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Assist in investigating a land claims dispute for a retired Shadowscale.
Zone: Murkmire
Quest Giver: Chuxu
Location(s): Lilmoth
Reward: Tribal Equipment Crate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 3284
Chuxu and Sulahkeesh
A local dispute over a saltrice farm has now gotten to the point where Sulahkeesh, a former Shadowscale, must arbitrate for a resolution to be found. I volunteered to ask the former assassin for her help.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Sulahkeesh.
  2. Speak to both Nurhei and Paheiza and investigate their claims.
  3. Head to the Saltrice Farm and look for evidence.
  4. Report to Sulahkeesh.
  5. Get the Bog Willow oil and Perfumed Snapper oil.
  6. Give the oils to Nurhei and Paheiza.
  7. Watch the negotiation.
  8. Speak with Sulahkeesh to be rewarded.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The dispute is resolved.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Assassin's Arbitration
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
My first step is to talk to Sulahkeesh, a former Shadowscale. I'll find her in the Lilmoth inn.
Objective: Talk to Sulahkeesh
Sulahkeesh asked me to investigate the claims of Nurhei and Paheiza to see if they have merit. I should also feel free to search for secrets they might be keeping.
Objective: Investigate Nurhei's Claim
Objective: Investigate Paheiza's Claim
Hidden Objective: Speak with Nurhei
Hidden Objective: Speak with Paheiza

(Appears once Nurei has been spoken to.) I should check Nurhei's storehouse for any secrets.

Objective Hint: Search Nurhei's Warehouse

(Appears once Paheiza has been spoken to.) Paheiza mentioned her sister had a grave-stake within Lilmoth. I should check it just to see if anything is unusual.

Objective Hint: Find Keema-Ru's Grave-Stake
I spoke to both parties, and heard the basic details of the dispute. I should investigate Keema-Ru's saltrice farm for further details.
Objective: Investigate the Saltrice Farm
I gathered new information about this case, including incriminating letters between Paheiza and Nurhei. I should present Sulahkeesh with this information.
Objective: Talk to Sulahkeesh
Sulahkeesh has decided that both parties must meet to negotiate. However, I must first gather Bog Willow Bark and a Perfumed Snapper in order to make two distinct oils.
Objective: Find Bog Willow Bark Oil
Objective: Find Perfumed Snapper Oil
I collected both oils. Now I need to give them to Nurhei and Paheiza so they can rub the oils on their scales. I should also let them know where to go to negotiate.
Objective: Give the Bog Willow Bark Oil to Nurhei
Objective: Give the Perfumed Snapper Oil to Paheiza
Both parties have agreed to meet. I should attend the negotiation and see how everything plays out.
Objective: Attend the Negotiation
☑Finishes quest In a twist of fate, Sulahkeesh decided that neither party was worthy of the saltrice farm. When their hands touched, the combined oils created an explosion and both were killed. I should speak to Sulahkeesh about what I just witnessed.
Objective: Talk to Sulahkeesh
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