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ON-icon-achievement-The Great Indrik Hunt.png The Great Indrik Hunt
Type Wolfhunter Achievements
Points 5
Memento Werewolf Behemoth Sigil
Complete all three Golden Indrik Hunts and gain their boons within March of Sacrifices.

The Great Indrik Hunt is awarded for completing three hunts which occur on the outskirts of the main path in March of Sacrifices. Throughout the dungeon are three hidden Golden Indrik who, if defeated, will each grant the group a unique buff. These buffs offer bonuses that can help overcome the mechanics of later boss battles.

In order to find a Golden Indrik, you first need to find three mysterious plants or items dotted around the dungeon. When near the item, you will hear a low, pulsing chime. Activating the mysterious item will spawn a "Hunting Wisp". Follow the wisp and it will take you to an opening, which leads to a stealth section. Continue following the wisp and activate the Synergy upon which it will search for an energy orb that randomly teleports around the grove. Once you or one of your party members catches the orb to reveal a Golden Indrik. In all three hunts, there are several ghostly Indriks running around the arena, which will teleport you if they touch you. Once the Golden Indrik is defeated, your group will gain the buff for the remainder of the Dungeon.

First hunt[edit]

The first item to find will either be a "Mysterious Brush" found near the village area after the Wyress Sisters or a "Mysterious Backpack" within one of the houses, which glows with a blue light. This will reveal a wisp that will lead you to the first hunt, in which portals will appear at random and teleport you into the air, causing you to take fall damage. Each time you are caught by one of these portals you will be teleported even higher, until you are dropped from a distance which is fatal. This takes approximately 3 times, possibly more depending on your health and race (Bosmer have the advantage here due to their reduced fall damage.)

Defeating this Indrik will grant the Boon of Ferocity:

Second Hunt[edit]

The next item to look for is "Mysterious Dirt" and is found in the wispmother forest area, after Aghaedh of the Solstice. This wisp will lead to the second hunt, in which there will be fireballs raining from the sky which deal increasing damage for each time you are hit, until they eventually deal enough damage to kill you in one shot. Increasing your flame resistance by any means helps here, but the better strategy is to simply avoid being hit.

Defeating this Indrik will grant the Boon of Prowling:

  • Ignore the Movement Speed penalty while in Crouch
  • Decreases the time it takes to Crouch by 50%
  • Movement while in stealth no longer costs Stamina
  • Werewolves gain immunity to Indrik's teleportation magic and can interact with Hunting Wisps.

Third Hunt[edit]

The third wisp is shortly after Tarcyr, but before the final boss. It leads to the third hunt, in which there will be lightning bolts, which hit the ground and then send several balls of lightning that spread in all directions. Being hit by any of these will deal heavy damage and teleport you.

Defeating this Indrik will grant the Boon of Hardiness:

  • Maximum Health increased by 2500 and reduces your damage taken by 5%
  • While in Werewolf form, Maximum Health increased by 4000 and reduces your damage taken by 10%


Completing all three hunts in a single run (in Normal or Veteran) will earn you this achievement and the Werewolf Behemoth Sigil memento, which causes you to briefly turn into a werewolf form (though it does not have any effect beyond cosmetic).