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Elven Ruin:
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Discoverable No
Skyshards 1
Brigadine Antonius, Bog Dog, Minotaur, Minotaur Shaman
Butterflies, Torchbugs, Centipedes
North of Leyawiin

Telepe is an Ayleid ruin in Blackwood. It can be found north of Leyawiin, on the western side of the River Niben just west of the White Stallion Inn. It is an unnamed, unmarked location, and the entrance to the ruin is sealed.

A skyshard is located above the entrance, behind the statue, and can be reached from behind. A camp with two minotaurs is found to the southeast, containing a tent filled with gold and a copy of Legate Minutes: Concerning Goblins. There is a cave along the pathway that contains a copy of Tribes of Blackwood: Riverbacks and the Moth-Eaten Soiled Tapestry Threads, and the Ratty Soiled Tapestry Threads can also be found at the end of the stream.

A number of bugs can be harvested around the entrance, with some crows perched on the ruins. A derelict pathway littered with Ayleid structures leads up to Telepe along the stream, where some skeletons impaled with weapons and a bog dog are found. A painting canvas and stool overlooks the lower ruins.

You will be teleported to Telepe at the conclusion of the tutorial quest The Gates of Adamant if you choose to travel to Blackwood. The questgiver Brigadine Antonius can be found here and will point new players in the direction of Leyawiin, beginning the quest A Deadly Secret.


  • Telepe previously appeared in Oblivion.
  • Though never named in-game, a promotional render titled "Explore Telepe" confirms this as the same location. As the entrance to the ruin is inaccessible despite not being blocked off, and the tutorial drops off new players here, it is likely that the original Blackwood tutorial was planned to be in Telepe before it was cut in favor of the Balfiera tutorial quest being added along with Update 30.