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Eyevea Merchants' Circle
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Eyevea Merchant District
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Weaponsmith.png Blacksmithing Station
Eyevea Merchants' Circle

Eyevea Merchants' Circle is a collection of stalls in the Merchant District of Eyevea. A blacksmithing station found near the forge is available for crafting while a cooking fire beside the grocer's stall is inoperable.

A daedroth followed by a banekin, both non-hostile, can be seen running in and out of the marketplace.

Merchants and Stalls[edit]

  • Safir Tailor
  • The Archer's Paradox — A woodworker stall owned by Valaunce Cariveau. Woodworker
  • By The Three, Buy From Me — A stall run by the merchant Bivala Aralen. Merchant
  • Egg-Siblings' Magical Goods — A magical goods stall housing a magus and a mystic.
  • Eyevea's Bright Smithy — A forge operated by Lugolg gro-Goldog. Blacksmith
  • Lustrous Leatherwear by Odvar — A leatherworker stall owned by Odvar. Leatherworker
  • A Panoply of Blades — A melee weapons stall run by Areshu. Weaponsmith
  • The Right Stuff To Cook — A stall operated by the grocer Donallir. Grocer
  • The Script & Stein — A brewer stall owned by Romehdi. Brewer
  • Vilgis' Invulnerable Vestments — A heavy armor stall run by Vilgis. Armorer


Eyevea Merchants' Circle
Areshu Weaponsmith
Bivala Aralen Merchant
Donallir Grocer
Hiis-Ja Magus
Lugolg gro-Goldog Blacksmith
Odvar Leatherworker
Romehdi Brewer
Safir Tailor
Utatul Mystic
Valaunce Cariveau Woodworker
Vilgis Armorer