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Escape the mind trap created by a mysterious entity.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: None
Location(s): Eldbur Sanctuary
Prerequisites: See notes regarding availability
Next Quest: The Queen's Decree
Reward: Forgotten Adventurer's Strong Box
Soul Magic Skill Line
Average Leveled Gold
1 Skill Point
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6143
Escape the mysterious ruins
This quest is currently disabled (as of Update 30)
It has been replaced with a new tutorial, The Gates of Adamant.
After the cave collapsed, I found myself in a strange ruin. A spectral image appeared before me, a woman named Oriandra. She says she wants to help me get out of this place.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Listen to Oriandra and follow the instructions.
  2. Equip the Forgotten Adventurer's Sword.
  3. Exit the sanctuary ruins.
  4. Train some combat basics.
  5. Follow Oriandra's instructions again and reach the tower.
  6. Examine the Abyssal Pearl.
  7. Defeat Yaghra Nightmare and destroy the pearl.
  8. Speak to Oriandra.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Fight through your memories

You awaken in a strange ruin to the voice of a mysterious woman. She says that she can help you escape, and tells you to move. You aren't frozen, but you think you are. Walk towards her, then pick up and equip the Forgotten Adventurer's Greatsword.

After you pick up the weapon, Oriandra instructs you to head through a door to the west. You need to see what kind of place you're in for yourself before Oriandra can tell you more. When you approach, the ruins behind the door transform into a strange, luminescent landscape. Your vision goes blurry. Find Oriandra, who is just down the path.

Oriandra explains that you've been trapped by a powerful being called K'Tora. During this conversation, K'Tora itself will taunt you before sending lackeys to dispose of you. Here begins your combat tutorial.

Three enemies will approach: generic, withered Warriors. You must light attack the first one. The next will require you to block, then retaliate with a heavy attack. The third one is a magic user. Bash its spell and charge up a heavy attack to kill it. Then follow Oriandra up the path. Oriandra tells you to head to the tower in the middle of the realm. There, you will be able to escape.

As you approach the cliff, a group of crows will fly away. You will need to jump off the cliff to begin your trek towards the tower. At the bottom is a pool of strange goo that cushions your fall. There are many pieces of gear scattered across the mind trap that will help you escape. A shield is on the shore of the goo pool, should you so desire it.

The Yaghra Nightmare

There are many creatures and enemies at the bottom of the cliff. Dessicated warriors and fire mages, frogs, larval yaghra, and nixads are among the denizens of this realm. There are also the skeletal remains of unfortunate souls who didn't make it out alive scattered across the floor. Take their weapons if you wish.

When you reach the tower, you must open the door to get in the gate. There is a strange pearl within the tower. Oriandra proclaims that it's the key to escaping the Mind Trap. Examine it, and K'Tora will send a Yaghra Nightmare to stop you. Kill it and loot the Abyssal Necklace, then destroy the Abyssal Pearl to be transported to Summerset.

You will find yourself in a small ruined nook not too far from Shimmerene. Oriandra is waiting for you there. Speak with her, then crawl through the broken wall to the south to begin your grand adventure.


  • This tutorial quest can only be completed by new characters created by players who own the Summerset Chapter, and only if you choose to play the tutorial after character creation. It will be locked to players who own Elsweyr or any subsequent Chapter.
  • As the rest of the game world cannot be accessed until this quest is completed, it is listed as a "Main Quest" and cannot be abandoned. However, it is unrelated to the rest of the game's Main Quest storyline.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Mind Trap
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start Oriandra suggests I look around and try to get my bearings.
Objective: Look Around
Oriandra says I can move. She wants me to walk toward her.
Objective: Move Toward Oriandra
Oriandra suggested I take the weapon. She says I'll need it before too long.
Objective: Take the Sword
I should equip the weapon so that I'm ready for anything.
Objective: Equip the Forgotten Adventurer's Greatsword
Oriandra wants me to exit the ruin so she can show me something.
Objective: Exit the Ruin
I followed Oriandra out of the ruin, but instead of Summerset, I stepped into a bizarre, alien landscape. I need to find her so she can explain where I am.
Objective: Find Oriandra
K'Tora, the entity that has imprisoned me in this mind trap, has turned my own memories against me. I need to defend myself and defeat the mental enemies.
Objective: Engage the Enemy
I need to remember how to block my enemy's attack and follow it up with a heavy attack of my own.
Objective: Block and Heavy Attack
I need to remember how to interrupt my enemy's attack and follow it up with a heavy attack of my own.
Objective: Interrupt and Heavy Attack
I need to follow Oriandra so she can lead me out of this mind trap.
Objective: Follow Oriandra
Oriandra can't accompany me any farther in her projected form, but she may be able to send messages to guide me. It's up to me to free myself from this place. When I'm ready, I should jump to the area below.
Objective: Jump Off the Precipice
Oriandra explained that the way to escape this mind trap is through the tower in the distance. I just need to reach it.
Objective: Reach the Tower
Oriandra says that the key to escaping this mind trap is the strange pearl up ahead. I should examine it.
Objective: Examine the Abyssal Pearl
The mysterious entity, K'Tora, wants to keep me imprisoned. It summoned some sort of nightmare to restrain me. I need to defeat it before I can make my escape.
Objective: Defeat the Yaghra Nightmare
I defeated the summoned nightmare and the strange pearl reappeared. Oriandra says that if I destroy it, I'll wake up and escape this mind trap.
Objective: Destroy the Abyssal Pearl
I escaped from the mind trap. I should speak to Oriandra now.
Objective: Talk to Oriandra
Finishes quest☑ Oriandra helped me escape from the mysterious K'Tora's mind trap. I should see if there's anything I can do to return the favor.
Objective: Talk to Oriandra
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