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ON-qico-Instance.png Defeat the alchemist and recover the Mnemic Egg.
Zone: Shadowfen
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Loriasel — Stop Ruuvitar from corrupting the Mnemic Egg.
Quest Giver: Vicecanon Heita-Meen
Location(s): Loriasel, Vision of the Hist
Prerequisite Quest: The Dominion's Alchemist
Next Quest: Swamp to Snow
Reward: Chain of Hist's Power
1 Skill Point
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 3910
Solo Solo Only: Partly (as indicated)
Vicecanon Heita-Meen is trapped by the Mnemic Egg
Vicecanon Heita-Meen asked me to retrieve the Mnemic Egg from Ruuvitar, the architect of the Dominion invasion in Shadowfen.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Kill Ruuvitar.
  2. Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen.
  3. Talk to Gerent Nuleem-Malem.
  4. Examine the Mnemic Egg.
  5. Solve the purple plume puzzle.
  6. Talk to the Hist-Brothers.
  7. Talk to the Voice of the Hist.
  8. Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen. She prefers that you capture Ruuvitar alive, if you can, but understands that you need to kill him.

You enter the Loriasel Lower Bailey to kill Ruuvitar. You can use the keystone holder, which will free Ruuvitar's four captured Argonians, but Ruuvitar will appear regardless.

After he dies, Vicecanon Heita-Meen runs up to you. Follow her to the Mnemic Egg, then talk to her. The Egg needs to be removed from the ruins, but the vicecanon is afraid it is trapped. She kneels by the Egg and appears to be magically stunned.

Gerent Nuleem-Malem runs up from the northeast. She says you need to wake the vicecanon before the Egg destroys her mind.

Touch the Mnemic Egg, and you are transported into a Vision of the Hist.

ON-icon-quest-solo.png Vision of the Hist[edit]

Inside the Vision of the Hist, you see the vicecanon and purple plumes of magic.

The vicecanon says your minds are joined inside. If you heal Ruuvitar's damage to the Hist while inside the Egg, perhaps it will recover. She thinks the purple plumes might be Ruuvitar's magic. Her hint for the puzzle is "get to the heart of the matter and leave no corner unexplored."

The Plume Puzzle[edit]

If you have the Keystones, you can skip this puzzle. Interact with the Keystone Holder.

<There's an indent in the center, as if something fits inside.
<Touch the keystone holder.>
<The holder warms as the keystone clatters into it.>

If you do not have the Keystones: Hit plumes in this order; top left, bottom left, middle, top right, bottom right. This order wil then unlock the next passage.

To reset the puzzle, speak with Heita-Meen again.

The Hist-Brothers[edit]

Commune with the Hist-Brothers

Continue with the vicecanon deeper into the dream. In the next large room, talk to the Hist-Brothers, spectral beings in the form of Lurchers whose role it is to sort out concerning thoughts had by the Hist. They have heard the woes of several Hist trees that have been bothered by the events in Shadowfen. The Hist-Brothers need help figuring out what actually transpired during the events that each worried Hist witnessed.

Selecting the wrong choice of dialogue will have the Hist-Brother disappear into an orb of red energy, and leave the vision to sever the connection of the Hist whose troubled feelings persist. Answering incorrectly does not bring closure to the tree the Hist-Brother has communicated with; the tree knows what it saw, and you need to bring context and clarity to the events each Hist-Brother describes. Answering correctly will have the Hist-Brother fade away in a pillar of calm green light, to reassure the Hist it spoke to of the truth and put each matter to rest.

The Hatching Pools Brother

"Butchered! Their blood poisons the ground. The work of those who serve, or those who forget their place?
We'll rend the swamps barren before they tear our roots from the earth!"
What upsets you so much?
"We feel our brother's rage, but do not understand. He says the Dark Elf vicecanon tried to destroy the eggs at the Hatching Pools. What does this mean?"
What does your brother say, exactly?
"The Dark Elf vicecanon returns to the old ways, when egg-clutches hatched as slaves. She destroyed a hatchling to remind the Hist of her power.
If our brother speaks lies, we must feed him to the mire. Which is the truth of it, flesh-walker?
Vicecanon Servyna was never at the Hatching Pools.
Hist-Brother: "Our brother's pain won't relent, flesh-walker. We abjure him from the Hist!"
Vicecanon Servyna tried to save the eggs, not destroy them.
Hist-Brother: "Then we leave our brother with the truth, flesh-walker."

The first option is a flat-out lie, as Vicecanon Servyna was at the Hatching Pools, even though she was not present for the disaster that happened during the Hatching. The second option is correct, and will calm the Hist whose rage is misdirected towards Vicecanon Servyna.

The Stormhold Brother

"Our thoughts turn against us. Who else would have the will but the flesh-walkers?
Is it time for the Song of Sithis to bring the Void? Shall they taste fear, then nothing?"
Why are you upset?
"Our brother's thoughts roil like thunderheads, yet we do not understand. He says the vicecanons shed their skins like water snakes to hide their intentions! Where is the truth in that?"
What do you mean?
"The vicecanons lead the flesh-walkers, but our brother says they lead the skin-walkers as well. If our brother speaks lies, we'll cut the rot of his thoughts away. Which is the truth of it, flesh-walker?"
No vicecanon was involved with the skin-stealing.
Hist-Brother: "Our brother's pain won't relent, flesh-walker. We abjure him from the Hist!"
A skin-stealer posed as Vicecanon Hrondar, against his will.
Hist-Brother: "Then we leave our brother with the truth, flesh-walker."

The first option is incorrect, as Vicecanon Hrondar was kidnapped by the skin-stealers, and his flesh was worn in the skin-stealer's lair beneath Ten-Maur-Wolk. The troubled Hist knows it saw what it thinks was the real Vicecanon Hrondar working with the skin-stealers. The first option does not satisfy the troubled Hist because an individual dressed as Vicecanon Hrondar was committing atrocities. The second option is correct, and will reassure the Hist who was concerned about the skin-stealers that the vicecanons are not responsible for the Dominion's atrocities. The Hist will be relieved to hear that the real Vicecanon Hrondar was innocent.

The Ten-Maur-Wolk Brother

"We heard the wails, felt the trembling of roots. But what our brother says of the flesh-walkers, it cannot be!"
What's wrong?
"Our brother's fear spreads through the roots. He claims the flesh-walkers boil our blood in vats of iron, all at a Daedra's command! Where is the truth in that?"
Please, explain.
"Our brother claims his blood was stolen from him by flesh-walkers and boiled in vats to sate a Daedra's gluttony. But if his fear overtakes him, we must sever his roots from the rest of us. Which truth is true, flesh-walker?"
A Dremora named Lyranth was responsible.
Hist-Brother: "Our brother's pain won't relent, flesh-walker. We abjure him from the Hist!"
Ruuvitar boiled the Hist sap. The Dremora was his prisoner.
Hist-Brother: "Then we leave our brother with the truth, flesh-walker."

The first option is incorrect. Although Lyranth was involved in the skin-stealers' plot she was not the one who boiled the sap. Ruuvitar imprisoned her and was using her power to help him steal peoples' skins. The Hist sap he boiled helped him steal the memories of his victims, which is how he received Vicecanon Hrondar's knowledge of the Hatching Pools. Lyranth was an unwilling party in Ruuvitar's scheme, and she was not responsible for the Hist's pain. The second option is correct, and will mend the troubled mind of the Hist who was affected by the Hist-sap boiling at Ten-Maur-Wolk.

The Voice of the Hist[edit]

Once you have talked to all three Hist Brothers, you will hear a voice. The vicecanon is surrounded by green smoke and disappears. The voice beckons you back into the room where you solved the plume puzzle.

Vicecanon Heita-Meen: "What's happening? Everything fades away!"
Voice of the Hist: "Small one, leave the rot-memory. Come to us and speak."

Talk to the Voice of the Hist at the statue. What it says will depend on your choices when talking to the Hist-Brothers.

"Flesh-walkers rarely visit our dreams, small one. The whorls of your thoughts bring warmth to our own.
Soon we awaken, to nourish ourselves back to health. You must leave, or be dashed against our dreams."
"A flesh-walker joins our dreams. A welcome diversion, small one, before we rejoin the void.
Though we soon depart, the vicecanon carries our thoughts within her. You must follow, lest we drag you to the void with us."
Where is Vicecanon Heita-Meen?
"When you quickened our dream, we knew her great purpose and sent her beyond the dream. But you ... we could not send you just yet.
You healed the wounds inflicted by the flesh-walker Ruuvitar, small one. The Hist shall dream of you, always."
"You quickened our dream, small one. Yet our memories wither and fade. We must soon follow. We could not stunt the vicecanon's greater purpose, so we sent her beyond the dream."
What will happen to the Hist? To you?
"In seasons to come, we'll grow and blossom. Our roots will mingle with the withered roots of our brothers. They will heal as we do.
You've made our future whole. Go now, and be blessed."
"We rejoin the void, where all roots lead. But the vicecanon carries our thoughts through seasons to come. In time, perhaps she can grow a new Hist, a different Hist from us.
It is not for you to follow us to the void. Go now, and be blessed."

Once you finish talking to the Voice of the Hist, your vision darkens and you wake up back in Shadowfen.

Back to Shadowfen[edit]

You awaken on a ship in Alten Corimont, soon to depart for Skyrim. Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen to complete the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Dream of the Hist
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Now that I've unsealed the door protecting Ruuvitar, I can put an end to his heinous acts.
Objective: Kill Ruuvitar
I defeated Ruuvitar and put an end to his terror. Now I must safely recover the Mnemic Egg.
Objective: Find the Mnemic Egg
I should speak with Vicecannon Heita-Meen about how to best handle the Mnemic Egg.
Objective: Help Vicecannon Heita-Meen retrieve the Mnemic Egg
Vicecannon Heita-Meen fell into some sort of trance when she inspected the Mnemic Egg. I should speak with Gerent Nuleem-Malem and see what can be done.
Objective: Talk to Gerent Nuleem-Malem
The vicecannon is under some kine of spell, most likely of Ruuvitar's doing. I should see if there's anything I can do to break her out of it.
Objective: Investigate the Mnemic Egg
I have entered the Hist's dream with Vicecannon Heita-Meen. I need to find a way to get rid of the destructive forces within it.
Objective: Explore deeper into the dream
Objective: Talk to the Hist-Brothers
I spoke with the entities with the Hist's dream. I should check with Vicecannon Heita-Meen to see if she's learned anything new.
Objective: Retuen to Heita-Meen
After the Hist-brothers left the dream, the Hist sent Vicecannon Hetia-Meen away. It spoke with me and asked me to approach it.
Objective: Talk to the Voice of the hist
Finishes quest☑ I awoke in a strange room. I should ask Vicecannon Heita-Meen where we are.
Objective: Talk to Vicecannon Heita-Meen
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