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Help a debt collector settle his debt with his boss.
Zone: Stormhaven
Quest Giver: M'jaddha
Location(s): Wayrest
Reward: S'Rashi's Deadbeat Stompers
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
"S'rashi is very busy, stranger."
S'rashi works for the Midnight Union in Wayrest, but he's gotten himself in trouble. He owes money to his boss and needs help getting the gold together as fast as possible.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to M'jaddha outside the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest.
  2. Talk to S'rashi inside the inn.
  3. Collect the debt from the gambler.
  4. Collect the debt from the nobleman.
  5. Collect the debt from the captain.
  6. Speak to S'rashi.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Debt Collector's Debts
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
S'rashi's brother asked me to find him upstairs in the Cloudy Dregs Inn and find out how I can help.
Objective: Talk to S'rashi
S'rashi asked me to help collect debts from people in Wayrest who owe him money. The first man, Louis Ervine, is in Wayrest's Market Square.
Objective: Collect Debt from Louis Ervine
(This line appears only if you did not intimidate Louis)

Louis claims he has no money, but an Orc named Ugurz owes Louis enough money to pay his debt to S'rashi. Ugurz associates with a gang of Orcs on Wayrest's southern docks.

Objective: Collect Debt from Ugurz on Docks
(This line appears only if you did not intimidate Louis)

Ugurz said that if I can retrieve Louis' debt from his lockbox, I'm free to take it. This is probably a trap. When I open the lockbox, I should expect an ambush.

Objective: Collect Debt from Ugurz' Lockbox
I should look for the second debtor now, the nobleman, Padier Nytte. S'rashi told me that Padier claimed to be broke, but that he comes from old money and S'rashi doesn't believe him.
Objective: Collect Debt from Padier Nytte
Padier claims all his money is tied up in investments. However, he told me his grandfather was buried with some precious stones near the city's temple. If I dig up the grave and retrieve a stone, I can repay the debt to S'rashi.
Complete one: Collect Stone from Grave Behind Temple or Collect Debt from Padier Nytte
I've collected on debts from two men who owe S'rashi money. I should seek out the third debtor now, Captain Albert Marck at the Wayrest Docks.
Objective: Look for Captain Marck at the Wayrest Docks
The last debtor, Captain Marck, is apparently already at the Cloudy Dregs Inn, either talking to S'rashi, or drinking downstairs.
Objective: Talk to Captain Albert Marck
I should speak to S'rashi about the Captain's debt.
Objective: Talk to S'rashi
Captain Marck simply doesn't have the money. I'm going to have to persuade S'rashi to forgive the debt, pay it off myself, or kill the assassin Ramziq to settle a blood debt for S'rashi.
Complete one: Pay Off Captain Marck's Debt or Persuade S'rashi to Forgive the Debt or Kill the Assassin
Finishes quest☑ I've collected payment from two men who owe S'rashi money, and we worked out the money that Captain Marck owed. I should talk to S'rashi again and get the share he offered me.
Objective: Talk to S'rashi
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