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Home Settlement Haj Uxith
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Teelawei is an Argonian who can be found in Haj Uxith. He acts as a go-between for the two factions within the settlement, as well a negotiator when dealing other residents of Coldharbour. Teelawei plays a part in the Trial of Spirit.

Related Quests[edit]


"Ah, I see the Trial of Spirit has begun. I am a go-between. I negotiate interactions between my people's two factions, as well as with the other inhabitants of Coldharbour."
I have an amulet for you.
"And which of Xohaneel's baubles do you think matches my daring nature?"
<Give Teelawei the Amulet of Courage.>
"Thank you. I need to be brave and resolute to negotiate not only with my own people, but with the sad and dangerous creatures that roam this twisted plane.
Here, take this Gem of Courage. You will need it when you reach the top of the pyramid."
<Give Teelawei the Amulet of Endurance.>
"Thank you, but no. That amulet belongs to someone who works through hardships."
<Give Teelawei the Amulet of Preservation.>
"No, thank you. That amulet should go to someone who maintains our ways and traditions."


  • From his description of his duties, he sounds like a Root-Herald.