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This article is about the enemy. For the item set, see Engine Guardian.

The Engine Guardian
Location Darkshade Caverns II
Species Dwarven Spider
Health (?)
Reaction Hostile
The Engine Guardian

The Engine Guardian is a giant Dwarven Spider that serves as the final boss of Darkshade Caverns II. It is found behind the door to Rkugamz.

Its unique drops are the Ancient Great Axe, the Pincer of the Guardian, and helmets from the Engine Guardian set.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As a boss type creature, the Engine Guardian is immune to all forms of crowd control effects. A tank is not really required for this fight, as the boss does not respond to taunts. Instead, it will move around the central pillar by itself. Every quarter round, the boss will randomly select a new "phase" to enter, and this is indicated by its color. It is possible to get two of the same phase in a row, but never three.

Red Phase[edit]

The boss glows red to indicate this.

Burst of Flame[edit]

The boss emits a short jet of flame around itself, doing very high flame damage over time to all players hit by it. Players should stay at range to avoid being hit.

Burning Volley[edit]

The boss shoots fireballs at random players, doing high flame damage as indicated by red circles.

Blue Phase[edit]

The boss glows blue to indicate this.

Shocking Bolt[edit]

The boss does high shock damage to all players within its line of sight. Players can hide behind the central pillar to avoid this.

Summon Dwarven Sphere[edit]

At the same time, the boss summons three Dwarven Spheres to attack the party. These spheres do moderate damage and should be killed as soon as possible.

Green Phase[edit]

The boss glows green to indicate this.

Poisoned Air[edit]

The boss does high poison damage over time to all players in the room. Players can stop this by hitting the levers in the middle of the room. Alternatively, if heals are good enough, players can choose to heal through the damage instead. Doing so will net players an achievement.


The Engine Guardian is associated with four achievements.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Group Dungeon.png Darkshade Caverns Vanquisher 10 Defeat the Transmuted Hive Lord, Grobull the Transmuted, and the Engine Guardian in Darkshade Caverns.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png Veteran Construct Slayer 10 Defeat Dwarven constructs in Veteran Darkshade Caverns dungeon.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Speed.png Veteran Darkshade Assassin 50 Defeat all other mini-boss and boss enemies in Veteran Darkshade before defeating the Engine Guardian within twenty minutes of starting the dungeon. Timer starts when players engage the first group of kwama.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Undaunted.png Deadly Engineer 50 Defeat the Engine Guardian without anyone in your group activating an Engine Lever.