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ID 5265
Collection Personal Journals
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The Journal of Margus Derius
The diary of a grieving father and his thirst for revenge

On this, the anniversary of the death of my son, it grieves me to admit that I am no closer to exacting my revenge on Murkmire and the damned Argonians than I was last year at this time. I finally have a way to make the Argonians pay. I just need to ingratiate myself with the Mercius sisters and become a trusted member of their fledgling society, Cyrodilic Collections. The fools don't realize it, but they actually have a lead on a number of powerful Argonian relics—including the one I've been searching for.

* * *

I still can't believe my luck. Those idiots at Cyrodilic Collections actually granted me access to the their precious research. It was child's play to steal their notes! Not only do these notes save me the time and trouble of conducting the research myself, it points me to exactly the Argonian antiquities that I've been looking for. I applaud Concordia Mercius and her meticulous analysis of historic documents and local legends. Soon, the Xal-Toh of Norg-Tzel will be mine, and that will lead me to the real prize!

* * *
Famia and Concordia, how naive those sisters are! They see Argonians as a put-upon, downtrodden people, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Argonians are a menace! I know what I'm talking about. After all, I barely survived my two treks through the swamps of Murkmire. Various tribes of lizards hunted me, killed my companions, and left me for dead when I simply tried to negotiate with them. The hateful creatures! Why wouldn't they leave me alone? And why did the Dead-Water warriors have to kill my beloved son? He was just trying to protect me!

Well, what's done is done. Now that I have the sacred secret, I just need to find an Argonian who can accurately translate the lizard scribblings and tell me where to find the relic I seek.

* * *
The Blackguards might be crude and hot-headed, but they lived up to their part of our bargain. They located six potential experts on Argonian antiquities, specifically on the period known as Duskfall and the time before it. I don't believe for a moment that the lizards actually built those xanmeers and other stone structures. However, I can certainly see them squatting in such places and claiming them as their own.

I'll make these Argonians tell me everything they know. Then, once the relic of power is in my possession, I will finally have my revenge on Murkmire and its evil inhabitants.