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No one is certain when this cave system was converted into a subterranean living space, or why. The bandits who currently occupy it neither know nor care.
The Hideaway
Discoverable No
Dungeon (?)
# of Zones (?)
Dark Witnesses: Dark Witness Mender, Dark Witness Pyromancer, Dark Witness Ravager, Dark Witness Archer, Dark Witness Enforcer, Dark Witness Nightblade, The Shade-Witch of Mournoth
Legion of the West Weald: Highland Archer, Highland Enforcer, Highland Nightblade, Highland Mender, Highland Vanquisher, Highland Ravager, Highland Pyromancer, Highland Striker, The Highland Lion
Smugglers: Smuggler Archer, Smuggler Pyromancer, Smuggler Enforcer, Smuggler Vanquisher, Smuggler Nightblade, Smuggler Mender, The Ratcatcher
Quest Chain
Thieves Guild
The Hideaway

The Hideaway is a hidden base that serves as a heist location. You'll be taken here by Fa'ren-dar during the related quest. It can be inhabited by several factions, including the Dark Witnesses, Smugglers, and the Legion of the West Weald.

Related Quests[edit]


The Hideaway
The Hideaway Cave
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