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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Find a way to stop the Vosh Rakh's attack before it happens.
Zone: Wrothgar
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Mulzah
Location(s): Orsinium, Scarp Keep
Prerequisite Quest: The Anger of a King
Next Quest: Blood on a King's Hands
Reward: King's Snug Girdle
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
At Paragon's Remembrance, I learned that the Vosh Rakh plan to harm Chief Bazrag and High Priestess Solgra before they attack the chiefs at the king's moot in Orsinium. I need to find a way to stop them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find a way into the inn.
  2. Talk to King Kurog.
  3. Find Eveli and Chief Bazrag.
  4. Find a way to the moot.
  5. Talk to Chief Bazrag.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you next come to Orsinium after completing The Anger of a King, Mulzah (the innkeeper's daughter) will approach you. She is not very happy with you and your meddling friends, since her inn has now been seized by the King's men.

Quest Stages[edit]

The King's Gambit
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to find a way to get inside the Greedy Gut inn so that I can check on Chief Bazrag and Eveli. I could follow the soldier to the ramparts near the stables, or I could steal a key from the soldier on duty near the King's Cornerclub.
Objective Hint: Investigate the guard meeting area
Objective: Find a way inside the inn
Objective Hint: Steal the key from Sergeant Vulmon
I recovered the key to the Greedy Gut inn. Now I should enter the inn and find Chief Bazrag and Eveli.
Objective: Meet allies in the Greedy Gut
I managed to get inside the inn, but everyone's gone except the messenger who gave me Eveli's note. I should talk to him and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Owayine
Owayine said that soldiers took Eveli and Chief Bazrag on the king's orders. I should go talk to King Kurog at the keep and find out where they are holding my friends.
Objective: Talk to King Kurog
Owayine claimed that King Kurog ordered the attack on the inn. I should go to the keep and find out what happened to Chief Bazrag and Eveli Sharp-Arrow.
Objective: Go to the dining hall
Alga attacked me, but it appears that one of Kurog's shield-wives came to rescue me. I should speak to her to find out what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Shield-Wife Razbela
Chief Bazrag and Eveli are being held in the cells beneath the keep. I need to find them and set them free before I try to get to the moot.
Objective: Rescue Chief Bazrag and Eveli
I need to get to the moot before Kurog and Alga eliminate the chiefs. There's a path in the throne room. I just need to get past the Vosh Rakh soldiers to utilize it.
Objective: Find the path in the throne room
All of the paths to the moot have been sealed, except for the one through the temple. I need to find Chief Bazrag and let him know.
Objective: Talk to Chief Bazrag
☑Finishes quest There's a way to the moot through the temple. I should talk to Chief Bazrag and figure out our next move.
Objective: Talk to Chief Bazrag
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