Argonian near the side of the road who said her village was attacked by raiders. She pleaded with me to find Nuxul, who is apparently helping with the recovery effort.
Objective: Talk to Nuxul
Latest start Nuxul suggested that I start by speaking to the first Wind—Elossi, the Sudden Gust. I should find her in a hut to the south.
Objective: Search for Elossi
Nuxul and I have entered Elossi's hut, but she doesn't seem to be here. I should speak with Nuxul and see if he has any clues as to her whereabouts.
Objective: Talk to Nuxul
We entered Elossi's home and at first it seemed empty. Then she appeared from nowhere and demanded to explain myself. I should speak to Elossi and ask for her help.
Objective: Talk to Elossi
I should search for Elossi's daggers. She said they aren't far, but I should be careful during my exploration, as there may be dangers lurking nearby.
Objective: Retrieve Elossi's Cache
Hidden Objective: Enter Ruins
Hidden Objective: Retrieve Elossi's Cache
Elossi met me out by her cache. I should give her back the weapons I found.
Objective: Talk to Elossi
Elossi gave me a vague idea of where to find Meer-Ta, a companion of hers in the Four Winds. I should make my way to speak with him.
Objective: Find Meer-Ta
I found Meer-Ta in his cavern home. I need to explain what is happening at the village and entreat his help.
Objective: Talk to Meer-Ta
Meer-Ta was not receptive, and it doesn't look like he will join the fight. Still, he gave us directions to find Otumi-Ra, the last member of the Winds. I should go find him.
Objective: Find Otumi-Ra
I found Otumi-Ra at his hut. Snoring on the ground. He looks a bit worse for wear. I should try to rouse him if I can.
Objective: Meet with Otumi-Ra
Otumi-Ra isn't stirring. I should talk to Nuxul and see if he has some idea on what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Nuxul
Nuxul mentioned a pungent seed that might help wake Otumi-Ra. I should seek them out and collect several to bring back.
Objective: Locate the Waking Seeds: 0/3
Hopefully I gathered enough of the waking seeds for now. I need to return them to Otumi-Ra's hut, where Nuxul is waiting for me.
Objective: Return with the Waking Seeds
I should check in with Nuxul to make sure these are the right seeds and that we have enough of them.
Objective: Talk to Nuxul
Nuxul said that I can just wave these under Otumi-Ra's nose, which should wake him up.
Objective: Wake Otumi-Ra
Otumi-Ra is awake and on his feet. Now I need to explain what is happening back in the village.
Objective: Talk to Otumi-Ra
Otumi-Ra asked me to follow him into his hut where he will test my mettle. I should head there to find out more about what he wants.
Objective: Follow Otumi-Ra
I followed Otumi-Ra. Now I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Otumi-Ra
Otumi-Ra challenged me to a drinking contest to test my strength. I need to figure out the right order to drink these in, or he won't accompany us into combat.
Objective: Complete Otumi-Ra's Challenge
Hidden Objective: Try the Blue Drink
Hidden Objective: Try the Red Drink
Hidden Objective: Try the Gold Drink
Hidden Objective: Try the Green Drink
I completed the challenge. I should check in with Otumi-Ra and ensure he will join the village's cause.
Objective: Talk to Otumi-Ra
Otumi-Ra asked me to issue a challenge to Meer-Ta by flying his sash on the cliffs above his hut. I should find a good spot so that Meer-Ta can see it.
Objective: Hang Otumi-Ra's Banner
Now that the banner is placed, I should make my way back to the Stonewastes village and meet with Nuxul and the Winds.
Objective: Return to the Village
It appears a small army waits to assault the ruins. I should check in with Nuxul to discuss the plan.
Objective: Talk to Nuxul
Optional Step: Talk to Otumi-Ra
Optional Step: Talk to Elossi
It is time to enter Stonewastes Keep, and bring down Warlord Naxhosa.
Objective: Enter Stonewastes Keep
Otumi-Ra is here, and it looks like he could use some assistance. I should see if I can offer my help.
Objective: Talk to Otumi-Ra
Otumi-Ra seeks to knock a large pillar down on a set of siege weapons! He asked me to help him shove the pillar down.
Objective: Assist Otumi-Ra
Elossi is somewhere in this keep. I should find her and see if she needs any help as well.
Objective: Find Elossi
I should talk to Elossi and see if she needs any help.
Objective: Talk to Elossi
Elossi seeks to release a group of prisoners from cages up on the wall. She needs my help to activate a release lever. I should pull the lever to help her open the cages.
Objective: Release the Prisoners
I should continue through the keep and see if anyone else needs my help.
Objective: Search the Keep
I found Meer-Ta. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Meer-Ta
Meer-Ta has joined the fight. He found a group of enchanted weapons that must have been used to kill Satul-Sa. He asked me to find a Binding Word, so that he can undo the enchantment.
Objective: Locate the Binding Word
I found the Binding Word. I should return it to Meer-Ta.
Objective: Talk to Meer-Ta
With the siege weapons destroyed, the prisoners freed, his weapons disenchanted, and his army under assault, Naxhosa's grip on the keep is about to break. I should destroy his war banner at the top of the keep to signal his fall to his followers.
Objective: Destroy the Banner
Hidden Objective: Defeat the Warlord
I defeated Naxhosa. I should return to the village and meet with my allies.
Objective: Return to the Village
☑Finishes quest I should return to the village and talk to Nuxul.
Objective: Talk to Nuxul
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