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Location Root-House Campsite, near the Ruined Village
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Root-House Tribe

Tem-Tei is an Argonian and member of the Root-House Tribe and can be found in a small camp in the middle of southern Murkmire along with Jeetum-Hei and Sheer-Hahtsei.

Related Quests[edit]


If you don't have the related quest active (either before or after doing it):

"We of the Root-House tribe are proud travelers, roaming the swamp in search of that which will sustain us.
And if someone else happens to be in possession of what we need? Well, hopefully they aren't clever enough to protect it."

When you have started The Burnt Branch, you will be able to speak inquire about the wooden box:

"What business have you with the Root-House People?"
Did you find a wooden box in a nearby hackwing's nest?
"Perhaps. It wouldn't be any business of yours if we did, would it?
Unless … hmm. You seem to be a warrior of some worth. We may be able to come into an arrangement of sorts, if this box means so much to you."
What sort of arrangement?
"We ran into some Blackguards on the way here. No casualties, but they did manage to nab my pack. Quite the embarrassment, truth be told.
Infiltrate their caravan and retrieve my hunting bow, and I'll give you the box."
All right, I'll get this hunting bow for you.

She can then be asked about the bow.

"The Blackguard caravan is just north of here. Shouldn't be any issues. Just keep to the edges and stay alert."
Anything special about this hunting bow?
"It belongs to my uxith-beeko—my bonding ritual partner.
He is a fine specimen, so I had to make sure to steal something of great worth. The hunting bow you seek has been passed down through his tribe for generations."
You stole the bow from your bonding partner?
"Of course. How else would I prove myself a worthy companion?
That's why this theft stings so greatly. For the Blackguards to steal that which I had already rightfully stolen? Such an embarrassment."

Once the bow has been retrieved:

"So you've returned. Have you the hunting bow?"
Yes, I was able to collect your hunting bow.
"Very well, you have earned your prize.
Though the box was damaged by the hackwings, the branch within remains unscathed. I suspect a powerful magic protects it."
Powerful magic?
"Yes, it's most strange. Who would care so deeply for an old, burnt branch?"

If she is spoken to again:

"The box itself is likely to break apart any moment now, so I'd not bother to take it. The branch within, however, should hold up well to travel."

Once The Burnt Branch is completed she will send you on your way.

"I believe we have no further business. May your travels be swift, and your heart firmly rooted."