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Venture into the Maw of Lorkhaj.
Zone: Hew's Bane
Quest Giver: Bakhum in Abah's Landing
Location(s): Abah's Landing, Maw of Lorkhaj
Reward: 302 Gold
XP Gain: Standard
A worried Bakhum wants to speak to you about his sister-in-law's uncle's cousin
A Khajiit named Bakhum is worried about a family member who has been writing him unsettling letters about the "Maw of Lorkhaj." He has asked me and eleven friends to help escort him to the Temple of Seven Riddles to make sure everything is all right.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Bakhum in Abah's Landing.
  2. Travel to the Maw of Lorkhaj in Reaper's March.
  3. Speak to Bakhum.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

On the docks of Abah's Landing you will be greeted by a Khajiit called Bakhum who is in need of your help.

"You will talk to Bakhum? Oh, praise Alkosh! This one carries a heavy burden!"
Slow down. What can I do for you?
"This one is very worried! Bakhum's sister-in-law's uncle's cousin has been writing strange letters. So strange! Something about the "Maw of Lorkhaj." He is a monk, you see? At the Temple of Seven Riddles. Bakhum fears the worst. You will help, yes?"
Where is this temple?
"High in the mountains, to the south of Do'Krin. The rivers are shallow there, but this one has smuggled in shallower. Sailed I mean!
Bakhum would feel better if he brought some muscle along. You have eleven friends, yes? It will be worth your while!"
All right, I'll help you.
"Bright Moons! Bakhum is ready to set sail when you are walker."

You have the option to ask more about Bakhum's friend and the strange letters he has received.

Bakhum has found his relative
Who are you trying to find again?
"Bakhum is looking for his sister-in-law's uncle's cousin. We are very close.
Why do you make a face?"
That seems like a pretty distant relation.
"Does it? Well, what can Bakhum say? He values family.
You raise an interesting point, though. Our Saturalia Baan-Dar gift swap does take a very, very long time ...."
Tell me about these letters from your friend. / Tell me about these letters.
"Yes. Yes, of course. Takanradh has always had a sugar-sweet disposition. He always asks about Bakhum's wife and children, and about Bakhum's shipping operation. So on and so on. But recently, his letters have turned sour."
"Very sour. He says that no one appreciates him. He says that his fellow monks are stealing from him, and spying on him. And he says he feels ill—twisted. He called it a "creeping sickness," scraping away at the inside of his skull.
Horrible, yes?"

Travel to the Maw of Lorkhaj either by using the boat near Bakhum or via other means. When you have arrived, find Bakhum near his relative Takanradh, who appears to have fallen ill. Bakhum is heartbroken, saying,

"Oh, walker ... Bakhum did not expect this. This is no simple sickness—it's the work of dro-m'Athra. You must go! This one can hear Lorkhaj's song already. Can you hear it? The tapping?
This one is sorry for bringing you here. Flee while you can!"
This is your friend, right? Will he be all right?
"Taka? Bakhum thinks not. He does not trash and snarl like the others, but his eyes seem lost at sea, yes? This one will return him to his family. With time and good food ... who can say, eh?
Take this, friend, and may Baan Dar dust your tracks."

Quest Stages[edit]

The Dark Moon's Jaws
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
We must travel to the Temple of Seven Riddles to discover the fate of Bakhum's beloved, albeit distant relation.
Objective: Discover the Maw of Lorkhaj
Objective Hint: Bakhum has prepared a ship in Abah's Landing to take us to our destination. / Board Bakhum's Ship
☑Finishes quest We have arrived outside the Temple of Seven Riddles. I should track down Bakhum to see if he found his lost family-member.
Objective: Talk to Bakhum