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Rescue the Oracles of Azura from their Daedric prisons.
Zone: Stormhaven
Quest Giver: Rhea Opacarius in the Cloudy Dregs Inn;
Alessio Guillon in other Inns
Location(s): Wayrest, Pariah Abbey (Stormhaven); Rubble Butte (Bangkorai); Faldar's Tooth (The Rift); Mephala's Nest (Stonefalls); Cold-Blood Cavern (Shadowfen)
Reward: Twilight Shard
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5935
Azura's oracles are being taken
An oracle of Azura named Rhea Opacarius needs my help. Some malevolent force conspires to destroy her order and, perhaps, all of Tamriel.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. (Optional) Talk to Alessio Guillon at any major inn.
  2. Talk to Rhea Opacarius in the Guest Room of the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest.
  3. Take Azura's Crystal to Pariah Abbey.
  4. Collect 20 Daedric essences.
  5. Talk to Rhea at Pariah Abbey.
  6. Rescue the oracles from Rubble Butte, Faldar's Tooth and Mephala's Nest.
  7. Return to Pariah Abbey.
  8. Investigate Cold-Blood Cavern in Shadowfen.
  9. Recover the cursed treasures.
  10. Confront Dyzera.
  11. Return to Rhea at Cold-Blood Cavern.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Azura's Faithful need you![edit]

To begin this quest, speak to Alessio Guillon, a Breton worshipper of Azura who can be found in various inns across Tamriel (in Wayrest, you'll find him at the Wayrest Treasury instead of at an inn as in other cities).

"I bring an urgent message from Rhea Opacarius, chief oracle of the Twilight Queen, Azura."
What does this oracle of Azura want?
"Best discuss that with Rhea. Too many eyes and ears here. She awaits you in the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest."
Fair enough. I'll meet Rhea in Wayrest. (Start quest)
"Hurry to the Cloudy Dregs Inn. Our situation grows perilous, and Azura is anything but patient."

He directs you towards Rhea Opacarius, an Imperial oracle of Azura who can be found at the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest.

Rhea will speak with you about her visions and a "dark entity" that stalks and kidnaps Azura's Oracles. She will then give you Azura's Crystal and ask that you meet with her master, Azura, at Pariah Abbey.

"Ah, right on time.
I'm joking, of course. Honestly, I feared you wouldn't come. Divination and prophecy yield few certainties. Still, this vision was clearer than most. You and I. This room. The scent of ale and woodsmoke. Yes, this was meant to be."
You can see the future?
"I'm afraid it's not as easy as that. I see a tangle of futures—a swirling mass of action and consequence. Every now and again, though, a specific moment strikes like a thunderbolt. Moments like this.
Some dark entity stalks the oracles of Azura."
Oracles of Azura?
"Yes. Servants of the Twilight Queen. My friends and I decipher visions of the future for other votaries of Azura. Unfortunately, something is abducting us one by one.
Bring this crystal to Pariah Abbey. Our Rose Mother will tell you the rest."
Very well. I'll seek out Azura.
"I do hope you'll hurry to Pariah Abbey. I see the other oracles, my friends, languishing in chains. A prison that hurtles through space and time—filled with Daedra and choking steam.
Ugh. Gives me vertigo just thinking about it."
How often do you see this tangle of futures?
"All the time.
Makes dinner dates interesting, I can tell you. One moment we're speaking about the consistency of the soup, the next I'm fumbling with my spoon, rambling about talking candlesticks and trees made of blood."
How's that go over with your dinner companions?
"Ha! Haven't you a cheek.
If you must know, it goes poorly. As I'm sure you can guess, the gentlemen rarely call on me a second time."
"How did you gain this power? Did Azura give it to you?"
"I'm not sure. My parents thought me mad. Abandoned me on the streets of Wayrest at the tender age of eight.
Mercifully, the abbot of Pariah Abbey discovered my gifts and introduced me to the Twilight Queen. I achieved clarity. I have Azura to thank."
You said other oracles were abducted?
"Two. Kanzin and Muz-Shah. Both powerful soothsayers in their own right.
Kanzin vanished a week ago, pruning his sugar canes. His fellow votaries told me that he showed no signs of distress. He simply walked out into the field and never came back."
And Muz-Shah?
"Muz-Shah, an Argonian, disappeared just two days ago. He tends Azura's shrine in Black Marsh. It's a quiet affair with a simple shrine and very few acolytes.
He went out to light votary candles near the shrine and never returned."
And you're certain they were abducted?
"Beyond certain. I heard their cries—still hear them, in fact.
These abductions stink of Daedric plotting. Rival Princes conspire against my lady constantly. One of them seeks to blind her by snatching up her oracles. Perhaps more than one."
How do you know Azura will speak to me?
"Because you're anointed by fate. Or something close to fate. I stopped arguing the specifics years ago.
The Queen of Dawn and Dusk needs your help. Trust me, Azura's desires are hard to miss. She is … insistent. She'll speak to you, believe me."

Pariah Abbey[edit]

Enter the abbey chapel and "speak" to the Statue of Azura in the apse of the church. Azura herself is none too pleased that her Oracles have been kidnapped and placed in pocket realms of Oblivion. She asks you to take her crystal and slay any Daedra you come across, the energy can then be used to charge Void Keys and free the Oracles from Oblivion.

If you have completed Azura's Aid, she'll say:

"Rejoice, mortal. You stand in the presence of beauty and terror, between pale light and long shadows. I am Azura, Queen of Dawn and Dusk.
You served me before—cleansing my shrine near the Weeping Giant. Now, the time has come to serve me again."


"Rejoice, mortal. You stand in the presence of beauty and terror, between pale light and long shadows. I am Azura, Queen of Dawn and Dusk.
I have a task for you."
Rhea told me that Daedric forces abducted your oracles.
"She speaks the truth. The halls of Oblivion fill with whispers. Collusion. Conspiracy. I believe some of my fellow Princes seek to blind me.
They know how much I treasure my servants. They would steal what I hold most dear."
Can't you just rescue them yourself?
"I cannot. The Princes' compact with Sotha Sil binds my hands. You must be the vessel of my wrath.
I sense my oracles, adrift in the void. Imprisoned in pockets of Oblivion—hidden dimensions, only accessible through Nirn. You will rescue them."
How can I open these pockets of Oblivion?
"My enemies' servants likely use Void Keys. Powerful charms, capable of tearing small holes in the veil of Oblivion. They require Daedric essence to function.
Slay any Daedra you find and claim their essence. A charged Void Key will open any pocket."
How do I collect Daedric essences?
"Daedra cannot be killed, only banished. When you strike a mortal blow, their essence returns to Oblivion.
The crystal Rhea gave you captures that essence before it escapes. A prison, of sorts. Defeat any Daedra and the crystal will do the rest."
You mentioned a compact with Sotha Sil?/Can you tell me more about this compact with Sotha Sil?
"Long ago, my vulgar peer, Molag Bal, manifested himself in the town of Gil-Var-Delle and destroyed it utterly.
In response, the Dark Elf magus, Sotha Sil, gathered eight of the most powerful Princes to a summit in Coldharbour."
What was the purpose of the summit?
"The Tribune persuaded us, through a private bargain, to cease meddling in mortal affairs directly. An amusing request from someone who fancies himself a god.
Now, we exert our will through … intermediaries. In truth, I prefer it this way."
What about the other Daedric Princes? Aren't there more than eight?
"Many more, but the Princes bound by the Coldharbour Compact stand above their lesser kith. None can match my beauty or Molag Bal's horrors. Dagon makes an art of destruction. On it goes.
Of course, outward weakness often shrouds hidden power."
If you're so powerful, how did Sotha Sil convince you to join the compact?
"Such matters are better left undiscussed. Perhaps you can ask Sotha Sil about it. If you can find him, of course."
How will I find your priests?/How will I find your oracles?
"While you hunt Daedra and gather their essence, my ward, Rhea, will conjure up visions."
"Yes—of her friends' suffering. Such visions might grant her a glimpse of where the other oracles are hidden.
There will be pain, undoubtedly, but she possesses a rare and terrible gift. True insight requires sacrifice."

If you try to speak to her more, she'll ask:

"Why do you linger, mortal?
Go forth and destroy any Daedra you find. By the time you return with their essence, Rhea will know where to find my captured oracles."

Daedra can be found in many places, such as Dark Anchors and Coldharbour. Plenty can also be found without leaving Stormhaven, such as at Nurin Farm to the west.

After collecting 20 Daedric essences, return to Rhea at Pariah Abbey. Just as she is about to tell you where the other Oracles were taken, she herself is taken up into a portal. Luckily she foresaw this and you can read the letter she dropped telling you where to go next. Three oracles must be saved: Kanzin, Muz-Shah, and Rhea herself, from the three locations. She will ask you to return to Pariah Abbey.



  • This quest was added to the game in Patch 2.7.13 as a prologue of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.
  • The events of this quest foreshadow future content for ESO, including a war among the Daedric Princes, the events on Vvardenfell, and the Clockwork City.
  • If you finish the main questline of Vvardenfell before completing this quest, Azura's dialogue at the end will change, hinting that Clavicus Vile's actions on the island were "only the beginning".

Quest Stages[edit]

The Missing Prophecy
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The letter instructed me to meet Rhea in Wayrest, in a tavern called The Cloudy Dregs Inn. I should go speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Rhea
Latest start Rhea gave me a strange blue crystal and urged me to seek out Azura at Pariah Abbey. I should travel there now.
Objective: Travel to Pariah Abbey
I've arrived in Pariah Abbey. I should seek out the statue of Azura and attempt to make contact with the Daedric Prince.
Objective: Talk to Azura
Azura's oracles languish in pocket realms of Oblivion. I must gather Daedric Essence to help free them. According to Azura, the crystal Rhea gave me acts as an essence trap. I need only kill Daedra—the crystal will do the rest.
Objective: Collect Daedric Essence: 0/20
Objective Hint: Kill Daedra Anywhere to Collect Their Essence
I filled Azura's crystal with Daedric Essence. I sense that the crystal, now flush with power, wants to return to Pariah Abbey. Perhaps Rhea waits for me there.
Objective: Talk to Rhea
Some Daedric force abducted Rhea right in front of me. Before she vanished, she dropped a letter. It might contain valuable information. I should read it.
Objective: Read Rhea's Letter
Rhea's note detailed the locations of the abducted oracles—caves and ruins in Bangkorai, The Rift, and Stonefalls. I must find the Void Keys hidden in these dark places and use the Daedric Essence I collected to free Azura's followers.
Objective: Rescue Kanzin
Objective: Rescue Muz-Shah
Objective: Rescue Rhea
I rescued the abducted oracles. Rhea urged me to return to Pariah Abbey to seek Azura's counsel on what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Azura
Azura suspects that the Daedric conspirators may be hiding in a cavern, west of Hei-Halai. I should travel to Shadowfen to explore this cave.
Objective: Travel to Cold-Blooded Cavern
I should search this ruin for clues.
Objective: Search for Clues
I've discovered the musty journal of Tommy Bones—leader of the bandits who, until recently, took refuge in Cold-Blood Cavern. I should read it to see if it contains any clues about the Daedric conspirators.
Objective: Read Tommy Bones's Journal
Rhea's arrived in Cold-Blood Cavern. I should speak to her about what we found.
Objective: Talk to Rhea
I must gather three cursed items to lure the Daedric conspirator, Dyzera, out of hiding. The Shadow Cowl, Spinning Brooch, and Bulging Purse must be tucked away somewhere in Cold-Blood Cavern.
Objective: Collect Shadow Cowl
Objective: Collect Spinning Brooch
Objective: Collect Bulging Purse
I gathered the three cursed items. I should journey to the deepest depths of the ruin to confront Dyzera.
Objective: Defeat Dyzera
I defeated the vile Daedra, Dyzera. I should return to Tamriel through the nearby portal and find Rhea in Cold-Blood Cavern. The oracles may have discovered more about this Daedric plot.
Objective: Return to Rhea
The oracles' gazing rite has begun. The Daedric conspirators' motives remain unclear. This ritual might provide some answers. I should listen in.
Objective: Witness the Prophecy
The Daedric Prince, Azura, took control of Rhea's body once the gazing rite was complete. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Azura
Finishes quest☑ I saved Azura's oracles, but the specifics of the Daedric plot remain unclear. I should speak with Rhea to conclude our adventure.
Objective: Talk to Rhea
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