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Temple of the Ancestor Moths
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Discoverable Yes
Completion None
Skyshards 1
Bantam Guar
White Fall ValleyCyrodiil
Southeast of Kingscrest Keep
Temple of the Ancestor Moths

The Temple of the Ancestor Moths is a temple in northeastern Cyrodiil, southeast of Kingscrest Keep and southwest of the Scroll Temple of Chim.

Moth Priest Crassius Viria leads what is left of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, and can be found inside the chapel. A number of Elder Scrolls were formerly stored here and read by augurs, but they have all been stolen by the combatants of the Alliance War. A Skyshard can be found in the catacombs beneath the chapel.

Notable Items[edit]




A small building situated at the foot of Temple, beside the path that leads up to it. It contains a lorebook and number of crates. There is also a chicken coop outside it with a single bantam guar. Bellona Novatian and Marinus Laeca are found near it.



A small house west of the Temple. It contains a lorebook, a fireplace, as well as a bed and numerous containers. Ashen-Skinned walks to and from its porch.

Dining Hall and Barracks[edit]

Dining Hall

A large building containing a Dining Hall at the bottom floor and Barracks at the top one, found east of the temple. In the Dining Hall, the book When the Dragon Broke is found on a table, as well as a number of cooking ingredients around the room. Advir, the chef, resides here.


A ladder leads to the Barracks, where there are many beds, trunks, and sidetable containers. A staircase on the east side also leads to the Barracks, and harvestable rabbit carcasses are found outside it.

Temple and Catacombs[edit]

Skyshard in the catacombs

The eponymous Temple of the Ancestor Moths is a large chapel found at the center of the settlement. A small graveyard is located on the west side of it. Stained glass frescos of the Eight Divines and banners of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth are shown on its walls, and it can be entered only through the front door. A statue and an empty Elder Scroll pedestal are found inside it towards the northern part, a copy of Rislav the Righteous, Part 1 in the south, and a number of bookshelves are scattered all around. A door to the Catacombs of the Temple of the Moth [sic] is found underground near the entrance, which contains a staircase leading to a Skyshard.


Temple of the Ancestor Moths
Adelais Tanier
Bellona Novatian
Crassius Viria
Marinus Laeca
Sandana Axius


  • The Temple of the Ancestor Moths also appeared in Oblivion.
  • The description for the Bantam Guar Pet mentions the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, and the only animal found here is a bantam guar.